League of Legends (LoL) 2018 World Championship Betting Odds To Win, Predictions & Preview

LoL World Championship 2018 Betting Odds, Preview and Predictions

The top League of Legends teams will battle for the World Championship in South Korea starting next week. Their local league LCK has dominated the global League of Legends (LoL) scene for the past 5 years. Will this year be any different? The betting odds to win the LOL 2018 championship speak for themselves!

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LoL 2018 World Championship Info & Stages

2018 League of Legends World Championship Format InformationThe League of Legends World Championship will be played in a 24 team format within three stages, competing for a prize pool of $2’225,000 where the 1st place gets 37.5% of the pool. The stages are: Play-in stage, Group stage and the Knockout stage. In short 12 teams compete in the Play-in stage during two rounds with different styles, the objective of this stage is to get 4 stage-winner teams. These 4 get to play with other 12 teams in the Group Stage, totaling 16 teams there.

Once in the Group Stage, the teams are divided into 4 groups with 4 teams each. For each group its teams compete against each other in a Double Round-Robin, Best of 1 series format and the two highest-ranked teams from each group will move on to the final leg of the tournament, the Knockout Stage.

This means that 8 teams get to the final phase, the Knockout stage, which encompasses Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals. For this last stage, the tournament transitions to a single-elimination bracket with all matches played in a Best of 5 format. To learn more about betting on LoL visit our League of Legends Online Betting Guide.

League of Legends Odds To Win 2018 World Championship

Teams Odds To Win Region Games Win Rate KDA CSPM GPM
KT Rolster +225 KR 456 66.4 4.3 7.3 369.3
Royal Never Give Up +250 CN 489 67.1 4.9 7.0 374.2
Invictus Gaming +400 CN 618 72.9 4.2 7.0 383.1
Afreeca Freecs +650 KR 324 59.8 4.4 7.4 369.7
Gen.G +750 KR 59 62.7 3.9 7.1 359.1
EDward Gaming +1600 CN 626 58.7 4.4 6.9 363.7
Flash Wolves +2200 LMS 346 82.0 6.6 7.0 378.6
Fnatic +3300 EU 604 68.6 4.7 6.9 372.9
Team Liquid +3300 NA 327 65.4 4.7 7.1 369.2
G2 Esports +5000 EU 282 58.1 4.6 7.1 367.4
Cloud9 +10000 NA 488 55.8 3.9 7.1 366.8
MAD Team +15000 LMS 87 49.9 4.0 6.8 353.2
100 Thieves +20000 NA 63 55.6 3.9 6.7 354.4
G-Rex +25000 LMS 87 57.6 3.7 6.9 356.4
Team Vitaly +25000 EU 178 47.8 3.4 6.3 353.7
SuperMassive eSports +50000 TR 264 68.2 4.0 6.1 370.4
Phong Vũ Buffalo +50000 VN 38 76.3 5.0 7.1 392.5
Dire Wolves* +75000 OCE 230 67.5 4.7 5.8 364.0
Gambit Esports +75000 CIS 138 69.3 4.6 6.1 366.9
KaBuM! E-Sports* +75000 BR 162 58.0% 3.6 6.6 364.7
Ascension Gaming +100000 SEA 63 55.6% 3.6 6.6 371.6
Detonation FocusMe* +100000 JP 228 76.8% 5.4 6.1 371.4
Infinity ESports CR +100000 LAN 117 60.7% 4.2 6.3 356.7
Kaos Latin Gamers* +100000 LAS 250 58.4% 3.7 6.1 358.9
(*): The statistics for the team were based on less data than possible due to unavailability of key data points
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LoL Betting Odds & Team Key Statistics Explanation

What does all the information in the table mean? Let’s see, the American odds mean different things depending on its sign (- or +): how much you expect to win or to bet based on a $100 dollars. If it is written positively, then the odds tell how much profit bettors will make on a $100 stake but if it is written negatively, then odds tell how much of a stake is needed to make $100 on the bet.

The acronyms (KDA, CSPM, GPM) in the table are important factors for you to decide on the performance of a team. KDA of the team is the average Kill Death Assist ratio of the whole team and its found with (Kills + Assists)/Deaths, the higher the better. The CSPM is the Creep Score Per Minute, the higher the better, this means how well in average the team is able to kill creeps (minions) on the map.

Finally, GPM means Gold Per Minute, the higher the better, and basically, this statistic shows how a team is able to gather gold from different sources (kills, towers, creeps, etc.) across the map. In general, with the data described in the table, you have the basic grasp of how a team performs and is expected to perform (according to bookmakers) for the LoL World Championship Day 1 Matchups.

Favorite LoL Teams To Win 2018 World Championship

The bookmakers are heavily stacked in favor of Chinese and South Korean teams as you can see from the table, the lower the odds number the higher the chance bookmakers think each team has to win. For example, Kaos Latin Gamers with odds of +100000 translates to 0.10% implied probability, which is incredibly low.

On the contrary, a team like KT Rolster with odds of +225 translates to an implied probability of 30.77%, which of course is not definitive but gives you a sense of how much a bookmaker trusts its futures.

So if we decide to ignore for a moment said odds, which teams should we focus on as the potentials to become the world champions? First off we have to agree that in terms of raw talent and dedication to the eSport, China and South Korea have the better chances, this is represented in the fact that the last 6 out of 7 World Championships, all champions have come from the Asian regions. In that sense expecting a similar result this year is not too far off. Nonetheless, the teams we believe will be battling it out at the semi-finals and finals are:

  • KT Rolster or Royal Never Give Up
  • Phong Vũ Buffalo or Gen.G
  • Afreeca Freecs or G2 Esports
  • Flash Wolves or Invictus Gaming
  • EDward Gaming or Fnatic
  • Team Liquid or Cloud9


Best Performant Teams To Win LoL 2018 World Championship

Take note that the highest stats come from the following teams, each in descending order:

  • Top 5 Win Rates: Flash Wolves, Detonation FocusMe*, Phong Vũ Buffalo, Invictus Gaming, Gambit Esports.
  • Top 5 Kill Death Assist Ratios: Flash Wolves, Detonation FocusMe*, Phong Vũ Buffalo, Royal Never Give Up, Fnatic
  • Top 5 Creep Score Per Minute: Afreeca Freecs, KT Rolster, Phong Vũ Buffalo, Team Liquid, G2 Esports
  • Top 5 Gold Per Minute: Phong Vũ Buffalo, Invictus Gaming, Flash Wolves, Royal Never Give Up, Fnatic


We can see here that the top teams in terms of stats are far below what the bookmakers expect them to perform. With that, the real questions are “what are the best stats to keep an eye on?” and “why are the top statics vs odds so different?

Key Questions To Decide Who To Bet On

Key Question To Know Which Team To Bet OnYou have to understand the two most prevalent game styles you’ll tend to see in the League of Legends. First is the defensive style where the team expects to win by capturing strategic resources like the dragon, the jungle buffs or first tower. This style is really relevant in team compositions where Tanks are relevant (normally TOP, SUP positions take the lead). Normally this gameplay is highly strategic and goes beyond the 25-30 minute mark on average.

Further, playstyle is prevalent for teams that want decisive strikes, fast movement, ambushes, high attack damage, etc. These teams are highly aggressive and tend to want to finish the game before the 30-minute mark. In addition, these teams usually have compositions where tanks are not relevant and high damage champions are key. In reality, this type of playstyle has been less frequent due to the current meta and buffs to the tanks. So let’s say that you’ll probably see most often the first game style, something defensive and highly strategic. In that sense, the stats that count the most are CSPM & GPM since these show a high control of the lane, high relevance in the jungle and objective-centered gameplay.

The second question talks about top statistics vs what the bookmakers think, and in my opinion, the bookmakers rely too much on historical data and discredit a lot the newcomers. The newcomers, especially those in China and Korea usually are highly skilled and dedicated players. This is the case for Phong Vũ Buffalo and Gen.G.

Who’s Going To Win The 2018 League Of Legends World Championship?

Winner Options For League Of Legends 2018 World ChampionshipWith all that, our final decision is pretty simple, we rely on current performance and if we are to say who’s gonna win the League of Legends World Championship those would be: Phong Vũ Buffalo or Gen.G. Get ahead and bet right now at our top rated sportsbook.
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For more information about League of Legends, best players, best teams in NA and other tournaments or championships be sure to check out our hub page for all things League of Legends!

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