Mobile Betting Online – Advantages & Disadvantages

In today’s global and tech-minded betting markets, the ability to wager on the go from anywhere we have an internet connection is an advantage that we surely shouldn’t take for granted. And, it’s not just sports betting. These days, players have access online poker, casino gambling, bingo and other forms of gaming all from a mobile device.

Of course, it’s excellent to have mobile betting as an option, but it still comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Betting on mobile is a spot where some bettors make fundamental mistakes or don’t do their due diligence before placing a wager on a market.

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Mobile Betting Online – Advantages

Mobile betting devicesThe clearest advantage of mobile betting is that you’re able to place bets anywhere in the world where you have a mobile device and an internet connection. Convenience is everything these days and being able to bet from your phone or tablet 24/7 is something that sports bettors never dreamed was possible decades ago. Access to the full list of markets. These days, bookmakers are keen on being able to offer their complete list of odds and bet types to mobile users. It’s a short list of sportsbooks that have mobile options and don’t have every market that is available on the desktop client, including live betting.

Mobile sites or applications are scaled down versions to fit on mobile devices, but they aren’t missing any substance. In today’s market, operators are looking the best clients available and with the most features. Full availability of markets on mobile is seemingly a requirement, rather than a perk.

Sports Betting On Mobile

We’re aware that players can stream events on their desktop browser, but top European bookmakers also have made this available on mobile. Mobile streaming is an excellent feature, and one many still may utilize even if they’re at home on their couch. It gives users yet another avenue to stream live sports.

Finally, there are no fees for betting via mobile. Most bookmakers also allow players to deposit through their mobile site or application. The ability to withdraw via mobile isn’t a feature of every betting site, but about 2/3rds of the market has this feature.

Mobile Betting Online – Disadvantages

While there are many bookmakers with mobile products that are far better than others, betting on the go just isn’t for some people. The buttons are smaller Many choose to wager exclusively with a desktop or laptop due to the sportsbook being much easier to navigate in that format.

If you’re a player who likes to have their whole betting repertoire at their disposal, using a cell phone or other mobile device might not allow you to do that. Line shopping can be done via mobile, but we’re guessing most bettors would prefer to use a desktop client.

Placing Sports Bets On Mobile

When it comes to line shopping anything besides major markets, such as propositions markets, there are a lot more hoops to jump through when using a mobile client or site compared to using a traditional web browser on a PC or Mac. In some cases, betting on mobile causes players to fail to line shop or do the proper research before placing a bet. They will skip their normal process before placing a wager, which will affect their bottom-line profits.

There’s also the extra temptation that some gamblers feel when using mobile betting applications. Some can’t turn off the urge to bet more games. If this is a problem area for you as a bettor, it may be worth avoiding mobile betting options altogether.