Democratic Presidential Candidates: Betting Odds Of Facing Trump

2020 Presidential Elections Odds Of Warren Becoming Democratic Candidate

Democratic Presidential Candidates Most Likely To Face Trump

We’re now about two weeks away from another Democratic party debate, which will help to determine who will win the party’s nomination. The field has been narrowed down to twelve candidates. Each of them will participate in the debate stage for one night as presidential hopefuls to face Donald Trump in the general election next year.

There are still a few bets that Trump might get impeached before the 2020 Election.

Odds that Trump will be impeached:

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Before the next Democratic debate, Trump has the same odds for NOT being impeached as he does of being elected for a second term as President of the United States.

Odds that Trump will be elected for a second term:

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Right now, though, it’s not too far-fetched of a gamble, that Trump will be impeached or that he won’t win a second term as POTUS.

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Democratic Party Hopefuls to Win Their Party’s Nomination

Recently, the polls have somewhat shifted away from the early favorites to win the nomination. Joe Biden is still favored in most of the polling that took place after the previous Democratic debate. A recent poll from South Carolina had the former Vice President leading by 21 points over Elizabeth Warren and 26 points over Bernie Sanders.

What Do The Betting Odds Say?

However, Warren is currently ahead of Biden in odds that are being offered by MyBookie (with a wager deadline of Oct 4th at 12:21 PM).

She’s listed at +175 to win the nomination for the Democratic party, and Biden has +250 odds.

I think this has a good deal to do with the speaking time that the candidates were given in the last debate. Now, the candidates seem to be focused on earning political support with their ground games.

Even though Biden was ahead by a large margin with the South Carolina voters, he only led Warren by four points in a poll from Nevada. This was also released over the weekend. In that same poll, Biden was tied with Vermont Senator, socialist hippie, Bernie Sanders.

The rest of the candidates in the Democratic party polled with single digits. It will take a little bit for the odds to catch up with the polling, it seems. At this point, Biden, Warren, and Sanders are the only top candidates to consider as being capable of becoming their party’s nominee to face Trump.

Candidates And Odds Of Becoming Democratic Candidate

Elizabeth Warren+175
Joe Biden+250
Bernie Sanders+550
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What Happened After the Last Debate?

In the wake of the last Democratic debate, much of the progressive or liberal media was very triumphant about the performances of Warren and Sanders.

I watched the debate and felt very different about the progressive lack of vigor. It seemed that there was a lot of in-fighting and self-promotion going on, which ended up not helping any single candidate’s cause.

It also looked like Sanders could’ve used a few cough drops, or maybe a big glass of water.

Recently, he had to throw in the towel for a bit and get some rest, canceling some socialist hymn meetings.

Warrens Effective Rhetoric

Warren was a little more relentless at hammering home how effective her rhetoric has been. When it comes to addressing a secret meeting with the evilness of Hillary Clinton – a woman who has lost at two chances of becoming the first female president – I think Warren showed where her allegiances remain.

A public position and a private position have already been a recipe for failure, especially against a candidate like Trump.

This is political fodder for the strange phenomenon of that orange-colored political huckster. But when you peel back the layers, that’s when the Democratic candidates can attack Trump and his policies that have enriched few and disillusioned many.

Biden Being Favored In The Polls

Biden is heavily favored for these reasons, at least in the polls since the last Democratic debate. The odds of Sanders winning the party’s nomination have seriously declined, just like his political acuity when it matters most. (See: the 2016 Election.)

I think this is important to think about when determining where you should place your money. The Democrats don’t want to turn progressive. They want to beat Trump. There’s no place for Sanders anymore in the Democratic party. He just hasn’t accepted it yet and probably never will.

Biden has been at this game just like Bernie, and who has the bigger bank account to face Trump? It matters more who can raise funds, and yes, Sanders has a cultish following that has certainly grown since last year.

How Do These Three Measure Up?

Since the last Democratic debate, Sanders has gone somewhat limp. Warren is rubbing elbows with donor fat cats. And Biden is already shaking hands with the dealers on the floor.

Behind the scenes, who knows what happens to ensure that the status quo doesn’t change all that much?

Biden does. That’s why he’s favored to win the party’s nomination.

Will the American people respond?

Warren Is My Favorite To Become Democratic Presidential Candidate

I like Warren, here, with the implied probability that’s closer to a win than Biden; making it a smart political bet. It’s only a slight margin. But she’s a former Harvard law professor, and I think the American people are going to get tired of hearing Biden talk.

What happens next for the Bernie Crew remains to be seen. As of Oct 4th, I’d choose Warren to represent the Democrats in the general election. But that’s just because, for me, she’s a lot easier on the ears than Biden.

I never liked what that guy had to say, anyway.

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