Betting on the Royal Wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Royal Wedding Betting - Harry and Meghan Markle

Royal Wedding Betting - Harry and Meghan MarkleForget about betting on the Super Bowl, the World Series, the World Cup… the British are coming and they are taking over the gambling world. It’s all about Harry and Meghan. The union of the old world and the new, the upcoming Royal Wedding.

The life of the Royals always seems to send people off on a frenzy, and one might expect it happens only in the UK, but we’ve come to see that Royalmania crosses borders. We have seen bookmakers moving bets about:

  • Whether or not Camilla will become queen or keep her title as princess.
  • What the sex of the most recent addition to the Duke and Duchess’ of Cambridge’s family was going to be.
  • Even who would attend the engagement party.

So, it seems natural people would want to take a part of the betting action in the union between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Most Popular Bets for the Royal Wedding Right Now

According to betting sites Bovada and Betway, these are the top bets to place on the Royal Wedding:

Royal Wedding Betting at Bovada is a brand-name sportsbook that accepts USA gamblers, offering plenty of action on the Royal Wedding, including some of my favorite bets:

What Color Will Kate Middleton’s Hat Be for Saturday’s Royal Wedding?
Cream or Ivory+800
Union Jack+10000
OUR PICK: We all know Kate is quite the fashionista but is also very sensible in her choices. She gave birth to little Louis less than a month ago, so we’re favoring a look that will be comfortable for the Duchess.

We’ve recently seen her in red and she used a taupe satin ensemble for Pippa’s wedding, so I think she will use a strong, bright color this time. Kate MIddleton’s hat for the Saturday Royal Wedding will be blue, in my opinion (+500). A second choice would be turquoise (+1000) or green (+300).

What Color Will the Queen’s Hat Be for Saturday’s Royal Wedding?
Cream or Ivory+400
Union Jack+10000
OUR PICK: The Queen will certainly keep in line with her sense of style and protocol, using a matching dress and hat in a soft color –a pastel most likely. She wore yellow to Prince William and Kate’s wedding; a bright blue to Charles’ and Diana’s; and cream to Prince Charles’ second nuptials.

I believe she will use something cheerful. As far as the color, we think the queen’s hat for Saturday’s royal wedding will be pink –maybe a coral, a pale rose or a dusty shade– but we are giving pink the top pick (Odds are +800). Trailing choices would be mint green (+400) or purple (+1400).

Will Kate & The Queen’s Hat Be The Same Color On Saturday’s Royal Wedding?
OUR PICK: I’m just going to go ahead and say NO, the Queen’s hat will not be the same color as Kate’s (odds -10,000).

Royal Wedding Specials at Betway

Betway is our go-to international sportsbook, as it offers great odds and accepts players from all around the world; with the exception of the US.

What Color Will Meghan Markle’s Dress Be?
Any Other Color+475
OUR PICK: Ever since she started making official appearances with Prince Harry, her fashion choices have been impeccable, modern yet up to royal standards. We don’t think she will be making any crazy choices, so our pick for Meghan Markle’s wedding dress is White; maybe slightly off-white or tonal, but definitely white (-1000).

One thing is for sure, Prince Harry’s bride  will be on-point and will have worldwide fashionistas in a frenzy.

Royal Wedding Color of Queen’s Hat
OUR PICK: The same as with the Bovada bet, we’re going with pink (+800) as the color for the  Queen’s hat for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding this Saturday.

Be sure to look around and see what other crazy bets there are on the upcoming Royal Wedding.

Past Bets at Sportsbooks About Harry and Meghan’s Wedding

Here are some of the most popular Royal Family bets about the wedding in past months:

  1. What is the most likely date of the royal wedding? – This was a big question last year and bets have been settled since May 19th was confirmed as the official date a few months ago.
  2. Who will be Harry’s Best Man? – Wagers closed on this one as Prince William was officially confirmed in April. Odds were -1000 for Will.
  3. Who who will perform at the wedding reception? – In March, these were the odds at Ladbrokes:
  • Elton John -500
  • Spice Girls -120
  • Stormzy +400
  • Liam Payne +2500
  1. Will it rain or not for the wedding? – The main bet on Betway was about the weather. Rain is very common this time of year and the odds back in December were at +187.5 for precipitation on the day of the nuptials.
  2. Will more people watch Harry and Meghan’s wedding than they watched William and Kate’s? – The odds in December from England bookmakers said “yes” with +250 odds.
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