2018 League of Legends Championship Finals | Invictus Gaming vs Fnatic Preview Betting Odds

2018 League of Legends World Championship Finals

LoL World Championship 2018 Betting Odds And Preview The finals are here and the stakes are higher than ever! This is the first time in several years where a team coming from the west, especially from Europe, goes to the finals. If Fnatic manages to win the championship it would be the second time Europe and in general the west have taken the world cup. Indeed the stakes are high because history is about to be made!

Finals – League Of Legends 2018 World Championship Stats

Team Games WR% KD FB% FT% DRA% NASH%
Fnatic [FNC] 14 85.7% 15.2/9.0 (1.69) 57.1% 71.4% 60.6% 81.0%
Invictus Gaming [IG] 15 73.3% 14.7/9.6 (1.53) 60.0% 53.3% 77.6% 76.9%
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League Of Legends Team Statistics Explanation – How To Use Them

  • Win Rate (WR%): The Win Rate is the percentage representing the times the team has won over the number of games shown. The higher the better, but bear in mind that having a high WR% with a low number or games doesn’t say anything.
  • Kill Death Ratio (KD): The Kill Death ratio means how able is the team in average to participate as a group to kill enemy champions in the arena. The higher the better. Take a look at the number of kills and deaths, this gives us info too, because having higher kills could mean taking more risks. For example, Invictus has the highest kills with the third lowest deaths, giving them the highest ratio. This shows great team coordination, a high number of ganks, great vision control, etc.
  • First Blood Rate (FB%): The First Blood Rate is a percentage that shows a team’s ability to get the first kill in the game. A higher percentage is better. This tends to be the jungler who dies first or a death by gank, which is usually before hitting level 5. In that sense, a higher percentage could mean better early game.
  • First Tower Rate (FT%): The FT rate is a percentage that represents the team’s ability to destroy the first tower against the enemy. A higher percentage is better which shows a better early game. This is highly related to having taken the Rift Herald in the first 15 minutes and taking the first tower gives a slight gold advantage to the team.
  • First Dragon Rate (DRAG%): A percentage that represents the team’s ability to kill the first elemental dragon in a match. This is a buff that depending on the type of dragon spawn could sway the results of team battles, which is why all teams keep vision on dragon since it can stack up and help win the game. This metric is slightly, but importantly, related to the team’s win rate.
  • First Baron Nashor Rate (NASH%): The NASH Rate is a percentage showing the ability to kill the most important middle/late game objective first time in each game. This is normally the tipping point between who wins a match. The Baron is a neutral mob that upon death gives a huge boost to not only champions but also allied creeps. It alone can win a match if well used. You can see here a high correlation between the Win Rate and First Baron Rate which is to be expected given the impact the objective has.


Semifinals Results & Finals Player Matchups Analysis

Impressive Semifinals Results – 2018 LoL World Championship

Fnatic (FNC) has been on a rampage during the 2018 LoL World Championship. EU and NA fans have rallied up behind them to win the title, and if it were to happen, it would be the 2nd time a Western team has won the cup. With a 7 win streak, FNC is looking up to be the next League of Legends World Champion.

On the other hand, Invictus Gaming is not lagging behind at all and with an impressive match history is no mistake they’ll be the ones competing against FNC for the cup. In order to understand the upcoming game let’s take a brief look at each player role matchup.

2018 LoL World Championship Finals Player Matchups

We can easily compare all the role matchups due to the fact that these 2 teams have recently spared against each other, each time FNC winning the early and late game. It is well defined because

  • Rekkles + Hylissang VS JackeyLove + Baolan (BOT): Rekkles makes a huge difference here and with the help of Hylissang IG BOT has had a bad time from the last 2 matches they’ve played.
  • Caps vs RooKie (MID): Caps is great with Irelia and Rookie with LeBlanc, 2 highly mobile champions, which basically means that they both like to roam a lot. Depending on the ban/pick phase this lane could be immediately decided. In the last 2 matches, Caps has face rolled over RooKie.
  • Bwipo vs TheShy (TOP): In the top lane the advantage changes, TheShy has managed to stomp Bwipo without even that much of help from Ning. Although the last 2 games both IC Jungler and Top have ganked up Bwipo constantly.
  • Broxah vs Ning (JNG): For the junglers case we have that Broxah is incredibly great at predicting where Ning is going to be and counterganks him pretty much everytime the latter wants to gank bottom. Which is one of the reasons why IG bottom has lost the last 2 times.


LoL Worlds Championship Finals – Odds To Win

The bookmakers favor in every category Invictus Gaming to win over Fnatic, but this time we have to disagree with that analysis. We believe FNC to win this year, not only because of its performance and statistics during this championship but because in the last 2 matches against IG, FNC demonstrated higher team play awareness and especially because Broxah and Rekkles overwhelm their opponent’s roles.

League of Legends World Championship Finals 2018

How To Understand The 2018 LoL Worlds Semifinals Odds

What do the odds mean? Let’s see, the American odds mean different things depending on its sign (- or +): how much you expect to win or to bet based on a $100 dollars. If it is written positively, then the odds tell how much profit bettors will make on a $100 stake but if it is written negatively, then odds tell how much of a stake is needed to make $100 on the bet.

This means that when the odds are negative the sportsbook considers them favorites. So when having for example [-100] vs [-250], it means that the sportsbook favor to win the highly negative odd [-250], which goes to show that if you want to win $100 you have to bet $250. This is swapped for the positive odds, the lower the number the higher the sportsbook favors them. Just take under consideration that if a bookie favors one side to win, they are gonna try to make you bet more money on it. Also be aware that bookies make mistakes and this is where your knowledge is very important.

2018 LoL World Championship Winner

Fnatic Team LogoFnatic: They have the highest win rate (85.7%) of the championship, they win at every possible statistic, and although they aren’t favored by the bookies, they’ve shown incredible talent. With a 7 win-streak and overwhelming laners they are definitely going to win this year!

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2018 LoL Wolrd Championship Finals Prop Bets

The finals will be a Best of 5 (Bo5) and the bookies have arranged a series of proposition bets around that. Here are all the prop bets you need to know about.

  • Winner per each 5 of the maps (or matches)
  • Correct score
  • Team to draw the first blood per map (or match)
  • Team to destroy the first inhibitor per map
  • Team to kill the first dragon per map
  • Team to destroy the first tower per map
  • Team to kill the first Baron Nashor per map
  • First Team To Get 10 Kills per map

According to the bookies, IG is prepped to win in every regard, but we have to disagree here. The bookies don’t seem to be taking into account the performance of their last 2 matches and this makes a huge impact not only in morale but also in strategies. It is okay to think that IG will adapt, but is it really okay to think FNC will keep doing the same? Of course not. Both teams are highly flexible but in terms of raw skill, which was showcased during the last 2 matches we have to give credits where its due: Rekkles & Broxah dominate and if they were to lose, you’d better change your bets fast!

With this info about the prop bets, our analysis, and the statistics table you are sure to make more than a couple of bucks on the props bets even if you don’t wanna risk betting on the main events. So don’t wait up until the last second, it might be too late!

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Where To Watch LoL World Championship Semifinals & Finals Live

Watching the LoL 2018 World Tournament live has never been easier, just head to lolesports.com. And for more information about LoL, best players, best teams in NA and other tournaments or championships be sure to check out our hub page for all things League of Legends!

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