Biggest Losers In The Democratic Party After New Hampshire Primary

The New Hampshire primary left a cold feeling in the hearts of the frontrunners in the Democratic Party. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren no longer hold the reigns. In fact, they’re almost finished.

Amy Klobuchar, a senator from Minnesota, scored a third-place victory, which earned her campaign 6 of the 24 delegates from New Hampshire. Sanders and Buttigieg split the remaining delegates at nine apiece.

Sanders New Favorite To Win Nomination

Senator Bernie Sanders is now the favorite to win the Democratic Party’s nomination. After winning the New Hampshire primary by a small margin ahead of former South Bend, Indiana mayor, Pete Buttigieg.

Biden and Warren didn’t even win enough votes, collectively, to beat Klobuchar. So they’re the biggest losers in the Democratic Party after the New Hampshire primary.

Currently, Biden has six delegates, Klobuchar has 7, and Warren has 8. Buttigieg is ahead of Sanders, in the delegate count, by a margin of 1. It’s still very early in the 2020 election season.

However, Bernie is only beginning to steal the show.

Odds to Win the Democratic Party Nomination

There was a big shakeup this week in the Democratic Party, after Tuesday’s primary contest in New Hampshire. Bernie is leading the pack with +135 odds at MyBookie and +125 at Bovada to win the party’s nomination.

For this wager, it depends on how far you’re willing to go with a gamble on Sanders.

Will Odds Continue Changing?

At this point, his odds have increased so much over the past few weeks. It would be hard to say that they’ll be getting any better at least until Super Tuesday, which is the first Tuesday in March.

There’s another Democratic Party debate on February 19 in Las Vegas ahead of the Nevada caucus on Saturday, February 22. I feel this will give Bernie a chance to strengthen his message to a broader audience.

Odds To Win Of Other Democratic Candidates

Buttigieg, who placed a strong second in New Hampshire, is getting +750 from MyBookie and +800 from Bovada. This isn’t terrible.

It is longer odds than former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who is getting around +230 to +250 to win the nomination for the Democrats.

This is almost hard to believe, considering Bloomberg hasn’t seen a debate stage yet. And probably won’t — unless his money runs out. So, yeah.

What About The Losers?

Remember the losers? Biden and Warren are longshots, now. Keep your eye on Klobuchar, though. For some strange reason, the media loves her. Maybe it’s because she’s so blandly repetitive.

There’s also a significant discrepancy (as of this writing) between MyBookie and Bovada odds regarding Warren to win the nomination for the Democrats. But her campaign seems to be cascading out of the sky like a fart balloon. If you genuinely believe in Warren’s campaign (really?,) then you can grab the best odds she’s had all election cycle at Bovada, where she is +6600 to win the nomination.

Updated 2020 Democratic Candidate Betting Odds

Check out the latest betting odds and lines to win the Democratic nomination in 2020:

CandidateMyBookie Super Bowl Super Bowl Props
Bernie Sanders+135+125
Michael Bloomberg+200+200
Pete Buttigieg+750+800
Joe Biden+700+775
Amy Klobuchar+1200+2000
Hillary Clinton+1800+2000
Elizabeth Warren+5000+6600
Michelle Obama+8000+8000
Tom Steyer+15000+15000
Deval Patrick+20000+15000
Tulsi Gubbard+20000+20000
Andrew Cuomo+25000+25000
Robby Wells+25000+25000
Stacey Abrams+25000+25000
John Delaney+30000+30000
Show More ↓ Show Less ↑

Trump And The Republicans

Let’s get away from the losers for a moment and talk about the current winners in American politics: the Republican Party.

Accordingly, President Donald Trump is favored to win the U.S. Presidential Election. His -300 odds at MyBookie haven’t changed since last week. However, has a considerably cheaper price over at Bovada at -170 to win the 2020 Election.

At least the oddsmakers understand what CNN and the other liberal-leaning media conglomerates in the U.S. cannot: that Trump is much more favorable than the Democrats. Because of his electability.

Still, Bernie (+350) is closest to Trump at both sites. This wager is understandable as the Democrats continue sorting themselves out. When will they realize that their party is a cloud of mist with their former frontrunners in Biden and Warren now trailing a Democratic Socialist by triple digits?

Klobuchar (+3300) had the biggest gain among the oddsmakers from last week to win the U.S. election outright. Buttigieg (+1200) also gained a lot of ground. Yet that snake-like, sneaky creature in Bloomberg (+600) somehow continually creeps up the ranks. (With a lotta loot.)

Who will win the U.S. Presidency? Sure as hell ain’t going to be Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.

The Republicans are still favored to win it all in November.

Next Debate Before Nevada Caucus

There will be another debate for the Democrats before voters crawl out of their holes in the great state of Nevada. Pundits are already plugging their ears at any mention of Bernie’s ability to appeal to a more diverse electorate out there.

However, the oddsmakers aren’t as tone-deaf when it comes to American politics.

Bernie is strongly favored at -350 to win the Nevada caucus. So there will be plenty of political smears to waddle through for his campaign. Each of the Democratic candidates nipping at his heels will be looking to capitalize on these vulnerabilities — if you could call them that.

The message that Sanders has been delivering, day after day, continues to resonate among a diverse coalition that seems to be growing with each voting contest. Recent polling suggests that Sanders is nearly three times as likely to win in Nevada as Buttigieg (+400). On the other hand, Biden (+750) is much closer, at around 19%.

I want to say that Biden is a decent longshot bet to win the Nevada caucus. But he flew directly to South Carolina even as the New Hampshire primary votes were still being tallied. What a loser. And I find it hard to digest that Buttigieg could win a state that far away from his stuffy white-collared background.

Among anti-moderate Democratic voters across America, Bernie is just too damn strong.

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