Betting Sites Scams To Avoid When Betting On March Madness Online

Sportsbooks To Avoid - Complaints, Payout Problems & Scams

Choosing an online betting site for 2019 NCAA March Madness or any other sport isn’t as simple as just selecting the first betting site you run across, signing up, and clicking deposit. There is a bit more that goes into it besides bonus offers and betting markets. In fact, during the Super Bowl and March Madness, are the times of year when hundreds of sportsbooks across the internet are offering extra bonuses and incentives for players to deposit. However, some of these operators are not recommended, and many are what we deem as “scam sportsbooks”.

Scams Betting Sites To Avoid During 2019 March Madness

Here are a few prominent sportsbooks that are still operating which are ones to avoid due to slow-pays or no-pays, and other management issues. There are a ton of gambling sites and options no matter where you are (we’ll provide some recommendations later in this article), but these are a few betting sites you should avoid.

TopBet Sportsbook

We’ve seen some encouraging reports that TopBet is paying their backlog of customers, but they’re still far behind in total payouts. Also, any betting websites that has had issues paying players for over a year or more should be avoided, regardless. is still operating and has plenty of bonuses offers – steer clear. Since, our last update, we added them to our scam sportsbook section.

CRSportsBet Sportsbook has a 100% Bonus for new depositors, but we wouldn’t recommend them as a March Madness betting choice. They haven’t been in the industry long and have several complaints dating back two years with slow-pays or no-pays. They’re a sportsbook to avoid for the NCAA Tournament.

How To Avoid Scam Betting Sites

How To Avoid Scam Betting SitesSportsbooks have rollovers with their deposit bonuses, and if they’re in the thousands of dollars, that’s usually coming with a 20x rollover or more. There can be sites with exploitable bonus offers and some that “seem too good to be true” but taking bonuses at these March Madness that are lower rated or not prominent comes with a lot more risk.

We wouldn’t advocate that you avoid them altogether, as players do end up running up significant balances at smaller gambling sites after a big bonus clearing and do get paid, but there is undoubtedly a much more substantial risk.

Sportsbook Longevity In The Industry

Some sites have been around for nearly two decades and most top ones have been operating for a decade or more. Most of the top sportsbooks we promote and rate highly on SBS meet the above criteria. To break it down quickly and easily, the longer a site has been in the industry, the most trustworthy they are.

However, with the caveat that these sportsbooks also pay players in a timely fashion and honor legitimate bets. Lots of sportsbooks open, are mismanaged or beaten up by sharp bettors and simply can’t pay. A lot of sites have come and gone over the years, and the gambling sites still in business in the US market – that are doing things right – deserve your trust.

Safest Betting Sites For March Madness Betting 2019

MyBookie Sportsbook (Full Review) is one of the newest sportsbooks in the offshore industry, but has already become one of the best. They have odds on just about everything, and I mean, everything. From a huge amount of props on all the major sports to a huge list of betting markets on March Madness – you can bet on every sport in the world and then some, at Their payouts are fast and they take a number of cryptocurrencies, as well. Deposit today for a 50% Bonus up to $1,000.

BetOnline Sportsbook (Full Review)

BetOnline has a 50% Bonus up to $1000 for new players and other bonuses for players depositing with Bitcoin. They also have reload bonuses. Their betting limits will be amongst the highest for Americans for the NCAA Tournament, and they post lines earlier than other betting sites. Couple those advantages with a huge list of betting markets, including lots of team and player props and an excellent live betting system.

Bovada Sportsbook (Full Review)

Bovada is the most trusted site for offshore betting and the best option for online sports betting in the US. They’re easily our top choice for payout speeds and trustworthiness. Their betting markets are tough to match for the NCAA Tournament. They’re also one of the few sportsbooks that have a VIP program that gives cash back on wagers. Deposit today for a 50% Bonus up to $250.

Originally published: March 8, 2018
Content updated: March 11, 2019

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