2018 World Cup Game Predictor & Betting Online

The World Cup is underway but it doesn’t mean that you cannot still partake in the game of predicting each match’s winner. There are many sites that allow you to make your tournament predictions with their interactive charts and brackets. Don’t forget to transcribe the results to our printable World Cup bracket for record keeping.

We shall take a look at a couple of World Cup game predictors you can find on the internet which we at SBS think are very well designed and worth exploring. But we will also let you on the secret where you can find the best resource for match outcome predictions. So will Germany win the trophy again? Will England bow out in the quarter-finals? Can Iceland spring a surprise? Let’s find out…

Five Thirty-Eight 2018 World Cup Predictor

At the heart of FiveThirtyEight’s predictor is an estimate of overall team’s strength. Every team has an offensive rating that represents the number of goals that it would be expected to score and a defensive rating that represents the number of goals that it would be expected to concede. Further, the predictor is made up of two separate systems: 75 percent comes from the team’s match-based SPI ratings which are generated from recent international match results. The other 25 percent comes from 538’s proprietary rating system which estimates team strength by combining each team’s roster with a database of club soccer matches.

Ultrazone FIFA World Cup Group Stage Points Simulator

2018 World Cup Game Predictor & Betting OnlineUltrazone world cup game predictor isn’t as sophisticated as the one from 538 but it allows you to test your own prediction skills which can be pretty entertaining. Simply, to calculate the standings and points you need to enter the score of each match. The score is saved in the browser and groups’ standing are updated accordingly. This predictor helps you to predict the 16 teams that will advance to the knockout stage. Again, save your results in our official FIFA world cup bracket so you can review later and see how well you did picking the winners.

The Secret…Online Sportsbooks Are The Best At Predicting

The online sportsbooks are the best at World Cup game predictions because besides using a lot of sophisticated data like 538 and having access to see where the crowds tend to lean with their bets they employ an army of professional soccer handicappers. Handicapping is the practice of assigning advantage through scoring compensation or other advantage given to different teams to equalize the chances of winning. It may seem trivial but this plays a huge role in predicting odds and outcomes of soccer matches.

There are many ways how you can use this information to your advantage. If you are placing friendly bets with your friends and want to maximize your winning checking the odds for each game at various sportsbooks should be your first step. You could also try to arbitrage between different online sportsbooks and place bets if you find a place where the prediction isn’t matching the consensus. Finally, you may want to test your own prediction skills against at our recommended online sportsbook.

Best Sportsbook To Test Your World Cup Predictions

sportsbetting sportsbookSportsbetting has risen to prominence in recent years for Americans who want to bet on sports online. It is an excellent option due to its large betting limits and a massive list of betting markets for the World Cup. It even has normal pricing on player props at -110, where almost all other betting sites use -115 base. Its 50% up to $1000 Bonus is all you will need to for betting.

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