MLB Trade Deadline Winners and Losers – Updated World Series Betting Odds 2019

MLB Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

Talk about a crazy MLB trade deadline. It almost felt like the teams were competing for the World Series title in July. However, it was solely to take the pole position for the last stretch of the season.

The feeling from the fans was evident. If my team did not make any moves before August, then we have no shot. At least that’s how the pessimistic fans of the New York Yankees and LA Dodgers feel right now.

Did I spoil the article already? It’s better if we get down to the point. Let’s find out the clear winners and losers from a crazy day in the Majors trade deadline. Also, get an updated view of the 2019 MLB World Series betting odds.

MLB Trade Winners

Winners: Houston Astros

The Astros just stole everybody’s lunch money right before the trade deadline. Houston acquired starting pitcher Zack Greinke from Arizona to add him to an already loaded bullpen. It’s almost unfair knowing they will have Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole, Wade Miley and now Greinke for the postseason.

This is not new for Houston. Remember, they got Verlander two seasons ago right before the deadline and ended up winning their first World Series. When they made a move for Gerrit Cole in the offseason, the experts suggested Houston should be the favorite to win it all. Adding Zack Greinke is just the cherry on top for a team destined for greatness.

Just this season Verlander, Cole, and Greinke (playing for the Diamondbacks) have a combined record of 36-13 with a 2.85 ERA and a 0.92 WHIP. Zack Greinke is set to make $35 Million next season, but that’s the last thing Houston is thinking about right now.

Winners: San Francisco Giants

Several reports mentioned the Giants had starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner on the trade block, but would only move him if they got a good enough offer on the table. That attractive offer never reached San Francisco, and Bumgarner will stay with his team; at least for the rest of the season.

The Giants are aiming for a wildcard spot in the National League. They have no shot at the division, but that’s ok. With Madison Bumgarner on the team, they can pursue this goal knowing they have an ace talent whenever they need it. Sometimes winning in the trade deadline also means keeping your best players, and this is the case of San Francisco.

MLB Trade Losers

Losers: New York Yankees

The Yankee fans can’t help but think their great season might come to an end empty-handed. Unlike Houston, New York desperately needed a bullpen addition to give them both depth and trust coming into the postseason. But the front office failed to deliver.

New York added Edwin Encarnacion in June, but after that move they just sat there and waited. My question is – wait for what? Whatever they were looking for didn’t reach them.

The Yankees general manager Brian Cashman mentioned, “This is a damn good roster“. Fair enough it is a good roster, but is it good enough? Second place won’t cut it with Yankee fans, and it seems that’s where they are headed.

Losers: Los Angeles Dodgers

I was tempted not to put the Dodgers as losers in this scenario, but the Twitter meltdown of their fans was dramatic enough that they deserve a spot. Los Angeles didn’t make any huge moves other than adding veteran infielder Jedd Gyorko from the Cardinals and left-hander reliever Adam Kolarek from the Rays.

The meltdown came after they failed to land a guy that could increase the value of the batting lineup.

The Dodgers are still in a good position in the National League. However, the combination of:

  • Not getting any big names
  • Greinke’s addition to the Astros
  • The overreaction on Twitter from LA fans

All of that allows me to mark them as losers.

World Series Odds After the MLB Trade Deadline

The moves before the trade deadline were significant enough to shake the World Series odds. It rocked plenty of teams from the top, to even other franchises that have long shots at winning the MLB title. Let’s see:

Houston Astros +210

The Astros were +285 to win the World Series at before the Zach Greinke move. They were behind the Los Angeles Dodgers (+275) and slightly above the Yankees (+300). With the new pitcher in town, Houston is the lone favorite to win the World Series at +210. That play now has a 32% implied probability of becoming a winner.

Houston is also the big favorite to win the AL Pennant at -110 over the Yankees (+180). The Astros’ bullpen is an All-Star unit that shouldn’t have a problem dominating the road to the October Classic. In fact, this bullpen is precisely built to beat teams like the Yankees and the Dodgers in any scenario.

LA Dodgers +270

The Dodgers are still one of the favorites, and they should be fine the rest of the way. At +270, their play has a 27% implied probability of winning. Let’s face it, Los Angeles is a loaded team, playing at such a fantastic level that is unreal they are not the ultimate favorites.

What’s playing against the Dodgers is their recent history. It’s almost a given that they will reach the World Series. The problem is that everybody is expecting them to lose to the AL Pennant champ. If everything goes as planned, it would be against the Houston Astros, once again.

Just like the Astros in the AL, the Dodgers are -110 to win the NL pennant. That’s a deal that doesn’t need much of an investment, considering Los Angeles is head and shoulders about its competition in the National League.

New York Yankees +350

The Yankees pretty much stay put without any trades in the last day. The World Series odds had the New York +300 before the deadline, and now we can find them at +350 at

New York has the formula of a team that is very entertaining in the regular season with a lot of offense. Yet, coming into the playoffs, their bullpen is shaky at best. When comparing their bullpen to the Astros’, it doesn’t look fair for the Yankees.

The Yankees have one of those teams that won find the final gear in the playoffs to make a realistic run at the title.

Other Notable Odds Movements

Cincinnati added pitcher Trevor Bauer from Cleveland, and their odds improved from +40000 to +15000, just by that move alone. The Reds need a last push to reach the wildcard and Bauer can be that guy that put them in contention.

On the contrary, the Indians acquired OF Franmil Reyes, LHP Logan Allen, OF Yasiel Puig, and 3B Victor Nova. Their odds to win the World Series stayed the same at +1600.

Complete List of MLB Odds to Win the 2019 World Series

MLB TeamOdds to Win
Atlanta Braves+700
Minnesota Twins+1300
Chicago Cubs+1700
Tampa Bay Rays+2500
Milwaukee Brewers+2200
Boston Red Sox+2200
Philadelphia Phillies+2500
St Louis Cardinals+1700
Cleveland Indians+1600
Colorado Rockies+20000
Washington Nationals+2500
Texas Rangers+20000
Oakland Athletics+3300
Arizona Diamondbacks+8000
Cincinnati Reds+15000
New York Mets+8000
San Diego Padres+17500
Los Angeles Angels+15000
Pittsburgh Pirates+40000
Chicago White Sox+200000
San Francisco Giants+6000
Seattle Mariners+500000
Baltimore Orioles+500000
Toronto Blue Jays+500000
Kansas City Royals+500000
Detroit Tigers+500000
Miami Marlins+500000

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