World Cup Groups 2018 – Football Teams To Bet On In Russia

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Last Friday, the World Cup 2018 fixtures have been set in place. The world has grinded to a halt as everybody around the world was watching the FIFA officials drawing the football teams and placing them in eight different groups to compete for the World Cup starting next June in Russia. The second after the last team was placed in a group the World Cup 2018 predictions and favorites speculations have been unleashed and sportsbooks around the world have adjusted their odds to be ready for the craziness around World Cup 2018 betting.

Before we can talk about the favorites to win the World Cup we need to first look at the predictions. Which soccer teams will get out of their group to have a chance to play for the cup on July 15th in Moscow. It is good practice to find out if there is not a discrepancy in odds to win the World cup versus getting out of the group in order to play for the trophy.

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World Cup 2018 Favorites – Based On World Football Elo Ratings

world cup russia 2018 logoYou may ask yourself “what is world football elo rankings?”. World football elo ratings is used to measure a team’s quality that takes into account factors such margin of victory, game importance, and home-field advantage. The FIFA World Rankings is not based on the Elo method but the official national football team’s rating system is used to determine each team standing versus other soccer teams in the ranking.

We, at, have taken a more in-depth approach to trying to figure out World cup 2018 favorites and use elo rankings to predict which football teams should have the best odds of getting out of their groups and moving on to the knockout round of the World Cup.

WC 2018 Predictions – Football Teams Moving To The Knockout Phase

Instead of going through each team in every group we have narrowed down and highlighted which football teams have the highest chance of moving out to the knockout phase of the tournament. Below, you will find out World Cup 2018 predictions…

World Cup 2018 Group A

Group A is the easiest when compared to the 2018 World Cup field. The Russians got lucky each time a ping pong ball was selected. When Uruguay joined them things really started going the Russia’s way. The group was rounded with Egypt which has the second-weakest in Elo rankings and with Saudi Arabia, which has the lowest Elo ranking among the World Cup 2018 football teams. Russia and Uruguay should move on.

Country Advancing
Russia Yes
Uruguay Yes
Egypt No
Saudi Arabia No

World Cup 2018 Group B

Group B is projected to be the strongest in the tournament by having two European powerhouses that have very high Elo rankings. The group will be headlined by an early game between Portugal and Spain. Clearly, they are both the favorites out of the four soccer teams to move on to the knockout phase.

Country Advancing
Spain Yes
Portugal Yes
Iran No
Marocco No

World Cup 2018 Group C

Group C again based on Elo rankings should be easy to read as powerhouse France will be looking to move through and claim its second ever World Cup trophy. Denmark may find Peru a tough nut to crack as it has a good chance to make its second-ever knockout stage appearance if Denmark falters.

Country Advancing
France Yes
Denmark Yes
Peru No
Australia No

World Cup 2018 Group D

Argentina is the clear favorite in Group D as it has the highest Elo rankings score in this group. But all eyes will be on Iceland which famously beat England in 2016 so they may be ready to shock the world again. But let us not forget Croatia which is the second strongest in the group if you look at the rankings. Our prediction has them and Argentina moving to the next phase.

Country Advancing
Argentina Yes
Croatia Yes
Nigeria No
Iceland No

World Cup 2018 Group E

Brazil will be out for revenge in Russia not only against Germany but the whole world that laughed at them after their unforgettable loss in 2014. Brazil and Germany both have the highest and second-highest chances of making the final in 2018. But first, both need to get out their respective groups. Switzerland should be joining Brazil as the other team getting out of its group.

Country Advancing
Brazil Yes
Switzerland Yes
Bosnia No
Costa Rica No

World Cup 2018 Group F

Group F is in the tournament’s “Group of Death” as reigning champions Germany will be joined by Sweden and Mexico. The Swedes’ and Mexicans’ qualifying chances are separated by just 3 percentage points based on the Elo rankings. It is the smallest difference between any football teams in the World Cup 2018 tournament. In theory, it should be Germany and Mexico moving on but hard to make a good prediction.

Country Advancing
Germany Yes
Mexico Maybe
Sweden Maybe
South Korean No

World Cup 2018 Group G

England and Belgium are extremely pleased with how the draw turned out for them. Their combined chances of making it out of the group stage to next phase are the highest in the group G. Tunisia and Panama really don’t have any chances against these two European football teams unless luck shows up for them. Based on the Elo rankings both England and Belgium will move on.

Country Advancing
Belgium Yes
England Yes
Panama No
Tunisia No

World Cup 2018 Group H

Group H is the only group that has three soccer teams with a high percent chance of making it out of the group stage. The Colombians ranked the ninth-best team in the tournament so Poland faces one of the toughest tests not only against Colombia but Japan as well. Based on the ranking it should be Colombia and either Poland or Japan moving on. The difference in each team’s chances is too close to make a definitive call.

Country Advancing
Colombia Yes
Poland Maybe
Japan Maybe
Senegal No

World Cup Groups 2018 – Betting Predictions

As you have just read there is a lot of football to be played before a team can play in the final of the World Cup 2018. Football betting prediction on who will win the cup are largely affected by the outcomes of each group games and strength of each team moving on to the knockout phase. We will follow up with another in-depth take on which team has the best chances to win the World Cup 2018 after the group phase of the tournament is finished.

World Cup 2018 Betting – Early Action

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