LoL LCK Spring Week 9 Last Betting Preview – Best LCK Odds & Bets

LCK Spring Season 2019 Betting Preview

LCK Spring Season 2019 LoL BettingLoL LCK Spring Season is here, and our team has the best betting previews. As a League of Legends fan, and in general and eSports fan, there’s nothing better to start the betting season with the best advice around. The tournament will be broadcasted through Twitch and since is already a week in, there is plenty to talk about: odds, predictions and much more!

Which team looks to win it all? What lines are worth keeping an eye on? Why won’t I just finish this intro and get going with the article? Let’s take a in-depth look at what you should watch for in the League of Legends LCK 2019 Spring Season in order for you to win your bets!

LCK 2019 Spring Season Dates

The LCK spring season officially kicked off on January 16th with some intriguing matches that taught us a few things about how the new season might shake out. The final games wrap up on March 31st with some intriguing matches that will help decide the ultimate winner, and in-between are some games you’ll definitely want to watch while continually refreshing your betting site browser. I know I will.

Make sure to mark your calendar for games such as Sandbox Gaming vs. Griffin on February 2nd and SK Telecom T1 vs. the currently undefeated Damwon Gaming on February 24th. Man, these teams have much cooler names than I had growing up. My little league team name was The Caterpillars.

LCK Spring Season Betting Odds

Throughout the season, you’ll want to keep up on all the up-to-date lines from week to week. Luckily, you can easily see these lines on betting sites that feature eSports, such as MyBookie,, and Bovada. You might want to keep an eye on each website for different odds, here’s a list from the top eSports betting sites:

Which team will win the match?
Bet Now At MyBookieKT Rolster-406Jin Air+306
Griffin-336DAMWON Gaming+256
Bet Now At SportsBetting.agKT Rolster-400Jin Air+287
Griffin-303DAMWON Gaming+227
Bet Now At MyBookie With A 50% Up To $1,000 Sign Up Bonus

And, if you feel like making your bet a bit more interesting and/or safe, consider the 1.5 point line on both games. If you’re this far into the article, I certainly hope you know what that all means, if not, you can get to know all about odds and conversions in our in-depth article about it.

LCK Spring Season Best Teams – What Should You Expect

According to eSports Bets, one team has stood above the power rankings for two weeks straight: Griffin. This is especially interesting, considering the team failed to make it to the World Championships last year and currently isn’t even ranked in the Top 10 LOL teams by GosuGamers.

LCK Spring 2019 Best TeamsRegardless, with a week 1 win over Kingzone DragonX and well-regarded players such as Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong, they’re definitely a team worth keeping an eye on. However, not far behind is SK Telecom T1, who just happens to have a player by the name of Lee Sang Hyeok, also known as Faker. You know, the top-earning LoL player. The two teams face off on March 8th, which will mean fast-paced action, sweat-covered keyboards, and a great opportunity for betting.

In fact, despite not having as good of preseason odds to win the Spring Split as Griffin (+170), writer Zack Bowker predicted SK Telecom T1 (+250) to prevail thanks to a comeback year from Faker. And, as much as it pains me to agree with a rival writer, he might make some good points. Additionally, because of their increased odds, the extra money is worth the risk. You do like winning money, don’t you?

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