Democracy In Turmoil: Primaries During A Pandemic

2020 Presidential Elections - Democratic Debates Bets and Odds

Yeah, it’s that bad – turmoil with Democracy dangling from a pandemic. It looks like there will be a low voter turnout for today’s Democratic primaries in Arizona, Illinois, and Florida. Ohio canceled their primaries at the last minute due to Coronavirus fears.

Nevertheless, there is still a plentiful amount of political betting odds associated with this election season. There’s no telling what the hell is going to happen by the end of the day.

For all we know, Joe Biden could choke on his breath, and Bernie Sanders could overdose on Viagra.

Let’s see what the hell’s going on here.

Three Out Of Four Primaries Ain’t Bad

With the latest polls, it’s easy to see that today’s primaries during a pandemic help nobody other than Biden. The fact that he hasn’t come out to speak against voters going to the polls when it’s probably in their NEGATIVE interest to do so, well. It’s easy now to say that he’s already a total fraud.

However, oddsmakers and political gamblers aren’t here to discuss morality.

In Arizona, there won’t be any primary for the Republicans — they’ve already sworn allegiance to Donald Trump. Believe it or not, there are only a few hundred thousand more registered Republican voters in Arizona than Democrats. Can we use this information in any way? Probably not.

At Bovada, Biden is getting -5000 odds against Bernie’s +1200 in this state. It’s hard to say anything positive about Bernie in Arizona. What do the voters there really have to vote for other than the status quo? They’re a border state with Mexico, and it’s highly doubtful than any of the rural counties will be bothering to vote for Bernie.

Sanders might carry some of the minority votes in Arizona and the young people. Like he’s done in some of the other states where he’s lost to Biden.

Odds are the same for Biden (-5000) and Bernie (+1200) in Illinois. I’m pretty surprised about this, I mean. How could the Democrats be learning toward …. oh, wait. This is the home state of the famous President Obama. Good luck, Bernie!

And then there’s Florida. Do we even have to discuss this one?

Biden is popular with the old-timers. He’s favored down in the Sunshine State at an astronomical -10000 versus Bernie’s +1600. Man, I can’t imagine it being close down here. Unless, of course, the elderly folks decide to play it safe and stay home.

It seems that the southern part of Florida leans more Democratic. But I think the Republicans will be looking elsewhere for, wait. What? Is it not the general election yet?

Democrats are basing their political opportunism behind a phony, mentally weak candidate in Biden. Bernie, what the hell happened?

I don’t see anything worthwhile here for any wagers other than maybe whatever you might be able to afford to lose on Bernie during a recession.

Bernie’s fallen. And he can’t get up.

Other Bets During This Pandemic Primary

There’s one interesting bet during this pandemic primary that seems highly symptomatic of Bernie’s limp lettuce-like attitude toward becoming the next President. Right now, Bovada is giving +210 odds that Bernie will drop out of the presidential race before March 2020.

I don’t see this happening. I’m leaning toward the -290 of him sticking in the race for at least the next week or more. But what the hell? If you’ve lost patience with Bernie, then maybe this is the bet for you.

Again, Bernie has fallen to +2000 odds as opposed to Biden’s -1500 to win the party’s nomination. Bernie’s also ranked at +4000 to win the entire presidency, while Trump and Biden are locked at -150, each.

To add to the turmoil, the odds are +550 that the Democrats will have a brokered convention in July. It’s hard to imagine that happening with Biden being backed by the establishment and Bernie nearly lying in the tall grass surrounded by snake emojis. Strangely enough, the Democrats are favored at -280 win the popular vote in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Next Country To Get A Travel Ban

There’s no telling how some of these odds might change by the end of the day. You can even bet against the next country to be banned from traveling to/from the U.S.:

It’s hard to believe that these countries could be banned from traveling to the U.S. Things must be pretty bad for that to happen. Sad!

Next European Leader To Leave Office

For anybody who is wondering about the next European leader to leave office:

  • French President Emmanuel Macron is getting +1800
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ranked +1400
  • Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is rated +1200

Ah, who the hell knows? I’d say take anything with more than +1000 odds at this point. Especially with the coming lockdowns in America in the wake of Europe. I see Macron being banished from his office first. Au revoir, monsieur.

Democracy dies in the middle of the day, right in front of our faces.

Place your bets!

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