Sports Betting Odds Over Deposit Bonuses

One of the first things sports bettors look at when determining if a new sportsbooks is right for them is their deposit bonuses, potential reload bonuses, and if offered their VIP program. All of these viable to consider, but too many bettors get star struck with the potential size of the deposit bonus.

They often forget that the most important aspect of a sportsbook (other than if it pays its players) is the odds and markets that it offers day in and day out. Bonuses are often the smoke and mirrors for many sportsbooks that offer subpar odds. Worst of all, some of these massive bonuses have awful rollover rates, sometimes higher than 10x the bonus and the deposit amount by players. At rollover rates that high, players won’t see much of that bonus and if they’re playing at a sportsbook with awful odds, they will see even less.

Best Sports Betting Sites for Bonuses 2018

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Pick Sports Betting Odds Over Deposit Bonuses

The truth is that the sportsbooks with the best odds offer no bonus at all or much smaller bonuses compared to sites with poor odds., widely known as the world leader in bookmaking offers the highest limits online and reduced juice. They offer no deposit bonus to players.

An excellent US market comparison is 5Dimes Sportsbook. If we take a look at their promotions page, they offer a whopping 8 different bonus options for players, including their reduced juice bonus. There’s a 50% Free Play, Cash Back Rewards and many others. A very similar betting site that we absolutely recommend is with its superb odds and bonuses, the best all around.

Coming back to 5Dimes, which has great odds, we advise players to take the reduced juice bonus without thinking and forgo the other offers. Reduced juice over the lifetime of an account is worth far more than any other bonus program they offer and it’s not even close.

Sportsbooks Large Sign Up Bonus Myth

It’s absolutely crucial that bettors realize that there’s likely a reason a sportsbook is offering such a large bonus. It’s often to compensate for other shortcomings, most notably poor odds. There’s merit to clearing bonuses, what some call “bonus whoring”, but for long term success at sports betting – we need to be playing at sites that offer the best odds, not the biggest bonuses.

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