2018 Sports Gambling Recap – Predictions For 2019

2018 Sports Gambling Recap – Predictions For 2019

It’s been a banner year for sports betting in the United States. New Jersey finally achieved victory in court when it mattered most. Their Supreme Court case ultimately legalized sports betting in the United States as the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was declared unconstitutional. Sports betting in the United States is far from being settled, but the SCOTUS decision was a landmark case for the country when it comes to sports gambling.

How Many States Legalized Sports Betting in 2018?

Before the sports betting ban was overturned, only Nevada had full-scale sports betting. Montana and Delaware had sports lotteries. Delaware legalized large-scale sports betting a month after the change in federal law. New Jersey followed in early June 2018. Both Mississippi and West Virginia legalized sports betting in August 2018. The fall saw legal sports betting expand into New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

As of this writing, eight states offer full-scale sports betting. However, not all of them allow online sports betting online for residents or visitors to the state. In fact, most of them are still land-based, brick n’ mortar operations. There are many other states with bills in the legislature, but the two states closest to state-wide legalization in 2019 are New York and Arkansas.

Gambling Is A Massive Industry

Online gambling, in all forms, is a 55-billion-dollar industry, worldwide. 2018 saw massive growth in several sectors, including sports betting. With many states and regions liberalizing their gambling laws – it will almost certainly grow more substantially in 2019.

Online Gambling Market Size In Dollars

Sports Betting Predictions For 2019

It will be an exciting year for sports betting in 2019. It’s going to be tough to top 2018 regarding news and historical implications for the industry, but you never know. Here are a few my predictions for the New Year as it pertains to sports gambling.

More State Will Regulate Sports Betting

There should be some evident growth here, based on how many states legalized sports betting in 2018. With lots of states on the cusp of regulating sports within their borders – I am willing to bet at least a half a dozen states legalize sports betting in 2019.

A Federal Bill Sports Betting Bill Will Not Be Passed

News broke a few days ago that Sen. Charles Schumer and Sen. Orrin Hatch introduced a bi-partisan bill that would federally regulate sports betting. There were many fears that this bill would include “integrity fees” that would provide the leagues a cut of gambling revenue. However, the bill does not explicitly grant the leagues with these, but it does not prohibit them, either. The bill would establish standards for states when it comes to regulating sports betting between their borders. The American Gaming Association (AGA) and other gaming advocacy groups have come out against the bills, arguing that it expands federal oversight.

Even other lawmakers don’t seem too supportive of Schumer’s and Hatch’s bill. Republicans, at least in theory, want to protect states’ rights and this doesn’t fit with their agenda. Congress also has just a few weeks before the session is closed for the year. Washington will look a bit different next year with Hatch retiring and Democrats taking control in the House of Representatives. All in all, one of the bills’ sponsors is retiring. The other will be a minority in the Senate. And, on top of that, it doesn’t have much by partisan support. The passage is doubtful, and that seems to be like a good thing for sports bettors, on all fronts.

Offshore Online Betting Sites Will Still Reign Supreme

offshore sportsbooks bonusesEven with all these states regulating sports betting – it’s still a no-brainer when it comes to the best places to bet on sports. That’s at online betting sites. They are still leaps and bounds over state-regulated sportsbooks when it comes to bonuses and betting markets. Bettors can get themselves thousands of dollars in free play and cash bonuses when they sign up at online sportsbooks.

Offshore sites also have far more betting markets available than most land-based sportsbooks, most of which don’t even offer player and team propositions. We said that offshore betting would easily be the best choice when the Supreme Court decision came down. That’s even truer now after months of states regulating sports betting. If you’re a serious sports gambler – online betting sites are the best way to maximize your profits and have access to the best odds and markets.

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