How To Bet On 2018 Winter Olympics Online (Legally)

How To Bet On 2018 Winter Olympics Online Legally

Betting on 2018 Winter Olympics legally is much easier than you have ever thought:

Step 1 – Open online sports betting account at one of our recommended and trusted sportsbooks. This will only take a minute and you will only have to provide basic information such as your name and email address.

Step 2 – Fund your account via a multitude of various deposit options in order to have money to place bets on the 2018 Winter Olympics. We suggest that you make sure you understand the sportsbook bonuses in order to get the best bang for your buck when you make the deposit.

Step 3 – Place your winter Olympics bets by heading over to the ‘Olympics’ betting section of the online sportsbook of your choice. Select the sporting event that you wish to bet on (we recommend the US women’s hockey team) and place your winning sports bet.

Even if you have never bet, the 2018 Winter Olympics is the time to get on the action and for those who are less familiar with Olympics betting, we have prepared a quick betting guide. No matter where you are in the country – there is a legal way to get a bet down and several options to do so. We’ll go over the possibilities, depending on your location inside the United States, and the legality of betting with each method.

Winter Olympics Legal Betting – Betting At Online Sportsbooks

local bookies legal concernsRunning an online sportsbook is illegal under federal law, but no law national law criminalizes the act of placing a sports bet on the internet, as an individual. Those running sportsbooks that take bets from American residents are running afoul of federal law, and the DOJ has made it clear that their operators will be prosecuted if they step foot on U.S. soil.

However, there is no focus on the individual bettor. Placing sports bets online is not something that anyone has been prosecuted for, on the state or federal level. It’s always good to know your local laws before betting online, but even in Washington State, where online gambling is a felony – no one has ever been arrested, let alone prosecuted for gambling on the internet, in any form, including sports betting.

If you’re looking to make bets on 2018 Winter Olympics at an online sportsbook – you have plenty of options. There are many top rated online sportsbooks that offer players deposit bonuses and VIP programs. Even in states where sports betting is regulated, like Nevada, bettors will still be able to bet at offshore sportsbooks like or which are considered the safest winter Olympics sportsbooks to place bets.

Is Using Local Bookies For 2018 Winter Olympics Legal?

local bookiesBetting with a local bookie is another option in areas where sports betting is not regulated, which is the majority of the country. We still recommend online sportsbooks as the best option if you’re not in Nevada, but a reliable local bookie is undoubtedly a strong choice. Ideally, you have an online sportsbook account and a local option.

Just as the case with online sports betting, law enforcement, both nationwide and locally, is focused on the sportsbook or bookie, rather than the player. Yes, there may be laws against placing a bet as an individual, but in most states, there are not. And again, even if these laws are on the books, they are rarely enforced.

Essentially, you’re betting at an offshore sportsbook, but you’re using someone locally for depositing and withdrawing. There are some advantages to locals over online sportsbooks. No paper trail, if you’re into that sort of thing and some more significant limits on specific markets, such as propositions.

No Winter Olympics Betting Legal Issues In Nevada

Nevada is the only place that has full-scale sports betting in the United States. If you are over 21 can walk up to a betting window or kiosk and place a bet or via your mobile phone.

Nevada Super Bowl BettingEven if you’re just visiting Nevada as a tourist and you’re a nonresident – you can still sign up to bet on your mobile phone or laptop. Simply go to a sportsbook, have your identification, and provide them with your social security number. Sportsbooks in Nevada will rival offshore when it comes to betting markets, but there is one notable exception.

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