NHL Consensus Picks Expert’s Report Card: After 41 NHL Season Games

Vegas Takes the Top Spot

Every ten games or so, I write about the most successful NHL teams in terms of betting. To find out the best team to bet on, I keep track of the money a person would win or lose if they bet $100 on every single game.The odds I use to keep track of this data can be found at Sportsbetting – Don’t Miss 75% Up To $1000 Bonus. You can find the first three articles of this series in the blog section of Safestbettingsites.

After San Jose and Boston played their games on Saturday night, every team had played at least 41 games. That means that every team has played at least half of their games. A lot has happened in this first half of the season, but I expect even more excitement as we close in on the final stretch of the season.

Top NHL Hockey Teams

Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas Golden KnightsThe Golden Knights continue to lead the NHL. Vegas has been on a magical run this season. They have shown no signs of slowing down. If you bet $100 on every one of the Golden Knight’s games, you would have won $1995.48. Vegas has played a total of 42 games, which has led them to a 29-10-3 record.

Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche have jumped up in this list recently. Colorado has found some recent success and it is now showing in the betting numbers. The Avalanche would have won you $1006.48 if you bet $100 on them every game. Colorado has played 42 games, but are still sitting outside the playoff picture. They are two points out of the second wildcard spot.

Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning have been able to stay in this top list. Tampa Bay is in first place in the NHL, so they find themselves as constant favorites. When Tampa Bay wins games, they do not win as much money as a team like the Avalanche. If you are looking for a safe team to bet on though, Tampa Bay is the perfect team. If you bet $100 on every one of the Lightning’s games, you would have won $896.74.

Bottom NHL Hockey Teams

Arizona Coyotes

Arizona CoyotesArizona continues to sit at the bottom of both the NHL and this list. The Coyotes would have lost you $2049.50 if you bet $100 on all their games. Arizona has not been able to finish games off, but constantly find themselves in winnable games. As of now though, the Coyotes are a team to avoid.

Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres are another team that has struggled all season long. Buffalo would have lost you $1986.27 if you bet $100 on all their games. Jack Eichel has been the one bright spot in the Sabres poor season. For now though, the Sabres look like they will continue to stumble.

Montreal Canadiens

The Canadiens have had a very poor season so far. After making the playoffs last year, Montreal has not played well in this season. Montreal has lost $986.60 if you bet $100 on every game. The Canadiens have put together a few strong stretches this season, but not enough to get them back into the playoff picture.

NHL Hockey Teams With The Biggest Changes

Calgary Flames

calgary flames logoThe Flames have played some great hockey as of recently and it shows in their betting total. In the last article I wrote, Calgary would have lost you $202.13 if you bet $100 on every game. Now the Flames would have won you $299.38. Calgary has been a streaky team, so I would watch them carefully. But for now, the Flames are a good team to bet on.

Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks have lost thirteen of their last sixteen games. Vancouver has seen their betting total drop in a big way because of that. In the last article, Vancouver would have won you $364 if you bet $100 on all their games. Now the Canucks have lost $257 if you bet on all their games. Vancouver was expected to be a bad team this season, but were an early season surprise. The Canucks seem to be playing as expected now. I would avoid Vancouver.

Boston Bruins

Boston has heated up recently. The Bruins have been jumping up the standings since the last time I wrote this article. Last time Boston would have lost you $135.18. Now if you bet $100 on the Bruins games, you would have won $296.40. The Bruins have been playing in tough games and producing good results. Boston is a team to look on betting on right now.

NHL Hockey – The Rest Of The Bunch

Here are how the rest of the NHL teams would have fared if you had bet $100 on them every game until this point in the NHL hockey season.

Anaheim Ducks- ($303.71)
Carolina Hurricanes- ($476.67)
Carolina Hurricanes- ($484.13)

Columbus Blue Jackets- ($110.24)
Dallas Stars- ($98.76)
Detroit Red Wings- ($600.64)

Edmonton Oilers- ($715.97)
Florida Panthers ($411.55)
Los Angeles Kings- $277.74

Minnesota Wild- $6.17
Nashville Predators- $492.44
New Jersey Devils- $439.74

New York Islanders- ($205.64)
New York Rangers- ($170.01)
Ottawa Senators- ($950.41)

Philadelphia Flyers- ($270.79)
Pittsburgh Penguins- ($499.72)
San Jose Sharks- ($134.53)

St. Louis Blues- $179.43
Toronto Maple Leafs- $61.27
Washington Capitals- $638.45

Winnipeg Jets- $356.61

*Numbers in parenthesis are negative

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