Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump Betting In The Post COVID-19 Era

Biden vs Trump Betting Post Covid Era

The second presidential debate is set to take place next week, on Oct. 15. However, it was recently announced that the debate would be held as a virtual town hall from Miami, Florida.

In President Donald Trump’s first interview since he tested positive for COVID-19 last Friday, he told Fox News that he wouldn’t be participating in a virtual debate.

Presidential nominee Joe Biden responded on the campaign trail, he doesn’t know what the president is going to do.

“He changes his mind every second.”

Indeed, the president and some of his staff have contracted COVID-19 while the rest of the world struggles to contain any second or third waves of the virus. This is perhaps the lowest point of Trump’s reelection campaign.

So, it’s not too surprising he’s hesitant to debate Biden in any format where he can’t talk over him, loud-mouthing himself into getting his way.

Let’s find out how Trump’s doing in the wake of that first, terrible “presidential debate”.

Odds for Trump as He Trails Biden

The second presidential debate is scheduled to be held from a major swing-state. Biden has been gaining on Trump there in Florida, and the president is now trailing by double digits in general election polls.

In short, it’s not looking good for Trump right now.

After last week’s Vice Presidential debate between Republican Mike Pence and Democratic nominee Kamala Harris, all the public knows is that the two major political parties agree on fracking. And a fly landed on Pence’s head.

None of this is helping Trump. His refusal to participate in a remote town-hall debate next Thursday is also problematic.

Currently, Biden is heavily favored (-170) to defeat Trump (+140) in the general election, according to MyBookie. This is way further than I thought Biden would ever get.

BetOnline is even giving Biden -200 odds to Trump’s +170.

In the wake of the first presidential debate, and with Trump’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis—his disrespect toward the U.S. military, and a recent refusal to negotiate a stimulus package for working-class Americans—the president has garnered a halestorm of negativity that has quite possibly destroyed any chances of him winning a second term in office.

Most of the political odds, in fact, have been removed from MyBookie’s website. It’s looking like things are going to get very ugly before this is all said and done.

Is It Worth Betting on Biden Right Now?

I wrote a few months ago that I couldn’t fathom an incumbent president winning reelection during a public health crisis that has killed more than 200,000 Americans.

By now, most people realize that Trump and his sketchy administration have butchered their response to COVID-19.

The U.S. leads the planet in COVID-19 cases and deaths. This is the legacy Trump will leave behind him.

That’s not to say that Biden is a worthy adversary. In fact, it’s perfectly arguable to say that the hypocrisy and corruption among the Democratic Party is what led voters to choose Trump over Hilliary Clinton four years ago.

But this is different. Trump has been unhinged, since the beginning of the pandemic. (And arguably, before he’d even been elected.)

So, yes. It’s worth betting on Biden right now. He’s heavily favored to win the popular vote. But who really has the bankroll to make it worthwhile?

Betting on Biden is all that’s left, at the moment. It’s going to take some pretty strong debate performances over the next few weeks to turn this sinking ship around, for lack of a better term.

Trump seems pretty screwed up. Lucky for bettors, Biden ain’t much better. But Trump sets the bar pretty low.

Who knows? Maybe there’s a last-minute resurgence here lurking in Trump’s campaign. But not debating this week isn’t going to help anyone—other than himself.

That’s all Trump seems to really care about.

Any Final Words? Trump’s Tweets…

Yeah, sure. That’s all Trump has left. What will he tweet next?

According to MyBookie, there are odds on whether or not Trump will mention former Green Bay Packers’ head coach, Mike Holmgren, on Twitter before Election Day on Nov. 3 (-200 Yes/+160 No).

Holmgren wrote a public endorsement of Biden while condemning Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

After it was announced that the Packers wouldn’t be hosting any fans at their home games, indefinitely, Holmgren lashed out at the president by saying, “It didn’t have to be this bad.”

He’s only saying what most of the country is feeling right now. They’ve been feeling that way for months. So, I’m sure Trump will have something to say about Holgrem rather than take any responsibility for his failures as Commander-in-Chief.

When Fox News, American football, flies—and science—are all turning against a Republican president’s reelection campaign just weeks before Election Day, you know things are looking pretty grim.

This concoction of incompetence and arrogance is exactly what Sleepy Joe needs to sleepwalk his way to the presidency.

We’re all dumber after this year, certainly. And yet. Who knows what comes next?

Hang in there…

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