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League of Legends North America season is about to kick off this weekend. It is shaping up to be another exciting year in NA LCS. We will start with six teams which played last reason and four new franchises that will try to leave their mark in LoL game battles. Below you will find our LOL expert’s power rankings for 2018 season. We also have a section on LOL betting which you should check out if you are looking to place bets on LoL games.

1. Team Solo Mid (TSM)

Team Solo Mid logoTeam Solo Mid was the most dominant team during the regular season last year. They took first in both splits and easily made it to the World Championships. However, they once again let themselves down on the world stage by not making it out of the group stages.

They’ll definitely be disappointed by this and will look to change that next year with the addition of a new bot lane of Zven and Mithy. They retained Bjergsen in the mid lane and Hauntzer in the top. However, another major pickup for them was Mike Yeung in the jungle. An up and coming star, TSM will have one of the best rosters on paper. It would be a disappointment if they get anything less than 1st.

When it comes to sports betting, expect TSM to be the favorites against every team they face, but keep a close eye on their synergy when starting out the season. There could be times where teams such as Cloud 9 or Team Liquid could take matches against them as underdogs.

2. Team Liquid (TL)

Team Liquid logoAs one of the longest-running organizations in North America, it’s a shame how TL’s season went. They never really got their roster going and were actually in risk of losing their spot in the league. However, they were able to stay in and have made huge splashes in the offseason.

Their current roster of Impact, Xmithie, Pobelter, Doublelift, and Olleh is projected to definitely be top 3. Honestly, most people expect them to beat Cloud 9, and even beat Team Solo Mid. With the amount of star power that they have, not making it to the World Championships or the finals of a split would be a huge heartbreak.

Even though Team Liquid ended 5th on the end of the season rankings, their roster overhaul will make them betting favorites against almost every team other than TSM. If sites are sleeping on TL, be sure to bet them in good situations. Their roster has a ton of experience on an international stage, so they should have no problem synergizing.

3. Cloud 9 (C9)

Cloud9 logoCloud 9 had a very up and down season. They did very well in the Spring Split, but struggled in the summer. However, they were still able to make it to the World Championships through the Gauntlet tournament but had to play in the play-in.

They coasted through that and through their group. In the quarterfinals they met with China’s World Elite. It was a good series, but they ultimately fell short. Cloud 9 will want to build upon this. They only made two changes to their roster. They brought in a rookie top laner named Licorice for Impact and they brought in Svenskeren for Contractz. Some would say this was a downgrade, however I think the experienced Svenskeren could make a splash on a new team. His former was TSM. The star on the team remains their mid laner, Jensen, who’ll want to dethrone Bjergsen and TSM this season.

Cloud 9 will actually be seen as an underdog versus higher teams such as TSM and Team Liquid but don’t let that scare you. Their organization has proven to be solid over the course of years. Make sure you’re watching how Svenskeren fits into the team and how their rookie top laner Licorice deals with on stage pressure. There could be times early in the season where Cloud 9 drops matches to some of the middle of the pack teams.

4. Counter Logic Gaming (CLG)

Counter Logic Gaming logoCLG had a season to forget for the caliber of team that they should be. With strong laners and probably the best support in North America, they would have expected to make at least one of the split finals and make it to worlds. However, they never really passed mediocrity.

Next season, they’ll want to grow the talent they have in Stixxay, but also use some of their veterans in Huhi and Reignover to make it to the top. The pickup of Biofrost really makes their bot lane a strong force versus any of the top teams in North America. If they are able to beat some of the new franchised team such as 100T and CG, they’ll definitely get fourth.

5. 100 Thieves (100T)

100 Thieves logoThis team consists of Ssumday, Meteos, Ryu, Cody Sun, and Aphromoo. The Cleveland Cavaliers based team is sure to make waves. This team can compete with the likes of TSM and TL. Even though this is a new organization, they have filled their team with veterans.

An interesting thing as well is that they have a very good overseas jungler on their academy team in Levi. If they’re able to help him with his English and possibly integrate him into the team, this team could be scary. To start the season off a lot will depend on the motivation of Meteos and Ryu who have shown signs of burnout last season.

It’ll be interesting to see how sportsbooks make the lines for 100 Thieves games. It’ll be clear that they will be underdogs against teams such as C9, TSM, and TL, but they should be able to deal with most lower and mid tier teams. If you see them as small favorites against teams such as Clutch Gaming, Flyquest, or Golden Guardians it could be a great team to bet on them.

6. Clutch Gaming (CG)

Clutch Gaming logoThe Houston Rockets team fielded a very solid roster. It consists of Solo, Lira, Febiven, Apollo, and Hakuho. Those who watched last season would know that most of these players were from the former team NV squad.

That means that they have synergy already and upgraded mid lane a ton from importing from Europe. CG is trying to run with a good roster from the start and go for the top. Their weakness is the top lane, but be sure to watch the duo of Lira and Febiven take over the games. If they’re able to convert their early leads into bigger leads mid and late game, then 6th place is just a floor for this team.

7. Echo Fox (EF)

Echo Fox logoThe Rick Fox Team! This team did everything right in terms of their infrastructure and support system but never got going with their gameplay. They were good enough to stay in the league but were never able to win against a top team.

So, ultimately, they decided to change every position of their roster. They currently have Huni, Dardoch, Fenix, Altec, Adrian. Will this team be able to venture to the top? Well, I think it’s more of a middle or lower of the pack team. They’ll definitely want to contend, but it’ll take time for the roster to mesh together. Many fans will wait and see if Dardoch continues to have internal issues with every team he signs with. He has talent so maybe this is the team that finally works out for him.

People will think that Echo Fox isn’t worth a bet just from recency bias from last year. However, this is an entirely different roster with a lot of individual talent. The metagame will fit their mid laner Fenix’s playstyle and Huni has proven himself on the international stage for years. If they are seen as small favorites over teams such as GG or Optic, it’s a big green light that this team is being undervalued.

8. Optic Gaming (OG)

Optic Gaming logoA very familiar name in the likes of Call of Duty and CSGO, Optic Gaming decided to field a roster of Zig, Akaadian, PowerOfEvil, Arrow, and LemonNation. This roster is weak but shouldn’t be last.

It will depend on the play of LemonNation, who didn’t seem to be at his best last season on FlyQuest. If this team has any hopes of winning, it’ll be from the improvement of their jungler Akaadian along with their European mid laner PowerofEvil.

9. FlyQuest (FQ)

FlyQuest logoA very nice surprise this past season, Flyquest started out strong, but then deteriorated as the season progressed. They relied heavily on the shot-calling and macro gameplay of their mid laner Hai, but couldn’t sustain it to get wins against the top teams.

They’ll replace 4 out of 5 of their positions and will look to grow their talent. I don’t think FQ expects to place top 3 right off the bat, but with some growth, they can definitely be a contender. This is the first time a team has been built around WildTurtle, so with the veteran Flame in the top laner and Korean import Fly in the mid lane, there is a chance this team could emerge as a dark horse. Most people, do, however, expect FQ to struggle towards the bottom.

10. Golden Guardians (GG)

Golden Guardians logoFinally, we have the Golden State Warriors team in the Golden Guardians. This roster consists of Lourlo, Contractz, Hai, Deftly, and Matt. It’s an all-American roster which is a very interesting prospect for fans to root for. On paper, this team’s individual skill is very lacking.

They’re expected to be hovering at the bottom, while possibly creating some upsets. The only way they can win is through the amazing macro and shot calling that their mid laner Hai will provide. However, they do have some potential stars in their AD carry Deftly and their jungler Contractz. This team is sure to be a fan favorite, but I don’t think they’ll be able to provide results.

We do expect this team to be close to last, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be bet on. Hai has proven last year that even with a mediocre roster on paper, he can win against mid tier teams purely using his macro play. Make sure you don’t write them off just because they are underdogs. With the NA LCS being played as best of ones, any team can take a game during the season.

Other Opinions – NA LCS 2018 Spring Split Rankings

LOL enthusiasts at The Dive got together to give their professional opinion and forecast what we can expect in the first part of the 2018 season. TheeMarkZ, the former coach and analyst for Team Liquid, gave his views about what we can expect from each team as the games begin and NA LCS season kicks off this weekend.

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