CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Defends Himself After Being Called “Fredo”

Will Chris Cuomo Be Fired - Betting Odds

Protests turned violent in Hong Kong. However, Tuesday in America saw a maelstrom of activity on Twitter in response to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo defending himself after being called “Fredo” over the weekend by a heckler. The incident happened on Sunday at a bar on Shelter Island, New York, reported Fox News.

According to Business Insider, video of the altercation was uploaded to YouTube by a “right-wing vlogger”. The Daily Wire – the brainchild of American political commentator Ben Shapiro – sent the video into viral mode courtesy of a reporter whose name isn’t worth mentioning.

Much Ado About Nothing

Apparently, with nothing else occupying their time on Tuesday – the Trumps responded with alacrity. The President called the video, in which Cuomo is seen verbally attacking his heckler, as he saw it.

“Filthy language and a total loss of control. He shouldn’t be allowed to have any weapon. He’s nuts!”

The President’s comments were about a recent town hall hosted by Cuomo on gun control.

Junior also had something to say about the “incident.”

“’Fredo’ isn’t the N-word for Italians, it just means you’re the dumb brother.”

In the video, Cuomo defends himself from being called “Fredo” by suggesting that it’s the equivalent of being called the N-word.

Vanity Fair reported that Cuomo had made a similar allegation, back in 2017, that being called “fake news” was akin to a journalist being called the N-word.

Cuomo apologized for that, back then. Much Ado About Nothing.

Junior Gets In His Jabs

The President’s son – who has also been referred to as “Fredo” in the past – got his jabs in. By tweeting about political commentator Ana Navarro’s previous comments, regarding his position in the family business, on Cuomo’s TV show. And that’s how the whole thing played out.

It was a digital tennis match between the unlikely bellwethers of U.S. values: the President and Junior, and their right-wing punditry.

A spokesperson from CNN responded to the altercation and its viral nature by claiming that the video was an “orchestrated setup”.

It doesn’t look like Junior’s jabs landed too well, as CNN publicly supported their anchor.

Additionally, Fox News’ bloodhound Sean Hannity encouraged Cuomo’s response and the backlash that ensued. Cuomo had “zero to apologize for,” Hannity woofed.

What Are The Betting Odds On Chris Cuomo?

This is what the American political theater has become, folks. A reality TV personality President and Junior, one of his wacky sons, stirring up trouble in the wake of a private incident that took place in public.

Everybody’s got a camera nowadays, right in their pocket. So, what are the odds Cuomo, a public figure, will get canned?

The altercation between Cuomo and a heckler wasn’t pretty. However, the odds of him being fired by 11:59 PM August 16th look pretty slim:

Will Cuomo Get Fired By 11:59 PM August 16th?


Will Cuomo Be Suspended By 11:59 PM August 16th?


Will Cuomo Apologize On-Air By 11:59 PM August 16th?


Cuomo On Vacation And “Apologizes”

Reportedly, Cuomo is off this week and that it had was previously planned. Or so we’ve been told.

Cuomo also apologized, somewhat, on his Twitter feed.

“I should be better than what I oppose,” he said.

It’s hard to apologize when you don’t know what you oppose, exactly. Other than the President of the USA.

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