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Donald Trump Betting Odds

As the slow-moving hurricane Dorian moves up the East Coast, finally making landfall in North Carolina, the mainstream media (Fox News vs. CNN) is left debating whether or not President Trump doctored a weather map with a Sharpie.

This kind of partisan bickering keeps the country divided. And it’s no secret that Trump thrives on that kind of division.

The Republican Party seems to be entirely in the hands of the Trump dynasty. With Newsweek reporting this week that Donald Trump, Jr. could potentially win the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

What about now?

Will Trump Resign Before The End Of His First Term?

MyBookie currently has odds on the possibility of Trump resigning before the end of his first term.

Considering Trump’s massive ego, and the way he thrives under keeping the country divided by pandering to his base, this seems very unlikely.

There’s almost a 99% chance that Trump will at least see the end of his first term, which is about 15 months away.

This is easy money (for those who can afford it)


Will Congress Obtain President Trump’s Tax Returns?

The fascination with obtaining Trump’s tax returns seems to have died down, after his nearly three years in office. It was a big issue during his campaign. And since then, he’s gotten away with much more.

After the Democratic flops of getting Trump on impeachment proceedings, and the Russian meddling case that never really went anywhere, it doesn’t seem like his tax returns are such a pressing issue at this time.

This Could Be Worth A Gamble!

However, before the wager cutoff of December 31st at 11:00 AM, there’s an implied probability of 25% that Congress will get its hands on Trump’s tax returns.

This might be a worthwhile gamble. And even more so, if Trump were to secure the presidency for a second term.


Will There Be Proof Of Trump Visiting A Parlor Before His Presidency?

Wait, what?

The Trump presidency almost seems to get more bizarre by the day. You can put some money down on whether there will be any proof that the civilian Trump visited an Asian day spa that has been linked to prostitution.



Will There Be Proof Of Trump Visiting A Parlor After Becoming POTUS?

Strangely enough, the odds get even limper – that any proof surfaces of Trump visiting the Asian parlor after becoming president. I mean, we all know how presidential he became after being sworn in on Inauguration Day, 2019.

I wonder what Melania must think!

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