Live Betting On The 2018 Masters Golf Tournament

Live Betting 2018 Masters Golf Tournament

The 2018 Masters is almost here, and it’s a sports bettors’ dream! There are tons of tournament prop bets, future bets, and other bet types available. The best part of betting on the 2018 Masters Golf Tournament is the ability to do live betting during the event.

Many bettors do not understand how live betting works. While it is not a difficult concept, it is something that you want to make sure you know what you are doing, or it can certainly eat up your bankroll. Two fantastic sportsbooks for live betting on the Masters Golf Tournament are and Bovada. Let’s take a closer look at what will go on in the betting world this Masters tournament.

What Is Live Betting?

Betting on the Golf MastersLive betting is just like it sounds. You are betting on the tournament as it goes down in real-time. The Masters Tournament is the most popular golf tournament in the world, so there will be plenty of live betting action. Imagine the scenario when a couple of pairs come down the final stretch on Hole 12, and four players are within two strokes of the lead. You have a golfer you have been watching the entire tournament that is trailing, and you have a good feeling about him for the final few holes.

Live betting would give you the option to bet him to win the tournament while he is playing. Before each tee shot, if you have logged into your sportsbook, and clicked on the live betting for the Masters, you will see their odds to win the tournament. These odds constantly update as the professional golfers make their swings. You can also find dozens of other bets when using the live betting software.

Live Betting On US Masters

Live betting on the US Masters is not complicated. A few things you will undoubtedly need to be able to do are:

How-to Step #1Create An Account

You must make sure you have a sports betting account somewhere. We highly recommend using and Bovada, as they are the safest and top betting sites. You can have an account set up at both sportsbooks mentioned above, so you can compare live odds and get the best line.

How-to Step #2Make Deposits And Guard Your Bankroll

Make sure you have the bankroll to live bet. Your starting amount could be any amount of money, but we always discuss practicing proper bankroll management. Do not overdo it.

How-to Step #3Use The Live Betting Interface

Log into your sportsbook, and go to the section for Live Betting. Some may say “Now Live.” Under the Bet Now, there will be several options, depending on how many sporting events there is that day. Simply choose The Masters to bet on.

How-to Step #4Pick Your Bets

Find the action that you want. Be cautious that you are betting the right thing. For example, if you want Jordan Spieth to win the event, make sure it’s to win the tournament. Some sportsbooks go as far as winning the specific hole they are on over someone else. Read and understand what you are betting on.

How-to Step #5Placing Profitable Wagers

Place the amount of money you want to wager, and click confirm. Then sit back and watch your money grow with many great Masters Tournament live bets!

Best Live Betting Sites For The Masters Tournament

Bettors can go anywhere to place their bets. However, we recommended these two top sportsbooks that offer a great live betting experience:

#1 – Impressive Live Betting Software [Full Review]

sportsbetting offers a great live betting interface that is easy to use. Their odds update every few seconds and new members could get a great 75% up to $1,000 bonus!

  • Odds update constantly to give you the best bets possible.
  • One of the best live betting sportsbook software amongst competitors.

#2 Bovada – Soft Odds To Bet On In Real-Time [Full Review]

bovada sportsbookThe Bovada Sportsbook has some of the best live betting odds available for the Masters tournament. Bovada also has a bonus amount of 50% up to $250 that you can claim and use.

  • Softest odds in the entire sports betting market.
  • Simple to use live betting software interface.

#3 BetOnline – Great Reputation [Full Review]

BetOnline sportsbookThe BetOnline sportsbook has one of the best reputations in the sports betting world, and their live betting software is just as good. They offer members the best lines and odds when it comes to betting live on the Masters Golf tournament. Sign up now at BetOnline and receive a 50% up to $2,500 welcome bonus you can use to bet on Tiger Woods or any other pro golfer favorite during the Masters.

  • Live Betting at BetOnline is extremely easy and simple.
  • Get the latest odds and prop bets through their live interface.
  • Live Betting Promotion – Get your bonus Live Betting $25 Free play right now.

The live betting software is terrific at these sportsbooks. They have excellent customer assistance as well, which allows for questions if they do arise during betting. Augusta National is ready and the best golfers in the world are set to compete. Take advantage of the sportsbooks over the four day weekend and bet on the live Masters tournament. Best of luck with your live betting and enjoy the tournament.

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