Betting Odds On Which Team Will Sign Colin Kaepernick

Betting Odds Colin Kaepernick Will Get Signed

Will Any NFL Team Sign Colin Kaepernick? Betting Odds & Analysis

The Colin Kaepernick story took a weird turn last week when the NFL announced – out of the blue – that they will host a workout for the free-agent quarterback.

The attempt was to get rid of the narrative that suggested that the league was blackballing Kaep. The story took an even wilder turn when Colin told the NFL that he was not going to be in the workout and instead would hold his own at the Charles Drew High School in Riverdale.

Kaepernick Not Making It Easy To Come Back

Kaepernick hasn’t played since 2016 for many reasons. The interest from teams appears to be there. At least 25 teams were scheduled to attempt the NFL workout last Saturday. When Kaep changed the scenario, only a handful of teams showed up. Those teams were the Chiefs, Eagles, Redskins, 49ers, and Jets.

The oddsmakers from BetOnline set the betting odds on which team will sign Colin Kaepernick. Let’s take a look.

Odds Of NFL Teams Signing Colin Kaepernick

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NO TEAM-1000
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Cincinnati Bengals +350

The Bengals open as the favorite, although the idea doesn’t make much sense. Cincinnati is likely to get the first-round pick in 2020, and there they can select their QB of the future.

Unless Kaep serves as a savvy veteran while their selected rookie QB gets ready for the NFL, I don’t see it happening.

Pittsburgh Steelers +400

Veteran QB Ben Roethlisberger is on his last legs. It’s more evident now than ever. The Steelers have struggled to stay competitive with QB Mason Rudolph as a replacement.

Colin could get into the situation, knowing Ben might struggle to stay healthy over the next couple of seasons. He would be taking over the job in a stable franchise that’s not far away from putting together a Super Bowl run.

Baltimore Ravens +600

With the season that Lamar Jackson is having, landing on the Ravens would be a scenario where Kaepernick will surely be a backup.

The playing style that Jackson has could put him in danger if he gets a bad hit scrambling out of the pocket. Kaepernick has a very similar playing style.

There is familiarity with Baltimore’s offensive coordinator. Greg Roman worked with Kaepernick in San Francisco during the years when Colin took the Niners to the Super Bowl. The offense is the same.

Buffalo Bills +700

The Bills have realized very quickly that Josh Allen is a better running quarterback than a passer. Credit to them, they have put together an offense based on those skills.

Kaepernick would work perfectly in that system. He could even enter a backup and at some point, challenge Allen for the starting QB spot.

Oakland Raiders +700

The Raiders don’t make much sense here in terms of the scheme. But the franchise has a long history of going against the NFL decisions, and this will be the ultimate PR move to say to the league to “bleep off.”

A lot like Al Davis used to do in the good old days.

Carolina Panthers +800

Many believe Colin Kaepernick is a poor man’s Cam Newton, even though both have been to the Super Bowl while losing in the big game.

The health of Cam is a problem right now, and Carolina needs to look for an alternative. They are riding Kyle Allen, but the backup quarterback has been exposed over the last few weeks.

Houston Texans +1000

Deshaun Watson is the undisputed starting QB of the Texans, and that’s not going to change soon.

Colin could get to Houston as a reliable backup option. Watson already missed most of his rookie season with a knee injury, and the same thing happened in his time with Clemson.

Watson can’t be considered injury-prone, but history says it’s better to have a good backup quarterback, just in case.

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