Will the Coronavirus Wreak Havoc on Trump’s Re-Election Campaign?

Coronavirus will wreak havoc on Trump's re-election campaign

The United States of America (USA) is facing an unprecedented and unmitigated disaster with the Coronavirus that will most-assuredly wreak havoc on Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

This week has seen massive closings and shutdowns of everything from public schools to the NBA season. A virus doesn’t share the same prejudices between Democrat and Republican, so the 2020 Presidential Election is just another host among human beings witnessing something that hasn’t been seen before.

Needless to say, this is just another shakeup in the political odds in this wacky election where it’s only March.

Trump has been catching a lot of heat for his lack of a response to the Coronavirus, after his dumb comments and his dimwitted maneuvers to keep himself alive in the polls and the minds of the public. It’s never a good thing to allow the working-class to have plenty of time to think about what’s really going on in their country.

So Trump is in the middle of this shitstorm.

Political Odds as the Coronavirus Takes Hold

This week indeed saw Joe Biden take a strong lead ahead of Bernie Sanders in the delegate count by about 7%. As the country awaits the results from Washington’s primary last Tuesday (with about 89% reporting as of this writing), the state remains the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak in America.

Nearly one-third of the 1,680 cases currently being reported as positive for the Coronavirus, Washington has also had 31 of the 41 total deaths so far in the country. Whereas Bernie trails Biden there — a total discrepancy between Medicare for All platforms among these two Democrats — this is also the epicenter for the havoc in store for Trump’s re-election campaign.

I read somewhere today that Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis had about a 40% approval rating. I see that going into a tailspin in the coming weeks unless he pulls his head out of his ass.

Bovada is has Trump at -110 to win the 2020 Presidential Election versus Biden’s +110. Elsewhere, Biden is -1400 to win the Democratic Party’s nomination against Hillary Clinton (of all people) at +1600 and Sanders at +1800. This is just wacky!

Who Will Win The 2020 Presidential Election?
Donald Trump-110
Joe Biden+110
Bernie Sanders+2500
Mike Pence+2500
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The Democratic Party and the Republican Party have the same -115 odds to win the Presidential Election in 2020. This is a significant change from previous odds where Trump was -300 to win against any Democratic.

What the hell does all of this mean?

Breakdown of These Wacky Odds

You’re going to have to pay attention if you want to make some decent loot with this Coronavirus scare. There’s too much panic and not enough, also.

Both sides of the political aisle are exposed. I think the person who shows their allegiance to the working class is going to gain a lot of ground. That obviously means Bernie Sanders.

Trump knows this. He’s not entirely stupid (at least I’d like to pretend for the sake of this article), otherwise, he wouldn’t be President. Right?

This is an important part of his presidency because it’s going to determine whether or not it was ill-founded: what he does in a time of great peril that demands swift and decisive action from a leader who is better at blaming others and parroting his own genius than he is at getting shit done is his biggest test of the last four years.

As a guy from New Jersey, I know that Trump has left things to rot. Bernie and Biden should do their utmost to capitalize on Trump’s ineptitude by denouncing his empty and hollow rhetoric. Even Sleepy Joe might look better against this total charade of pumping capital into a zombie system of “unprecedented liquidity issues”.

I’m not giving up on Bernie, who needs to be strong this weekend at a televised debate with Biden and no audience. You can be sure that Trump will be watching.

And it might be time for him to start paying attention to … reality. Instead of all that hot air which is costing him another shot at four years of running this business into the ground.

That is the business of making us all rich.

Bueller? Bueller?

Trump’s Next Travel Bans

Which country will the U.S. ban travel to/from next? Yikes. Let’s take a look at the odds?

The U.K. is the favorite at -215 odds, against Japan at +250, Australia at +700 and New Zealand at +3000.

Which Country Will The U.S. Ban Travel To/From Next?
New Zealand+3000
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This is almost too wacky to offer any analysis. The American economy is utterly dependent on other countries, especially during a global pandemic.

Trump banning more travelers to the U.S. when everybody’s looking at him for leadership might as well be a kid with a blindfold and a knife, spinning in circles, waiting for somebody to tell him what to do.

You might want to get out of the way. In fact, it’s time to leave the party altogether.

Japan’s economy, however, is much too important to leave out. And I still don’t understand why Trump banned travelers from the EU and not the U.K. But, I guess we’re just getting a taste of Brexit over here, too.

Just a bunch of morons building walls to protect the only thing that matters to them. Their money. And themselves.

That’s America for you.

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