NA LCS Summer Playoffs Finals Betting – 2018 LoL Betting Odds, Predictions & Previews

2018 NA LCS League of Legends Betting

North America League of Legends Championship Series BettingThe EU and NA LCS Summer Playoffs Finals are right around the corner with 8 teams total, tournaments that pave the way for the 2018 Worlds Championship Main event between October and November. This year the prize pool is kept at $200,000, a value which doubled a year ago. These two tournaments are in their 6th version, each growing bigger and bigger each year where the peak is nowhere to be seen and a community stronger than ever.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to League of Legends (LoL) betting or a pro at it, or even if you’re new at the game, what matters is right here, the odds to win and predictions, are you gonna take advantage or stay in the sidelines? September 9th and 10th are the days where everything comes together! Don’t miss your chance.

NA LCS Betting Odds And Matchups For The Summer Playoffs Finals

This year’s NA LCS teams are giants of the eSports community. The matchups are Cloud9 (C9) vs Team Liquid (TL) competing for the first place and for the third place, we’ve got Team Solo Mid (TSM) and 100 Thieves (100T). TSM is an old favorite with superstars such as Bjergsen, Hauntzer and Zven. 100T is the underdog and looks to their Top Laner Sumday and Support Aphroomoo to carry this game, especially if they go with the rookie Rikara in the ADC position. All in all, we’ve got everything that’s needed for a final full of surprises, who’s gonna win? Here are the current odds from

Odds NA LCS Summer Playoffs Finals

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What do these odds mean? First and foremost, they mean that Team Liquid is favored to win with a 57% implied probability against Cloud9 for the first place. And Team Solo Mid is favored to win with a 62% implied probability against 100 Thieves for the third place. TL and TSM are by far the favorites, as shown here by the bookie, whereby betting $100 in each match you stand to earn a total payout of $230 and $160 respectively.

Cloud9 (C9) vs Team Liquid (TL) Competing For The Crown

These two teams are full of stars, on one hand we’ve got Cloud9 with a bigger roster where we are not sure which players will end up for the finale, in the other hand we see Team Liquid, that even though with a smaller roster, is well known for its high affinity plays having a tight team.

In recent months Riot Games has released meta changing patches for the game at a faster phase, leaving pro and famous players at a big disadvantage where there’s little time to do scrim matches (practice matches against other pro players) and live streaming in a sequential manner. This means that players who are famous might not have had the time to scrim as much, a sign that less famous player might have the upper hand, as would be the case for Cloud9. Let’s see their most performant players while taking into account that Cloud9 has 8 players in its roster and Team Liquid only the required 5.

PlayerName tagTeamPositionWin Rate (Matches)KDATop 3 Champions
Licorice Photo - LoL PlayerLicoriceCloud9TOP60% (40)3.39Gnar, Ornn, Gangplank
Svenskeren Photo - LoL PlayerSvenskerenCloud9JNG51% (31)2.84Sejuani, Skarner, Trundle
Sneaky Photo - LoL PlayerSneakyCloud9ADC67% (34)4.33Xayah, Ezreal, Varus
Zeyzal Photo - LoL PlayerZeyzalCloud9SUP70% (17)4.13Braum, Tahm Kench, Zilean
Jensen Photo - LoL PlayerJensenCloud9MID66% (33)7.10Orianna, Zilean, Ryze
Impact Photo - LoL PlayerImpactTeam LiquidTOP60% (53)4.01Ornn, Gangplank, Cho’Gath
Xmithie Photo - LoL PlayerXmithieTeam LiquidJNG60% (53)4.27Sejuani, Trundle, Gragas
Pobelter Photo - LoL PlayerPobelterTeam LiquidMID60% (53)4.12Azir, Ryze, Malzahar
Doublelift Photo - LoL PlayerDoubleliftTeam LiquidADC60% (53)6.66Jhin, Tristana, Varus
Olleh Photo - LoL PlayerOllehTeam LiquidSUP61% (52)3.61Tahm Kench, Braum, Morgana

As you can see from the table, the two most impactful players are Jensen (MID) and Doublelift (ADC), which are two totally different roles. In this case, they might steamroll their respective lanes leaving both teams potentially balanced. In BOT’s case (bottom lane) it would depend on how performant the supports are, which in our opinion Olleh would win.

In MID’s case it’s all about wave control, creep score and vision control. As for the players, Pobelter is way too passive and Jensen a borderline bully with his aggressiveness. Depending on the picks phase this could signify Pobelter’s demise. For the middle lane, we definitely have our bets on Jensen’s side. This will be a great match to watch and even better a great match to bet on. Read the favorite picks section to know the details!

Team Solo Mid (TSM) vs 100 Thieves (100T) Competing For Third Place

LoL is a MOBA, a game where to win you have to destroy towers, make the minimum amount of mistakes while taking advantage of your enemy’s mistakes. In that sense, TSM is well known for its computer-like way of approaching in-game objectives and slow start. This was the case for their last match, where TSM lost first blood to 100T and was behind in gold for the first 14 minutes, but in the end, managed to win with a snowball effect.

Will this be the case again? It will probably be since the rosters haven’t changed. But the META, the optimal way to play the game, with the constant patches, might have changed and this makes the results highly uncertain. Will 100T be blessed with the underdogs’ luck? Given their last 10 matches, their win rate has a -20% differential against TSM and given their set performance they are in a 3-loss streak, vs 2-loss streak for TSM. So, TSM here is looking with better chances. In the end, even though this match is not as glory-worthy, TSM and 100T will be competing for $30,000 and $20,000 for 3th and 4th position respectively and with enough push and confidence, anything can happen during their matches.

Favorite Picks To Win NA LCS Summer Playoffs Finals – 1st & 3rd Place

For the 1st place the bookies are heavily stacked in favor of Team Liquid and it’s quite hard to argue against it. But let’s take a look at the potential individual matchups and make our decision based on that:

    • Top matchup (Impact vs Licorice): Impact is passive and Licorice is pretty aggressive in its playstyle. In terms of creep score, Licorice tends to lead which means that he normally steamrolls his lane. On the other hand, Licorice has a higher death rate than Impact, which shows how risky Licorice plays his games. Impact plays it safe and has a higher kill participation with higher assists than Licorice. Licorice has a high chance to win here depending on the pick phase unless Impact comes with something new out of nowhere and surprises us.
    • Middle matchup (Pobelter vs Jensen): Jensen similarly to Licorice is aggressive and controls the lane perfectly, giving him an advantage in terms of creep score, which translates to gold. Both Pobelter and Jensen roam quite enough with Pobelter having a slightly higher death ratio than Jensen and in terms of kill participation, Jensen wins over Pobelter by far. In this matchup, our money is in Jensen’s side.
    • Jungle matchup (Xmithie vs Svenskeren): Jungle is the key element in the middle phase of the game and start of the final phase, is the place where the better jungler normally makes or breaks the game for its respective team. In this instance, Svenskeren has a higher death ratio but is highly driven by objectives and Xmithie has a better KDA with higher vision management. We are totally betting our money on Xmithie in the jungle.
    • Bot matchup (Doublelift & Olleh vs Sneaky & Zeyzal): If the jungler is not decisive enough, the BOT combo is normally the star later in the game. In this instance, Doublelift and Olleh are incredibly aggressive, and Sneaky and Zeyzal are very passive, centered around farming under tower and objective-centered playstyle. And in the far-fetched situation that this is not the case, Xmithie might probably babysit bot lane to seal the deal. Our money is on Doublelift’s side.
    • Overall: As you can see we have two patterns here, Cloud9 potentially winning top and middle lanes and Team Liquid potentially winning jungle and bot lane. Which role causes the most impact? Depends on the phase of the game and for how long it goes. If the game goes for more than 30 mins, bot lane + jungle wins, which is normally the case. If one of the top or middle lane loses its tower in the early-middle of the game, around the 15-minute mark, and continues losing towers progressively in one side, the game is already over.
Team Liquid Team LogoWho would win? Our money is on Team Liquid for the sole reason that games in competitive play tend to go for more than 30 minutes and in those cases, bot lane and jungle tends to win, which would be the case for Team Liquid, even though they are very passive overall.

With a similar analysis for the third place, we have that in the individual matchups 100 Thieves has the advantage for top lane, bot lane and jungle since they seem to play far more aggresively and end up controlling the lane oftenly. In terms of middle lane, TSM has the advantage with Bjergsen. But how is their team playstyle? The big difference here is objetives, all TSM members are very objective driven so they normally have to go for quick wins. If they let 100 Thieves extend the game for more than 30 minutes TSM might not make it.

100 Thieves Team LogoThat being said, who would win? Our money is on 100 Thieves winning the third place, which goes against the odds but brings in a higher payout! Even though TSM has great players the individual matchups are also key and in this case they don’t make the cut.
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