Betting the NFL Playoffs

The NFL Playoffs are one of the most exciting times of the year, not only NFL fans but bettors alike.

However, there are some things to consider when betting the playoffs compared to the regular season. There are also considerations specifically for American online sports bettors that are betting in offshore markets.

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As you probably know, just about every sportsbook online offers players a deposit bonus when they first sign up for a sportsbook and deposit. This is usually only for the first deposit on a new account, but many operators will offer reload bonuses and other promotions, such as loss-rebates or reduced juice.

The playoffs are a time when many sportsbooks are offering reload bonuses and other promotions for depositing. It’s an excellent time to look for bonuses at your favorite sportsbooks where you currently have funds and to look for new options, as there’s a chance you may get a better deal on your initial deposit.

However, with that said, this is also a time to be careful of predatory bookmakers or ones with lower ratings. Many sportsbooks will do their best to entice bettors to deposit, often offering bonuses that are too good to be true or with hidden terms.

We encourage bettors to take advantage of bonuses for the playoffs and Super Bowl, but to be careful where they deposit. Our review section here at Safest Betting Sites is a wonderful place to start.

Public Betting Influence

We’ve written about public betting influence here at Safest Betting Sites, and how blindly “fading the public” is not a profitable strategy. However, public betting patterns do matter when it comes to an understanding of betting markets, especially the NFL.

That’s magnified even more so in the NFL Playoffs, which are more heavily wagered than most regular season contests. All playoff games will generate a much larger betting handle than the vast majority of regular season games.

The NFL is one of the few instances where public betting action can move the line. In smaller markets or even other major U.S. professional sports, it’s rare that the odds will shift based on public betting patterns. It’s almost always the sharps or wise guys that are moving the odds.

The public has a lot more power to move the odds in playoff games, and fading them in these contests can make a bit more sense than normal. Reverse line movement or the odds not moving despite heavy public action on a side or total are ideal spots in playoff games.

Don’t Forget the Basics

One of the biggest mistakes sports bettors make is disregarding bankroll management, line shopping and other excellent habits of sports betting simply because “it’s the playoffs,” or “it’s the Super Bowl.”

It’s sad to see someone who had a profitable NFL season just decide to bet more because these games are more significant than regular season ones. The amount you bet should always be in relation to your edge on a particular market and should stay within your bankroll management plan.

You shouldn’t bet more on a game because it’s a championship game or a big rivalry game that you’re especially excited to watch. It’s fine to be more into the game as a fan, but sticking to the fundamentals of sports betting is the right move and will maximize your winnings long term.

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