Most Recent Odds In The 2020 US Presidential Election

Most Recent Odds To Win The U.S. The Presidential Election

Last week, Democratic Senator Kamala Harris dropped out of the race, suspending her campaign in the U.S. Presidential Election.

Democrats colluded together in their praise for Harris while progressive Twitter trolls, pundits, talking heads, and generally irate politicos, seemed to let off a lot of steam.

To them, Harris was a cop. Presiding over California’s criminal justice system, she seemed to be pleased with herself in locking up pot smokers and truant students in California’s failing education system.

Harris Won’t Be In The Next Debate

That was the light that Gabbard had shone in the debates where she was allotted time enough to do so. Harris won’t be in the next debate.

And neither will Gabbard, for that matter. She had made a public announcement that she would be campaigning in New Hampshire and elsewhere, instead. Who will be left in the Democratic debate next week?

What Are The Odds Of The Democratic Candidates To Win The Party’s Nomination?

There will be six Democratic candidates, most likely, in the debate which will take place in Los Angeles, California, on Thursday, December 19th. They are as follows:

Candidate Odds
Joe Biden +280
Pete Buttigieg +300
Elizabeth Warren +350
Bernie Sanders +450
Amy Klobuchar +4000
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And that billionaire guy, Tom Steyer, will also be in the debate. However, he hasn’t even been given any odds by These odds have a wager cutoff of 2020 10th January 10:00 AM.

Additional Candidates

Candidate Odds
Michael Bloomberg +900
Hillary Clinton +1200
Andrew Yang +1400
Tulsi Gabbard +4500
Cory Booker +10000
Julian Castro +12500
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Biden is well ahead of the pack in one of the most recent polls, at +13 points ahead of Sanders. That’s quite a lead in the sphere of polling but not that much of a difference in terms of gambling.

Bernie’s campaign seems to be gaining some steam, after pulling ahead of Warren over the past few weeks.

During that time, Biden has accosted voters and recently he did all but call a guy “fat” who had asked a question about Hunter Biden, Biden’s son, acquiring a position in Ukraine’s government, or something.

The Democrats And Trump’s Impeachment

In other words, it was the same offense, nearly, as what the Democrats are seeking to impeach President Trump for—corruption.

I don’t see how Biden could defeat Sanders when it comes to debating Trump. Sanders is a much stronger candidate but the populace hasn’t grasped that point.

Biden and the rest of the Democratic establishment continue to insinuate that beating Trump is their number one priority. However, Biden even went so far, recently, to say that he didn’t want to see the Republicans lose too much ground to the Democrats.

Biden Understands The Democratic Party

He’s been a lifelong Democrat. He knows and understands, unlike most of the voting public, that the Democratic Party is in fact much more moderate than what Sanders is offering the country.

Crazy Old Joe might as well be running in the Republican primary. And he should be.

As far as odds are concerned, I still like Sanders as the underdog here. He is the strongest candidate in the race, in my opinion, because he’s capable of reaching across the aisle of stealing Republican voters away from Trump.

Can Biden Win The Party’s Nomination?

Biden has a 26% chance to match Bernie’s 18% chance of winning the Democratic Party’s primary. And let’s take into account Biden’s lead in Nevada and South Carolina.

While Buttigieg has climbed to small leads in tight races across Iowa and New Hampshire. It’s getting tough to say Sanders can win the nomination with polling data as the only factor.

I just like the odds he’s getting, and that payout seems worthwhile to consider.

Right now, it’s a tight race. So maybe you could juice up your Sanders underdog bet with a saver on Biden. They’re the top candidates for the Democrats going into the next debate.

What About Hillary Clinton?

Corrupt Queen of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, was interviewed by Howard Stern last week. In one word, the interview was lame.

But it’s probably an indication that she’s still considering running another time—to lose again?—in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Like a spider, she climbed up the odds ahead of former Barack Obama official Julian Castro, entrepreneur Andrew Yang, Gabbard, and Senator Cory Booker.

Clinton’s Chance To Win

As of this writing, Clinton has a one in ten chance, according to MyBookie, of winning the Democratic Party’s nomination. Yikes!

During the interview, Stern and Clinton laughed about the likelihood of American citizens getting free public college.

Even though it’s already available in countries like Malaysia, Egypt, Argentina, etc. She’s so out of touch with reality that it’s almost laughable. And truly Stern was disappointing in his conservative approach to the interview.

The Democratic Party Against Workers

It was further proof that the Democratic Party has turned against workers in favor of the donor class.

Mostly because Stern didn’t ask Clinton about the corruption in the heart of the Democratic Party that presaged the rise of Trump. How could anybody in America think that they deserved some free chocolate milk?

If you’ve got some stale old pennies in the attic you’re looking to get rid of, by all means—toss them on Clinton at +1200 to win the party’s nomination. Otherwise, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

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