Trump, Terrorism, And The Democratic Party | Political Betting Odds

Trump, Terrorism, And The Democratic Party Political Betting Odds

World politics was entirely shaken up with the ordered assassination of Iran’s top general, Qassim Koleimani. Trump’s hit on the military leader also clipped an Iraqi’s top brass.

This was a slap in the face to Peace in the Middle East. And Trump welcomed it with a certain bravado and braggadocio that was more akin to Al Capone than the President of a Free Country.

World re-known anarchist professor Noam Chomsky called Trump’s act “reckless international terrorism.” Currently, MyBookie is hosting bets to see which terrorist Trump will kill next. What a world.

Trump’s War On Terror

If you’re confused about betting on politics, you are not alone. Even the bookmakers have got to be scratching their heads in lieu of recent events.

Trump’s ‘War on Terror’ is not exactly a thing of beauty. He might be one of the least intelligent leaders in the history of humankind. However, his Kill List is long and wide.

Who Will Trump Kill Or Capture Next Odds

Next Trump’s TargetOdds
Husam Abd-Al-Ra’Uf+500
Jaber A. Elbanehjaber A. Elbaneh+500
Ibrahim Salih Mohammed Al-Yacoub+700
Jehad Serwan Mohammed Al-Yacoub+700
Mohammed Ali Hamadei+700

Haven’t heard of these culprits? Fear not. Trump probably hasn’t either. The bookmakers really did their homework on this one. Maybe they went down the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

You could also wager some loot on whether or not Trump will reinstate the draft during his presidency. (Wager cut off of 2020 20th January 1:00 PM.)

Will Trump Reinstate The Draft Odds


I think this is a safe ‘No’ bet. There was some kind of rumor going around that the draft would be reinstated. But there are way more contractors than military personnel in America’s wars, in this day and age.

So don’t count on that changing anytime soon. Another interesting bet Will Iran’s Ayatollah be alive when Trump leaves the office?

Will Ayatollah Be Alive When Trump Leaves The Office Odds


Pretty amazing that this is what gambling in Trump’s America has become. I disagree strongly with the bookmakers here.

I see Trump backing off and resorting to a semblance of calm. At least when it comes to Iran. He certainly strong-handed their military. And I’m probably wrong. But it’s hard to believe that the Ayatollah could perish before Trump’s presidency is finished.

There are some other bets to consider. Who will join Iran’s side in the war against the U.S.? Will Switzerland choose a side? And how long would the conflict last if France were to choose a side?

These bets have no life to them any longer. But they indicate that this election year is going to be one hell of a betting season.

What About The Democratic Party?

The Democrats have been racing toward failure, it seems. And one of the few shining lights has been Bernie Sanders.

Pete Buttigieg has soared in the polls recently. Elizabeth Warren has fallen drastically. And Joe Biden has remained staid and uninspiring.

With the next Democratic debate happening January 14th and the Iowa caucus on February 3rd, the Democratic Party will be getting a good sense of who is most likely to be facing Trump, come November.

Pete Buttigieg+220
Joe Biden+400
Bernie Sanders+220
Joe Biden+400
Elizabeth Warren+550
Amy Klobuchar+1500

I still like Bernie, here. I believe he’s got the best momentum and the most experience when it comes to getting that W. However, the Republicans are still favored to win the general election.

So, the Democrats have a long way to go to take down the terrorist/commander-in-chief. Depending on how you look at things.

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