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The fifth Democratic debate was held last night in Atlanta, Georgia. Ten candidates stressed their mantras and orated at the behest of four moderators. Jesus, it was brutal.

Tulsi Gabbard spoke for the American people, she claimed, from the getgo. Well, I guess that’s getting too ahead of myself. By the second candidate’s opening statement, I was already saying aloud, “The Democratic party is pathetic.

But we’re here to cure that malaise with some good old-fashioned gambling.

Who Do You Think Won The Democratic Debate?

The obvious winner of the Democratic debate was Bernie Sanders. Bernie still has odds at close to +600 to win the nomination.

Second place might’ve been Cory Booker, who can be had at 165/1. And then Kamala Harris at 50/1.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that these candidates will take their respective performances into something better for the American people in the general election.

Quality Of Their Policy And Substance

I perused Twitter before I watched the debates. There was a lot of complaining about the policies that were being discussed and the substance of each candidate.

Elizabeth Warren – A Disappointing Candidate

Elizabeth Warren seemed to disappoint a lot of progressives in the Democratic party. As the party wilts like a musty sunflower in the shade, Warren is like a candidate who hasn’t learned from past mistakes. The Democratic constituency is tired of platitudes and the operative ethic of Trying to Please Everybody.

That’s not realistic. And I think the fact that Warren was the candidate who had the most speaking time was something that instead contributed to her weaknesses being revealed. She wants to always “say the right thing” instead of stating she’s ready to tackle the problems of the USA that brought Trump to power in the first place.

Bernie Sanders – Debate Winner

That’s why I think Bernie won this debate.

He was able to reiterate his policies with SUBSTANCE, calmly. He believes in equal rights for everybody in America. And his closing statements were some of the strongest and most heartful rhetoric in the entire primary season. He’s getting better with each debate.

Solid Performances From Booker And Harris

The same could be said for Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, who each had a solid performance last night. They were able to articulate their policies with substance. However, they are no match for Sanders, who has been doing that his entire political career.

When it comes to Sanders against the top-tier candidates in the Democratic party — Buttigieg, Warren, and Biden — Sanders is the wise sage, and there’s just no comparison. When Bernie talks, what choice do the rest of them have, but to listen?

Who Will Take The Party’s Nomination?

Ah, therein lies the rub. Bernie is one of the few candidates from both political parties that is worth mentioning at this point in the American scene. I like Gabbard when she talks about bringing America together. It’s nice to hear Andrew Yang talk about his outsider views on technology and the problems of future disadvantages of the American worker.

But we’re talking about reality, in the Now. And who is really going to win this thing?

Odds Are In Bernie’s Favor

I think the odds are in Bernie’s favor. The polls are rollicking, currently, in Buttigieg’s favor. But that’s a lie.

Bernie has the best chance to win the Democratic party’s nomination. Because he hasn’t gone off-brand or away from his message his entire political career.

And with his weak performance at the last debate, he’s only gotten better. The rest of his competitors have gotten worse.


Because they still don’t get it. They don’t understand what it will take to beat Trump next November.

A clean track record. No illegal boondoggles. And allegiance to the American worker, the taxpayer.

That’s who truly wins with a Bernie nomination for the Democrats.

Need To Ask The Right Questions

It’s up to the media, now, to ask the right questions. And the people need to decide.

  • Is Amy Kloubachar as important as what Bernie has to say?
  • What do the rest of the candidates have to say that matches Bernie’s substance?

I think Elizabeth Warren, who still the favorite to win the Democratic nomination at +190 and especially Joe Biden (+350) are totally overrated and overvalued when it comes to leading into the election year of 2020.

So while Cory Booker and Kamala Harris had decent debate performances — and Warren, Buttigieg, and Biden seemed to waffle in their self-righteous indignation about Trump’s policies. These are often similar to the liberals who have turned Right in the past few decades.

Bernie Is Our Favorite Candidate To Get Nominated AND WIN

Bernie Sanders remains the leftist candidate with a proven record of longevity that’s much more attuned to the working-class. And the best thing about Bernie is everybody who knows about him, for real, knows what he’s all about.

That’s why he’s my favorite. That’s why he won the most recent debate.

And that’s why he’s the most adept at winning the nomination, beating Trump, and combating the malaise that has swept America and allowed Trump to get elected in the first place.

The other Democratic candidates still hanging on are in for a rude awakening, come next year.

Bernie and the way he is currently pulling the party Left is the future of the Democratic party.

Don’t let Obama, Biden, Harris, Booker, Warren, Buttigieg, or that other rich white guy tell you otherwise.

2020 Presidential Democratic Candidate Betting Odds [Updated]

CandidateOdds To Win
Elizabeth Warren+190
Joe Biden+350
Pete Buttigieg+530
Bernie Sanders+580
Michael Bloomberg+830
Hillary Clinton+1600
Andrew Yang+2000
Kamala Harris+5000
Amy Klobuchar+6000
Tulsi Gabbard+6000
Cory Booker+16500
Julian Castro+75000
Marianne Williamson+75000
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Party Odds To Win 2020 Presidential Election

PartyOdds To Win
Democratic Party+175
Republican Party-250
Any Other Party+5500

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