Israel Adesanya vs. Yoel Romero UFC 248 Prop Bets

UFC 248 Adesanya vs. Romero Prop Bets

We’re three days away from title bout between Israel Adesanya and Yoel Romero in UFC 248. And finally, the MMA props are out.  

The fans are more divided than ever. The tension between casuals and hardcore fans, it’s intense on social media. 

But whether you think this is an easy fight for the champ or you believe Romero is the guy who is going to stop the Last Style, Bender once and for all  – we can all agree this it’s going to be an entertaining MMA fight to watch.

Interesting Adesanya vs. Romero Props – UFC 248

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite props for UFC 248 fight night:

Will The Fight Goes To The Distance?

Fight Goes The Distance?
Yes+135MyBookie Sportsbook

This fight is ripe for a knockout. We have Adesanya, who has 14 knockouts in his career and Romero with 11 knockouts of his own. I don’t see this one ending by decision.

Even at -190, this is a bargain. I think these odds should be closer to -200 because these guys are knockout machines. However, I don’t see these two machines knocking out each other.

The Fight Goes The Distance +135

It’s undeniable that within close range, Yoel Romero could easily knock out anyone in dramatic fashion. He can come out of nowhere when you think he’s running out of gas and hit you with a flying knee to the face. However, Israel Adesanya is a ninja when it comes to distance management.

It’s going to be hard for Romero to close distance with Adesanya. The champ is probably expecting that. On the other hand, Romero is as solid as a rock and seems almost impossible to knockout. For these reasons, taking this prop makes sense.

Adesanya vs. Romero Method Of Victory Props

Method of Victory Props?Odds
Romero By KO, TKO, DQ Or Submission+300
Romero By Decision Or Technical Decision+1200
Adesanya By KO, TKO, DQ Or Submission+120
Adesanya By Decision Or Technical Decision+185

A knockout is not only about power. It involves timing, accuracy, and speed. Adesanya has all the attributes of a knockout artist. However, Romero got hit with a clean roundhouse kick in the face by Paulo Costa and kept fighting.

On the other hand, Adesanya is not the easiest guy to hit. Israel is agile and controls the distance incredibly well. I don’t think we have enough arguments to take a TKO/KO prop.

Adesanya Wins By Decision Or Technical Decision +185

This is my favorite prop for this fight. The main reason is that I feel Romero is relying too much on his devastating knockout power. 

Adesanya, on the other hand, has not only the option to win by knockout but to outstrike Romero with his refined kickboxing ability.

With his agility and movement, I know Romero will have a hard time landing strikes. And as we stated above, Romero isn’t the easiest guy to send to the shadow realm. Adesanya by decision or technical decision is the way to go.

Other Israel Adesanya vs. Yoel Romero Props

UFC 248 PropsOdds
Romero Wins In Round 1+1000
Romero Wins In Round 2+1200
Romero Wins In Round 3+1600
Romero Wins In Round 4+2500
Romero Wins In Round 5+3300
Romero Wins By Points+1200Adesanya Wins In Round 1+550Adesanya Wins In Round 2+650Adesanya Wins In Round 3+850Adesanya Wins In Round 4+1200Adesanya Wins In Round 5+1600

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