Betting Odds On Anthony Davis’ Team In 2019-20 And Other NBA Move Bets

NBA Betting Odds On Anthony Davis Team In 2019-20

The 2019 NBA draft lottery triggered a few exciting and dramatic scenarios for the 2019-20 season. I know the current playoffs haven’t ended, but sometimes the offseason is even more entertaining than the actual games. Some star players are going to Free Agency this summer, but perhaps the biggest name of all, Anthony Davis, is not a free agent. Let’s look at a few scenarios of how he could change jerseys next season.

Odds On What Team Anthony Davis Will Play On In 2019-2020 dropped the odds after the first overall pick in the 2019 draft landed in New Orleans. But the odds should be up at some point, so let’s see how it might play out for Davis.

The Favorite: New Orleans Pelicans

Odds on Anthony Davis NBA Team in 2019-20AD is actually a Pelicans’ player with a contract until 2021. Sometimes we tend to forget about this giant detail because the narrative talks about him like he can choose his destination. Well, he can’t. Davis demanded a trade mid-season and blew up New Orleans’ year with several rumors coming and going.

Now that the Pelicans have the number one overall pick in the draft and will likely select Zion Williamson, they could pair up the rookie with Davis. That would make them one of the most exciting teams in the NBA at a moment’s notice. New Orleans doesn’t have to do anything if they don’t want to. They can just wait and see how Davis and Zion match together and if there is a chance to build back the relationship with AD’s camp.

The number one complaint by Anthony Davis is that New Orleans was incapable of landing a big free agent. Well, they don’t have to now because they were lucky enough to get the most hyped College player since LeBron James. With Williamson coming to the Mardi Gras city, he needs to be at least intrigued to see how this might work out.

The Team That Wants Him The Most: Los Angeles Lakers

It’s the law of life. If you want something so badly, it is probable that you are not going to get it. The Lakers desperately want Anthony Davis to help LeBron James in his final career seasons. But several reports mention that if New Orleans is willing to move AD, the Lakers would be the last place in consideration. There is a grudge the Pelicans have over Los Angeles, but no one seemed to know where it all started.

Los Angeles is using the number four pick in the draft as an exchange card, but the Pelicans are not crazy about it. Los Angeles would include other young players like Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma. While they are good assets, they might not be attractive enough for the Pelicans. LA is pretty much prepared to mortgage their future with the chance to enter the Anthony Davis sweepstakes.

The Crazier/Unlikely Scenario: New York Knicks

The Knicks have cap space to land three superstars this summer. Their number choice is Kevin Durant. We will talk about it this in a moment, but if they land KD, they need another big name to pair him up with.

New York is willing to give up three first round picks to get Anthony Davis, which is a whole lot more than what the Lakers want to offer. They also have a desperate fan base that is pushing for a crazy move. To get Davis, they need to sign a big free agent name first, which leads me to other NBA player and team moves.

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Will Davis Stay With The Pelicans Or Move To Another NBA Team?

It is up to you to predict to what team Anthony Davis may play for in the upcoming 2019-20 NBA season. is an excellent sportsbook that offers great odds, along with safe and fast payouts. Check out their futures odds for Davis, as well as many other NBA players and their potential to move to different teams.

Odds On Kevin Durant’s Team in 2019-2010

Bet On What Team Durant Will Play For!

A lot of rumors have surfaced over the last two month about Kevin Durant’s future. He doesn’t seem like he wants to stay with the Warriors, although he hasn’t actually said that. Durant has a player option after this season, but he hasn’t stated that he wants to opt in.

When KD moved to Golden State three years ago, he was looking for NBA titles and validation around the league. He got the titles, but not the respect. Seeing how the Warriors have played as he went down with an injury points out how weak and over the top was getting Durant to play with them. It’s just the confirmation that the move itself wrecked the league to give Golden State and Durant and unfair advantage.

Now Durant has the rings and might be looking to get validation in another place. He knows he can’t get in the Bay Area; so New York might be the place. The Knicks are the worst team in the NBA, and KD would make them relevant again. If he’s lucky enough to take them to the NBA finals, or give them a Championship, then no one will throw on his face the fact that he moved to the Warriors to have an easier path to the title.

The odds at MyBookie are giving the Knicks a 60% chance to land Durant in the offseason. That’s a huge number considering there are plenty of other options out there.

Odds On Kawhi Leonard’s Team in 2019-2020

What Team Will Pick Up Kawhi? Bet Now!

Toronto made a risky move when they traded for Kawhi Leonard the last offseason. The move was an all-in intention of winning the Championship in 2018-19. And then, they would allure the player to stay up North. Leonard has felt comfortable with the Raptors, but I don’t think he’s ready to make a longtime commitment with them. It’s mostly like a fling.

The oddsmakers are giving the Raptors and their +140 odds an implied probability of 42% for Leonard to stay. The favorite in this scenario is the Clippers at -150 with an implied chance of 60%. Unlike other teams who are thinking about several possible scenarios, the LA Clippers have one guy on their mind, and that’s Kawhi Leonard.

Odds On Kyrie Irving’s Team in 2019-2020

Bet On Kyrie Irving And What Team He Will Play For!

The Kyrie Irving experience in Boston was not fun for any of the two parts involved. Irving seems ready to move on, and the Celtics feel the same way. It just was a marriage that simply didn’t work out. The Knicks remain as the favorite to land Irving. Let’s keep in mind New York has the cap space to get two superstars this offseason. The question is who will sign first to allure the second to come on board.

Several reports also say the Nets are very much in play and gaining momentum with each day that passes by. The Kyrie camp wants him to consider Brooklyn according to an ESPN Stephen A. Smith’s report. “I heard that about Kyrie. That Kyrie and his folks — his folks are trying to convince him to look heavily at the Nets.”

Whether you think Stephen A. is a buffoon or not, he has some good sources in New York; so he might be on to something. Right now, the odds at MyBookie give the Nets 40% of implied probability to sign Kyrie Irving in the offseason.

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