Live eSports Betting – League Of Legends Matches

live esports betting - league of legends matches

When it comes to League of Legends, the tempo and dynamic of the game can change from start to finish. Just like any sport, a team who’s leading at the beginning isn’t necessarily guaranteed to take home the win. Live betting in LoL lets us take advantage on how the game is played and place bets on whether a team will end up winning or losing when all is said and done. We can make smart bets by keeping an eye out for certain indicators during these matches.

live eSports betting

Live eSports Betting – League Of Legends Matches

Live betting is where we place a bet on who will win while the match is going on in real time. Unlike most sports, League of Legends doesn’t have a time limit on how long a match can go. They usually range from 25 to 40 minutes, but sometimes can go as long as 60!
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Online sportsbooks will dynamically change the money line on the matches as it’s progressing in real-time. A team that looks like it’s running away with a lead will become heavier favorites. On the other hand, a team that’s struggling to keep up will becomes larger underdogs. Our job is to see if the favorites will be able to close out the game or if the underdogs can come from behind and take it. There are a few key things we can look out for such as the current meta, gold differences, champion picks, and individual team strength.

LOL’s Current Meta

The meta is essentially the current state of League of Legends outside of the match itself. It takes into account the best champion picks, item builds, and play styles. Knowing how the meta functions can give us bettors a very good idea on how a match should play out. Currently we’re on patch 8.1 in the professional scene. Since the meta changes constantly, this article will be updated to track those changes.

On the current patch, most games are ending at over the 40 minute mark which is incredibly high. Thus, professional players are picking champions who scale well into the late game. Basically, as the game goes longer, these champions become stronger since they take more gold to reach their power spikes.

Team Fighting

In addition, team fighting has become essential since teams are building their compositions to include every lane. Knowing which teams excel in team fighting will let you make a better pick on if they’ll win in the late game since one good team fight could mean the match. As a game goes longer and longer, it is more or less decided on a coinflip. This allows weaker teams to still have a shot to win late game if they just end up winning one team fight. If a team has a history of not being able to close out games early with their leads, then it might be a good idea to bet against them if it seems the game will end up longer.

Gold Differences Between Each Team

League of Legends esports logoThe amount of gold that each team has is very important to take into account. Since gold is the primary resource that allows champions to build their items and get stronger, knowing which champions have the gold will play a huge part. For example, if a team that is supposed to be scaling well into the late game has a decent lead early game that means they are more than likely to win this game. Since early game is their weak point, they are essentially able to bypass it and close out the game.

However, it will depend on which champions have the gold. Usually, when the support has all the kills (most of the gold), it isn’t very useful since they won’t be putting out a ton of damage. However, champione like Azir, Zoe, Kog’Maw, and Varus in the current meta would thrive from having the gold.

Gold Indicator

At the top of the screens, there is usually a gold indicator that shows the total gold in the match. To see which individual champions have it, just check and see who has the kills. A good lead early game (sub 15 minutes) would be 3-5k. After 20 minutes, the lead would have to be over 5k. Remember, the longer a game goes on, the less the gold difference matters. Inherently, after 40 minutes, the gold differences don’t matter since most players are at their max capacity for items. At this point, it’s simply on who team fights better in a 5v5 setting.

League Of Legends Champion Picks

A team’s champion picks can really give a good insight on how they want to play the game. Picking champions with early or mid game power spikes means that they want to end the game before 30 minutes. However, picking champions who are weaker early and scale very well into the late game, means they want to turtle out the game and wait till about 35 or more minutes. Teams generally in the current meta pick scaling champions, however that doesn’t mean it’s the only viable strategy.

Closing Out The Game

As bettors, it’s a great idea to look out for how a team with an early game team composition is at closing out the game. If it looks like they are struggling around the 25 minute mark, there’s a good chance they’re going to fail to push into the enemy base and end up getting outscaled. On the flip side, a team with a very good late game composition surviving till 30 minutes should mean that they’ll be able to win in the long run. Some good early game picks are non tank junglers such as Kha’zix, Nidalee, or Kayn and assassins. Late game champion picks are mid laners like Azir or late game ad carries such as Kog’maw.

LOL Individual Team Strength

League of Legends logoAt the end of the day, some teams are simply better than others. Even if they are behind with both teams scaling well, they can find a way to squeak back a win. This gives us a good opportunity to buy low on a team that’s underperforming in the early game, but should be able to outplay the enemy as the game progresses.

For example, teams such as Team Liquid or Cloud 9 in the North American LCS can afford to be 3-5k gold behind in the early game against lower teams such as Golden Guardians or Optic Gaming. They know that even after a few misplays, the weaker teams aren’t able to close out the game efficiently, and they’ll be able to make one or two good plays and turn around the tempo.

Underdog vs Winning Team

In the opposite case, we should be wary about lower team overperforming. The bottom teams could get a few lucky kills early game but end up just standing around the letting the game stall out. They will attempt some risky plays and just get themselves behind. When placing our bets, we shouldn’t jump into the trap of betting on the winning team. It’s the same situation as if a weak team is ahead at the half against the Golden State Warriors in basketball. They aren’t guaranteed to win, and most of the time they won’t be able to keep up the same intensity throughout the game against GSW.

Top Sportsbooks For LoL Live Betting

A couple of great gambling sites that have live betting for League of Legends are:

  1. – It has a simple, yet great interface to bet on live League of Legends games. They’ll constantly change their money line and if multiple LoL matches are going on, you can set up a multi view to keep track of them all. They allow bettors from all across the world so you’re not restricted geographically. You can claim a great $1,000 bonus when you sign up.
  2. BetOnline – It is another awesome betting site. They have a clean Live Betting interface that allows Multiview. You’ll be able to bet on eSports, including all upcoming League of Legends matches; as well as regular sports on both these sites. They are safe sportsbook and have quick payouts, so no need to worry about your money. They even offer new members a $2,500 bonus to start making bets.

Remember, League of Legends is a constantly changing game. What may be good now, might not be the same things to look out for in a month or two. We will be updating this article constantly to make sure you’re kept up to date when placing your bets. Keep what we said in mind and good luck this season!

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