Most Recent Odds In The 2020 US Presidential Election & Prop Bets

Most Recent Odds To Win The U.S. The Presidential Election

The most recent political betting odds have been shaken up once again in the Democratic primary season, which leads up to the convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in July. Last week, on Super Tuesday, ole Joe Biden whomped Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren then dropped out to endorse Biden, in the wake of Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg’s endorsements of the ole guy.

Today, March 10, there will be six more primary contests and caucuses that could potentially solidify the Democratic nomination for Biden who now leads Sanders in the delegate count 670 – 574. 

Approximately 350 delegates are up for grabs in Michigan, Washington state, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho, and North Dakota.

Bernie won Michigan back in 2016, the big prize of today’s contests, against the establishment Queen, Hillary Clinton. Let’s see how he fares this year against the mildly inarticulate Biden.

Super Tuesday II Betting Odds For The Democrats

It’s now a contest for the Democrats between two old white dudes who are both nearly 80. In the primary contest for Michigan, 125 delegates will be up for grabs. This is huge for Bernie. He is down by a lot, so he will need to win big here. 

In Michigan, MyBookie is giving big odds in Biden’s favor at -1500. What a shame. There’s not much of a contest here, and that’s unfortunate if you’re looking for a gamble. It certainly doesn’t hurt though to throw down a little bit of dough on Bernie in Michigan, however.

At +1400, you don’t have much to lose. Only Bernie does. And it doesn’t seem very likely he’ll be getting a big win in middle-America this time around.

In fact, after Biden’s trouncing of Bernie on Super Tuesday, most of the polls have Biden cruising in every election today. He’s getting -220 odds in Washington state against Bernie’s +275. I like Bernie’s one-in-four chance, though. Isn’t Washington progressive? Take a gamble! That’s all there is left of this primary season after the past week.

Biden is way ahead in Missouri at -3000 and Mississippi at -10000. Unfortunately, there’s no gamble down South when it comes to these primaries. Ain’t worth tossin’ your money away for Bernie down here.

That leaves us with Idaho and North Dakota. Biden is -250 in Idaho versus Bernie at +175. In North Dakota, Biden’s getting -400 against Sanders at +275. 

The polls close late in Idaho, but according to Reuters, the state has switched from caucuses to primaries this year. This could be a disadvantage to Bernie. He won both of these states back in 2016, but I see him going down in North Dakota. Still, there is room for risking a little bit of money in these places with low delegate counts.

For a while, Bernie was a longshot gamble that might have paid off. But now, this race is his to lose. If he pulls off any upsets this week, you might be able to benefit from him being on the positive side — at least with the oddsmakers.

Other Bets This Week In US Politics | Presidential Prop Bets

If the previous wagers didn’t instill much confidence in your gambling hearts, you might want to consider these other bets.

Bet On Who Will Win The 2020 Presidential Election

You could try Donald Trump at -160, Biden at +120, or Sanders at +1400 to win the 2020 Presidential Election.

CandidateOdds To Win
Donald Trump-160
Joe Biden+120
Bernie Sanders+1400
Hillary Clinton+8000
Mike Pence+15000
Tulsi Gabbard+15000
Michelle Obama+20000
Nikki Haley+50000

Bet On The Democratic Party Nominee Winner

Biden is now way ahead to win the Democratic Party’s nomination at -800, whereas Bernie is getting +650 odds to be the comeback Old Man.

Democratic NomineeOdds To Win
Joe Biden-1300
Bernie Sanders+650
Hillary Clinton+2000
Michelle Obama+5000
Tulsi Gabbard+20000

Vice President Betting Odds & Candidates

Vice President odds for these candidates include Stacey Abrams at +185 for Sanders and +325 for Biden. Why not throw down a little loot for Abrams here to keep things interesting?

However, I like Nina Turner’s odds at +275 to pair up with Sanders. A Democratic Senator from Ohio, she’s been running with his campaign all along.

Also, Kamala Harris is getting +310 to be Biden’s VP. After his most-recent gaffe, telling an audience that Harris endorsed his campaign (before it was to be officially announced the next day), it seems she’s more relevant than any of the other choices, by far.

Sanders VPOdds To Win
Stacey Abrams+175
Nina Turner+275
Tammy Baldwin+450
Julian Castro+475
Kamala Harris+650
Tulsi Gabbard+900
Biden’s VPOdds To Win
Amy Klobuchar+170
Kamala Harris+250
Stacey Abrams+350
Pete Buttigieg+1200
Elizabeth Warren+1200
Hillary Clinton+1000
Michelle Obama+1200
Catherine Cortez Masto+2500
Michelle Lujan Grisham+2500

There are four big states in next week’s primary contests. A lot of those odds will be riding on today’s performances and the rest of this week in politics.

Hut. Hut!

Go long!

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