Betting Odds for Democratic Candidates After Last Night’s Debate

Betting Odds for Democratic Candidates

The latest Democratic debates took place last night in Houston, Texas. Ten candidates offered their thoughts and opinions on some of America’s heady issues, like gun violence, immigration, and healthcare.

Even though the odds remained the same before and after the debates. Let’s take a look at how some of the candidates breakdown, in terms of who will become the Democratic candidate to face Trump in the general election.

Odds Of Becoming The Next Democratic Candidate

Elizabeth Warren topped the odds with the best chance of becoming the next Democratic candidate for U.S. President. Joe Biden was a close second, and Kamala Harris was a slightly distant third place.

Elizabeth Warren+150
Joe Biden+250
Kamala Harris+500
Bernie Sanders+550
Andrew Yang+1100
Pete Buttigieg+1200
Cory Booker+4500
Beto O’Rourke+4500
Amy Klobuchar+6600
Julian Castro+10000

If you take a look at the list, the odds are clear that Warren was the favorite going into the debate.

This is understandable as she seems to be one of the best candidates when it comes to covering all the issues and she is adept at articulating her plans.

Biden, however, is often lackadaisical after his gaffes and misfires throughout the debates that have already transpired.

Bernie Sanders Trailing Behind

What’s strange about these odds is how distant Bernie Sanders is to the other candidates, with Kamala Harris leading him in betting markets. Harris had a terrible showing at one of the previous debates, when Tulsi Gabbard (+3000) confronted Harris on her record as attorney general of California.

Sanders leads in more than a few polls for Democratic primaries. And Warren is often trailing him and Biden.

Even after taking the most recent debate into consideration, my money would have to be on Sanders.

But the Democratic National Committee is a nasty political animal. So, it would probably be a good idea to have a saver with some money on Warren, before 1:00 PM on September 15th.

2020 U.S. Presidential Election – To Win

There were also some odds offered surrounding the Democratic debate regarding who looked best poised to win the U.S. Presidential election, outright.

Trump was a clear favorite. Warren and Biden had the best odds of winning against Trump, with Harris and Sanders very far behind.

Donald Trump-200
Elizabeth Warren+330
Joe Biden+450
Kamala Harris+900
Bernie Sanders+1000
Andrew Yang+2000
Pete Buttigieg+2000
Tulsi Gabbard+6000
Cory Booker+7000
Amy Klobuchar+10000

These odds are pretty straightforward. Trump is heavily favored, at this point in the election season, to win a second term.

Warren trailed behind him and after her strong performance in last night’s debate, though I wouldn’t be surprised if these odds got even stronger down the road.

Biden looked aloof and repetitive and most of his early comments were negative against Warren and Sanders, with regard to their respective healthcare policies.

Disappointing Performance From Sanders

Sanders was disappointing, as well. His voice was abrasive even through some of his best points. Harris seemed to have a better performance.

However, Sanders still hammers his points home about a broken economic system. And I think that will continue to have a resounding effect on the electorate, going forward.

The Safest Bets To Place Your Money On

Right now, the safest money is on Trump to win the U.S. Election in 2020. However, the Democratic debates with ten candidates on one stage offered voters a chance to hone their choices and observe many different policy issues reflected in their favorite candidates.

Keep your eye on Julian Castro and Andrew Yang!

Castro was strong on immigration and racial issues. Yang was well-received on his outsider policy plans.

I don’t think their current odds reflect their effective debate performances last night.

So, if you’re interested in longshot candidates, these two are very interesting, indeed.

I think Buttigieg and Booker were able to get their messages clearly stated about the frustrations of the common worker. It just doesn’t seem like the time or place for these two status quo candidates.

I’d be surprised if their odds to win anything other than some moral courage for a later run, down the road, got any better.

This election necessitates something a little extra. I think Warren and Sanders stand out the best, as well-rounded candidates to beat Donald Trump.

Biden Offered An Almost Desperate Performance

Biden is the stalwart establishment candidate to represent the Democratic party next November.

But I think his performance in last night’s debate was weak and ineffectual, almost desperate.

I wouldn’t put any money on a fool like that, even at somewhat attractive odds at +450 to win the general election.

Beto O’Rourke is too outrageous

His calls to ban assault weapons in America. Most of the candidates in the debate last night gave him accolades for how he handled the mass shootings in Texas, recently. But his odds have been in a tailspin over the past few weeks. He’s just not worth the money.

Tulsi Gabbard, who wasn’t even in the debates last night, has better longshot odds of winning the U.S. presidency than Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker.

While Booker had a decent performance last night, I don’t think he’s fit for this primary season against Sanders and Warren.

Voters will be looking for something on the left that brings them to the polls. And Booker is just not that guy.

Based On The Odds Our Picks Are

I like Warren’s chances here, especially at +330. And her performance last night justified the money for Warren as a saver, while Trump is heavily favored to win a second term.

If you’ve got the money to spare, Sanders has better odds than the +1000 he’s been given, to win the presidency in 2020. But Warren is a much stronger candidate to face Trump next year.

At this point, I’d keep my bankroll intact with Trump to win again at -200. But there are so many options that it’s going to make things very interesting, come November 2020.

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