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The 2020 NA LCS season is about to start so let’s talk about what’s happened and what we should be looking out for this year. We saw the rise of Mike Yeung and the fall of Team Liquid. We saw Cloud 9 reach the quarterfinals at the World Championships while TSM and Immortals failed to make it out of the group stages once again. In addition, four NA LCS teams were kicked out and replaced with new ones for the upcoming franchising year. Besides the growth in LOL popularity, there also has been an uptick in betting opportunities on League of Champions game. Below you will find all the necessary information to feel that you can place bets on LOL.

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Why Bet On the 2020 NA LCS

League of Legends has grown to become the biggest esports in the world with billions of dollars being invested in every major region. The North American LCS has reached franchising which means millions have been put into each team just to get a spot in the league. Betting on the NA LCS is just like betting on any other sport.

The teams are fighting for something and there is a lot of strategies involved. With consistent games every weekend, playoffs, and international tournaments, you won’t find it hard to bet on a match when you’re able to. Major betting sites have devoted sections to eSports which further solidifies its place among traditional sports. Remember, we’ll be here to provide you with advice and insight into the matches so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

NA LCS Games Odds – Online Betting Sites do not list the odds until the day before the games take place. You should check back throughout the week if you don’t see the game listed you want to bet on.

Best NA LCS Online Betting Sites eSports Betting

Sportsbetting is a great site to use when betting on NA LCS.

The bets are easy to place plus it offers prop bets in addition to its regular moneyline ones. The site allows both U.S. and international sports bettors so no matter where you are, you’re able to bet on League of Legends.

In addition, there are links next to each bet that will allow you to easily watch the matches. It’s a nice option to have.

Our in-depth Sportsbetting review

Accepts Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash
More eSports betting markets than any other betting site that services U.S. players. Its betting limits are high and has 30 plus props for LoL and DOTA 2 matches

Bovada eSports Betting

Bovada is a fantastic site to use NA LCS betting.

It every match posted days in advance so you have the time necessary to research before placing the bets. Their easy to use interface allows even new bettors to place informed bets.

Each match has its own set of prop bets such as first to destroy a tower, kill a baron, or get 10 kills. This site only allows bettors from the US.

Our in-depth Bovada Betting Site review

Accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
Players can gain levels in the VIP program and earn points for their play that converts to cash without a rollover. VIP points can be used for real money casino and sportsbook bets.

NA LOL eSports 2018 – What’s Coming

With a new season coming up and a new League of Legends World Championship in October, North America will want to make a bigger international impact. Last year, everyone knew that TSM, Cloud 9 and Immortals would be at the top. However, with Immortals out, and a bunch of roster changes happening, a new contender might be looming. There is an overload of talent in North America and from the imports, so expect this season to be huge.

Remember, these teams have also been franchised, which means they are no longer worried about losing their spot to relegations if their team is not performing well. The millions of dollars that have been invested in each team is sure to drive the growth of LoL esports to new heights. Teams are now able to grow their talent instead of just throwing together something and seeing if it’ll stick. They can take the team to mold a team and looking for new talent from their academy teams as well.

2018 NA LOL Events Schedule

LoL is set for an amazing 2018 as NA LoL season schedule appears action packed. Again, we’ll have two splits:

Spring Split – January until March with the playoffs occurring from March 24th till April 8th

Summer Split – May until August with the playoffs occurring in August

The matches are played the best of ones during the individual splits. Each team gets points for its ranking during each split. Team’s overall season playing record is considered when choosing the 3 teams that qualify for Worlds.

Saturdays & Sundays Matches

The matches will be played twice a week on Saturdays and Sundays. Bettors are able to bet on every single one of these matches so we’ll get our exposure very soon.

LOL Playoffs Games

During the playoffs, the matches will be best of fives. The top six teams from the split will go to the playoffs. These matches will have an added amount of pressure and we as bettors can bet on the series outcome, on individual matches or a large variety of prop bets usually offered with the playoffs games.

Mid-Season Invitational

LoL Mid Season InvitationalOn the international stage, there will be a Mid Season Invitational that will be held in May. This will include the top team from each region and a wild card team as well. This will be an awesome opportunity for bettors to watch the regions collide and place bets in best of one and best of five situations. After each region’s Summer Splits, we’ll have the gauntlet tournament for North America. This is where 5 teams look to get one last chance to make it to the World Championships. This tournament will be held in August.

League of Legends World Championship

Finally, we have the League of Legends World Championship in October. Every region will send their top three teams to fight for the Summoner’s Cup and the over a million dollar grand prize. These matches will be best of one in the group stages and then the best of five in the knockout stage. Make sure to watch some from every major region and MSI to see how these teams play throughout the year. It’ll be very vital to know while betting during the World Championships. This is the most popular tournament of the year and will for sure drive more bettors.

2018 NA LCS Teams

LOL Team Top Player Owners/Investors 2017 Earnings
Team Solo Mid logoTeam Solo Mid Bjergsen Geico & Gillette $500,000
Team Liquid logoTeam Liquid Doublelift Disney $40,000
Cloud9 logoCloud 9 Jensen T-Mobile & Hunter Pence $221,000
Counter Logic Gaming logoCounter Logic Gaming Huhi MSG Group $155,000
100 Thieves logo100 Thieves Ssumday Cleveland Cavaliers N/A
Clutch Gaming logoClutch Gaming Lira Houston Rockets N/A
Echo Fox logoEcho Fox Huni Rick Fox & NY Yankees N/A
Optic Gaming logoOptic Gaming PowerOfEvil Texas Rangers N/A
FlyQuest logoFlyQuest WildTurtle Milwaukee Bucks $20,000
Golden Guardians logoGolden Guardians Hai Golden State Warriors N/A

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