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Super Tuesday Elections Betting Odds

Upcoming Super Tuesday Primaries & Caucuses After the Most Recent Debate

On March 3rd, the upcoming primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday will cover 40% of the voting population.

Fourteen states will vote on the Democratic side, not including those abroad and in American Samoa. The Republican Party will have their primaries and caucuses as well next Tuesday, except for Virginia, which has thrown its support behind President Trump on the red side.

If you watched last night’s debate in South Carolina ahead of Saturday’s primary in that state, you’re probably in no mood for phony preliminaries. It was that horrible.

Trump is likely just arriving back in the States after a visit to India, where he gave accolades to the Indian Prime Minister, who, just a few years ago, was denied entry into the U.S.

Coronavirus Backup For Coming Election

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported yesterday that the Coronavirus would likely hit the U.S., as well.

So, the backdrop of what’s happening in America and all around the world will serve as a reminder to just how careful we all should be with our loot going into Super Tuesday.

There’s no telling how important the winners and losers will be, as the Dow Jones may perhaps drop another 800+ points.

Let’s see how to stack that paper in American politics.

Odds for the Democrats Before Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday will disperse approximately 1,300 delegates among the geriatric — er, septuagenarian — candidates, plus young buck, Pete Buttigieg, stapler-thrower Amy Klobuchar, and that weird dude with a lot of money, Tom Steyer.

Of course, with democracy at its peak … the field adorned former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire whom we’d all like to see doing his own laundry one day.

Instead, it’s been aired out recently by the current field of Democratic candidates to face Trump, the incumbent with nothing to lose, really. The Democrats are in a lot of stinking trouble. But we’re not here to discuss the future of democracy. We’re here to make some loot.

Americans Want Democratic Socialism?

We’re looking at one of the most significant upticks in Democratic Socialism in America over the last century. Bernie Sanders is leading in a lot of the polls. And although he’s poised to take on Trump, numerous surveys have a majority of the Democratic nominees beating the Republican incumbent in the general election.

Sanders is still favored at -165 to become the Democratic nominee. But Biden is getting -175 odds to win the primary in South Carolina. Sanders trails at +125. Still, I like this bet.

What Do We Make Of Uncle Joe?

You could use Sanders as a saver in South Carolina if you’re genuinely not sure about Biden, here. Biden’s performance in last night’s debate was full of self-indulgent declarations, almost like he can’t believe that he actually has to compete to win a majority, because of Barack Obama.

The African American vote in South Carolina represents 60% of Democrats in the state. So that’s why this is Biden’s last stronghold, which might be strange to some considering Biden’s previous policies where he worked with segregationists and sought to imprison black youths.

Bernie Sanders’ Rise

The rise of Sanders, however, going into Super Tuesday represents a significant shift in the Democratic establishment that has been playing politics with minorities for decades.

It’s almost laughable to think that all Biden has left, a cantankerous, lying, oafish, out-of-touch screwball, is his longtime standing as a moderate Democrat.

That’s why he has odds of +1800 to beat Trump, outright. He leads the pack among corporate sell-outs in the Democratic party who have long turned their backs on the working class in favor of political cronyism, a la his coke-binging son as a steward of energy policy in Ukraine as a prime example.

Sanders’ policy positions will outlast Biden and the rest of this overcrowded field simply because Sanders has been an Independent before — and his favorability has longevity. Unlike the rest of these nitwits who lie, cheat, distort, and throw things when they don’t get their way.

Come on. Trump has been doing that his whole life.

So that’s why, in my opinion, Sanders leads in so many polls going into Super Tuesday. He’s the best candidate to beat the leader of the Republican goon squad come November because the Democrats of yesteryear are Super FADED.

How Many Primaries Will Bernie Win During Super Tuesday?

Win 10 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+400
Win 11 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+400
Win 12 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+500
Win 13 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+500
Win 8 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+600
Win 9 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+600
Win 14 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+800
Win 7 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+1400
Win All 15 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+1800
Win 6 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+4000
Win 3 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+25000
Win 4 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+25000
Win 5 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+25000
Win 1 Primary Election On Super Tuesday+50000
Win 2 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+50000
Win 0 Primary Elections On Super Tuesday+50000

Democrats Going Into Super Tuesday

Bernie remains at -125 over at Bovada to become the Democratic candidate. Going into Super Tuesday, MyBookie has Sanders way out in front in California at -1500 with Biden at +1900 in a distant second place.

This is prima facie for why Sanders has been my favorite for months — he’s super popular all across the country.

(In fact, just as I’m writing this, a new poll released by NPR puts Sanders at +18 ahead of Elizabeth Warren in the upcoming California primary on Super Tuesday.)

Other states where Bernie is getting ELECTIBILITY odds include Vermont (-10000), Utah (-1600), Colorado (-1400), and Maine (-700). He’s favored in Massachusetts (-325) and Virginia (-225). Similarly, he’s closely edging out the rest of the candidates in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Minnesota (-140).

Overall, Sanders is so popular that he’s getting +400 to win 10-11 states on Super Tuesday. No matter what is said across the myriad propaganda channels, there aren’t any other candidates who come as close as Bernie to earning his spot as the Democratic nominee with dark sunglasses on, fist-bumping his delegates along the way.

Can Biden even make a fist?

Other Democrats in the Growing Field of Losers

The only remaining obstacle to Bernie winning the nomination in the Democratic field is Biden grasping at his special black friend, Obama. And the other Democratic losers in the field who chanted “BLACK WOMEN!” at last night’s debate, simply to earn votes, will be left wondering how come nobody likes them anymore.

This is the biggest issue among Democrats they’ve refused to face since losing to Trump in 2016. It doesn’t matter how much they project their mistakes and inconsistencies onto Russia, Bernie Bros, or Trump’s foolish, irresolute madness of all-around vomiting of the truth and denial of the facts — Biden, Warren, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar are total losers.

Steyer and Bloomberg just have too much money to figure out what these Democrats are only realizing in their late thirties-to-early seventies. (And I don’t mean the cool, hip early 70s, either.)

If you’re just finding out all of this and feel a little discouraged, you’re not alone. Feel free to join Klobuchar in Minnesota at +125. Or maybe you’ll want to piggyback with Biden in the South where he’s +120 in Arkansas and favored in Alabama at -180.

Still, Bernie remains favored in North Carolina at -250, where Biden’s comes in at +275. So it’s safe to say at this point that the rest of Democrats are getting similar odds as Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama to win the Democratic Party’s nomination.

Finally, we get to see who these people indeed are — losers — in a wavering field of petty billionaires and milquetoast Democratic-Republicans reminiscent of when the U.S. was only a toddler in the eyes of the world.

Bernie stands, steadfast and resolute, to face Trump in November.

The Dad of America wants to give Trump a good spanking. Bernie’s not mad. He’s just disappointed.

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