LoL LPL Spring Season Betting Preview – Best LPL Odds & Bets

LPL Spring Season 2019

LPL Spring Season 2019Thanks to the massive growth of eSports betting, you can do much more than simply watch your favorite teams duke it out on Twitch, you can also up the ante with some betting websites. With quickly-updated spreads and moneylines, these websites allow you to wager straight from your smartphone or computer to make the games more interesting.

Oh, and if you don’t know what terms such as “spread” and “moneyline” mean, you might want to actually do a bit of reading up on eSports betting first. In our League of Legends hub, you’ll learn everything from prop bets to odds formats, in short all you’ll ever need for eSports betting.

LPL 2019 Spring Season Dates

The spring season officially kicked off on January 14th with wins by teams such as Invictus Gaming, Funplus Phoenix, and Sinodragon Gaming. The games will continue on a (nearly) weekly basis up until March 31st. Two of the most important matches you should keep an eye on (and absolutely watch the betting lines for) are Invictus Gaming vs. Funplus Phoenix on March 3rd and Royal Never Give Up vs. SinoDragon Gaming on March 25th.

LPL Spring Season Betting Odds

There is no shortage of great betting opportunities coming up. Most of the top eSports Betting Sites currently favor Topsports Gaming to win against Oh My God and Invictus Gaming to massively win against JD Gaming. Make sure to keep an eye on these sportsbooks for the best possible odds.

Which team will win the match?
Bet Now At MyBookie Topsports Gaming -430 Oh My God +330
Invictus Gaming -970 JD Gaming +620
Bet Now At Bovada Topsports Gaming -500 Oh My God +330
Invictus Gaming -1000 JD Gaming +600
Bet Now At Invictus Gaming -833 JD Gaming +462
Bet Now At MyBookie With A 50% Up To $1,000 Sign Up Bonus

LPL Spring Season Best Teams – What Should You Expect

OK, let’s be honest here, Invictus Gaming looks to be pretty heavily favored for the LPL spring season. But that’s for just a few good reasons, as they just happen to be:

  1. The highest-ranked League of Legends team by GosuGamers.
  2. The third-highest-earning LOL team of all time.
  3. Undefeated at the time of this writing.
  4. A team with a really cool name.

LPL Spring 2019 Best TeamsThe last one might not be that important, but thought I would point it out. But, while they are basically the New England Patriots of the eSports world (Google them if you don’t watch the NFL), there are a number of other teams you should undoubtedly keep an eye on. Royal Never Give Up, despite a previous loss to Suning, is worth watching as the fourth-highest-earning LOL team in the league.

While writer Mike Plant picks Invictus Gaming as the ultimate favorite, (and I might slightly agree due to their track record), I would keep an eye on the odds of Royal Never Give Up going forward, as their early loss could translate to better numbers moving forward. Plus their name suggests that they are less than likely to give up.

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