2019 NBA Finals Betting – There Is Any Value In The Last Few Games?

Let’s face it, not even the most hardcore Toronto Raptors would imagine they would be up 3-1 in the finals at this point. In fact, before the series started, they would have signed for a 2-2 going into Game 5. With the Raptors one win away from clinching the franchise first NBA title, it seems like the value on the Warriors is not that clear. Golden State has been outplayed most of the series.

Sure, they have reasons, and those are the number of injuries on their side. Are those excuses? It might sound like it, but I call them reasons. When your best players go down one by one, there is nothing a team can do but give up to the inevitable result. However, what makes this series still very open is the fact that the Warriors best player is out with the chance to come back. When and if Kevin Durant comes back the entire scenario shifts. And that’s where the value is. Let’s take a look.

2019 NBA Finals Series Prices

NBA Team Price

We have never seen the Warriors have such a high number next to their name in the odds, at least not during the Steve Kerr era. Golden State is one loss away from elimination, and that doesn’t happen often. The Warriors need to win the next three to win their third straight NBA finals. Right now it seems like a lot to ask, considering how the Raptors have looked so much better. But no team that has come back from a 1-3 has looked good in the first four games either. It’s the reason they are down.

We are not getting a better value on a Warriors’ comeback than this one. This is it. This is as high as the oddsmakers are willing to go. The reason that number is not higher is that it is the Golden State Warriors. The odds would have skyrocketed if there were any other team, but there is too much respect on the current champs. For Golden State, it is all about winning Game 5. If they do, they will go back home for Game 6 with the momentum on their side, ready to force one more.

I know you are probably thinking, well, Game 7 is in Toronto. It is, but a winner takes all game is nerve-racking for both the fans and the players. Anything can happen in a Game 7, and it becomes a leveled playing field if they reach it. At +395 the people making the odds at MyBookie are giving the Warriors a 20% chance to come back in the series. The only reason we are considering this from happening is that it’s Golden State. If there is any team you want to trust your money on such a task is them.

Odds To Win The 2019 NBA Finals MVP Award

If the NBA finals finish in five games, Kawhi Leonard will be named the finals MVP for the second time on his career. That would be a lock, and that’s why he’s listed as the favorite at -650 to win it. The only other scenario where there is value is if the Golden State Warriors win the series in seven games. Then, things would get not only exciting but very profitable.

Two Valuable Bets To Win The MVP

  • Kevin Durant +2200

2019 nba finals betting - kevin durant odds to win the mvpThe reason we are giving the Warriors a chance for a comeback in the finals is the return of Kevin Durant to the lineup. That’s it. KD is the most talented scorer the NBA has right now, and at his best he’s unstoppable. Granted, he’s dealing with a calf injury, and there is not guaranteed he will play close to his top form, but at this point that doesn’t matter. Coach Steve Kerr has no other choice but to try him out to save the series.

It’s a Hail Mary basically. The oddsmakers have Kevin Durant at +2200 to win the MVP of the finals. But can a player win the award without setting foot on the court in the first four games? Sure it can. Imagine the narrative if the Warriors win the next three games. The reasoning behind it would be the return of Durant to the starting lineup. Any other analysis would fall short.

KD will also find the validation that he has been looking for years. He will be able to say the Warriors needed him to win the championship and no the other way around. It’s the perfect scenario for Durant and his legacy. It has a more significant effect than just winning the title, so the MVP would fall on his lap for the third straight year. That’s where the +2200 becomes an enormous valuable bet.

  • Steph Curry +500

curry's odds to win the mvp The second scenario is Durant not having a direct impact on the scoreboard, but his mere presence makes the Warriors good enough to come back in the series. Kawhi Leonard is arguably the best defender in the NBA, and he will be on KD. That would free both Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, giving Golden State a better chance. Curry is +500 to win the finals MVP, which carry some value as well.

Steph Curry had quite the third quarter in Game 2 in Toronto and made an unsuccessful 47-point effort in Game 3. If he gets going in the next three games, then a case for him winning the award can be made. The 47 points came with the entire defense focusing on him.

Now that Durant and Klay are on the court, the Raptors can only choose their poison. There is no other way of looking at it. At +500 the oddsmakers are giving him 17% of change to win the finals MVP, which is not bad at all for a player that has never won it. All three valuable scenarios in the NBA finals are attached to the Warriors and the possibility of turning the series around. There isn’t a better team than to bet on a comeback than the Warriors.

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