Super Bowl Square – How To Do | 2019 Printable Template

Super Bowl Squares 2019 Printable Patriots vs Rams

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party at home or are you going to one to see the Rams facing the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII? It doesn’t matter; I guarantee someone will have the idea of having a Super Bowl Square Betting pool. It’s the perfect idea to keep the guests entertain other than just watching the game. Whenever Super Bowl squares are played, people get really involved and intense. It’s fun.

We have a printable version of the Super Bowl LIII squares ready to go. Just print it and have it prepared for when your friends hit the party. But let’s review a few basics rules on how this works.

How does a Super Bowl square betting pool work?

Our printable Super Bowl LIII squares version is a 10-by-10 grid with 100 individual boxes. You need to assign a price per tag. It goes from $1 up to as much as your guests are willing to pay to play. Then the columns and rows are giving random numbers from 0 to 9. Most people play by betting on the final score. The winner is determined by looking at the last number in each teams’ score. For example, if the Rams beat the Patriots 21-17, the person with the Rams’ square with the number one and the Patriots’ square seven wins the pool. Before the game, the players will write their name down in the boxes they believe have a better success chance.

Is there any strategy in Super Bowl square betting?

Yes, there is. Since one cannot predict the football squares odds the only viable strategy is a lot of luck as well, but there is definitely room to get an edge. Super Bowl parties are usually filled with those who are going only for the food, or those won want to see the commercials. Those people are willing to get involved in activities like the Super Bowl 53 square betting. Just for fun. Those are mostly amateurs with no understanding of the game. There’s your first edge.

Second, always go and look past scores and patterns in different Super Bowls. Pickings final scores like 27-24, 24-17, and 20-17 will give you an advantage. Those are football scores that the average Joe in a Super Bowl party won’t get. How many times does a football game finish in two or six? Just stay away from those numbers and play the highest percentages.

Printable Super Bowl 2019 Squares – Print Your Betting Squares

How much are the Super Bowl 53 football square prizes?

This is the cool part. It could be as much as you want to be. Let’s say you set the square price at $10. That’s a $1000 prize in the end. You can play the winner takes all or divide the pool into four different ones; one winner per quarter. Let’s say you give $200 to the winner on each of the first three quarters and the winner of the final score gets $400. That’s a solid Super Bowl square betting pool with many options to win.

What happens if I can’t stand losing?

Believe me, I have been there, but you don’t have to lose. Either playing the Super Bowl square betting or betting on the game itself, Super Bowl Sunday gives us a variety of options to win as the Rams face the Patriots. There is a ton of pro bets set for this matchup already. It includes easy ones like how many yards Tom Brady will have in the game? Or how many sacks can Aaron Donald record on Tom Brady? If you are not football savvy, our expert writers will give free picks ready for you to cash. Not betting on Super Bowl 53 is missing an excellent opportunity to increase your bankroll. Before placing your bet, take a look at our reviews to select the best Super Bowl betting sites available. After that, it is just about winning.

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