UFC Betting Tips

The best MMA betting tip is to stick with the basics. That means, line shopping, and maximizing your bonus opportunities when signing up at online sportsbooks is a must. However, if we dive deeper into MMA betting, there are some specifics tips both for the UFC and other MMA competitions. Mixed Martial Arts is a betting market that still has not been sufficiently “learned” by oddsmakers. There are lots of profitable betting opportunities for anyone with knowledge about MMA.

MMA has been one of the hottest new sports over the past ten years. The sport has exploded in online betting markets and now surpasses boxing in popularity. It’s one of the biggest emerging markets when it comes to sports betting and one of the most exciting to participate in. The basics of sports betting don’t change much when wagering on MMA but the strategy when wagering is entirely different from others.

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UFC Betting Tip #1 – MMA Wagering limits

Wagering limits on MMA at most betting sites are small compared to other sports. SportsBetting.ag and many other online betting sites will take up to $10,000 on NBA point spreads and $25,000 on NFL spreads, but just up to $1,000 on MMA markets. The bookies aren’t as experienced with handicapping MMA compared to other sports. They receive only a fraction of the betting action compared to larger market sports. MMA easily falls into the small market sports betting category.

As mentioned above, the oddsmakers are not quite as confident with their MMA lines when compared to other sports. For those who are strong MMA handicappers, this is a huge positive. However, there are two sides to that coin. You won’t be able to get nearly as much money as compared to other sports. If you want to get thousands of dollars down on an MMA fight – in most cases, you will have to shop multiple sportsbooks.

UFC Betting Tip #2 – Use Multiple MMA Betting Sites

This falls under the basics of sports betting, but it is essential to use multiple betting sites when betting MMA. Sports that are smaller markets will always have odds that vary more widely compared to others. In many cases, there may be one or several sportsbooks that are “off” from the market consensus or compared to the sharpest books online, such as Pinnacle Sports and Bookmaker.eu. This is a betting opportunity. If you’re into betting MMA propositions – having money at multiple sportsbooks is even more critical.

Bookies will always have different betting options when it comes to props, and this is where you will see the most considerable variation between markets and odds. As always, propositions can be highly profitable for those that are knowledgeable enough to beat them. Using multiple sportsbooks is probably the MMA betting tip that will offer you the most value.

UFC Betting Tip #3 – Consider Underdogs

MMA fights have a substantial difference in pricing between the underdog and the favorite. It’s not uncommon to see a fight with a -500 favorite and a +385 underdog. The main reason for this is due to the public’s infatuation with betting favorites. The betting public wagers on more underdogs than favorites when it comes to sports betting in general, but is especially true in MMA due to high profile fighters, who are typically favorites. The oddsmakers naturally can’t balance their books (or come close to) when taking bets on an MMA fight when the action is this lopsided, hence the significant differences between the underdog and the favorite.

This increases the price on the favorite. The line is often shaded heavily due to the public’s betting patterns, making it inefficient. Remember, betting on favorites is not a favorite tactic of profitable sports bettors. Using the example above, the breakeven percentage on a -500 wager is about 83%. You must win your bet at least 83% of the time just to make your money back. With all that said, there are plenty of times when the odds at the sportsbook are efficient. This is especially true with lower level fights. Also, betting on underdogs isn’t a hard and fast rule. Favorites can still have value, even if they’re -300 or higher. In general, avoid these types of bets.

UFC Betting Tip #4 – Bet UFC Propositions

We touched on this a bit above, propositions are markets unrelated to the final score of a sporting event. In the case of MMA, they are irrelevant to which fighter wins the match. How the fighter wins the match, what round he or she does it in, the number of knockdowns and other factors all fall under the category of props. If you’re into MMA and can break down matchups to an insane level – you need to be betting props. The payout potential is far higher if you can pick how a fight is won or which round it will end. Many MMA experts have these fights broken down to a science. Take advantage of these skills if you have them and bet propositions, if you’re new to the Mixed Martial Arts world you can start building up your MMA knowledge here.

UFC Betting Tip #5 – Look For Obvious Mismatches

UFC lines and odds won’t be as sharp as other sports. Those who break down the fights and know the fighters inside and out will have an edge when it comes to betting these markets. Understanding what it takes to win a UFC match will be important when spotting these mismatches. If you have an experienced fighter that is facing someone fresh and they don’t have an apparent ability to strike or wrestle, then it may be time to load on the MMA veteran or standpoint. If you can analyze the odds correctly and feel that there is a substantial mismatch, then, bet away. This can also be used if when a fighter is an underdog, but clearly outclasses the favorite.

UFC Betting Tip #6 – Bankroll Management

Bankroll management dooms sports bettors. Even those that are talented and can understand the sports and odds better than anyone else succumb to the bad luck that gambling brings if they bet too much. Managing your bankroll and establishing a staking strategy that you stick to is vital to profiting at MMA and anything else you’re betting. UFC fights can be tricky when it comes to bankroll management. If you’re betting on a lot of outrights, then there can be some steep moneyline odds to odds lay, and if you’re betting props (and you should be), then that’s a whole other section to be aware of when betting. Allocate your bankroll correctly and don’t risk so much that you will be out of action for the next big MMA event if things don’t go your way.

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