Android Sports Betting

With such a significant share of the mobile market, how well a bookmaker’s mobile betting site or application performs on Android phones is paramount to their success in mobile markets. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of sports betting on Android devices. Whether it’s in the form a mobile application or site, Androids is supported by every sports betting operator online.

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Android Betting Apps – The Play Store

Google has a longstanding policy that they do not allow gambling applications in the Play Store. This isn’t just for citizens of the United States, where iGaming is regulated in just a few states, but even in regulated markets, such as Europe. reported incorrectly that Google had changed its policy for gambling apps with the inclusion of daily fantasy sports sites, DraftKings and FanDuel, into the Play Store marketplace. However, this change hasn’t led to a flood of gaming apps in the Play Store, nor has it changed Google’s policy on gambling apps.

Instead, Google most likely felt that daily fantasy sports didn’t fall under the purview of gambling. Sports betting, poker and other gambling games are still not approved for the Play Store. We will update this article if anything changes on that front.

Android Sports Betting Apps

As explained above, downloading sports betting applications through the Play Store isn’t possible with the current rules. However, this doesn’t mean that bettors won’t be able to download apps altogether.

Android Phones BettingIn contrast to Apple, Android is an open source platform, and they do allow third-party app marketplaces. For iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices, apps can only be downloaded through Apple App Store. In addition to using a third-party app marketplace, customers can also download them directly from the bookmaker’s site using a QR code or download link. U.S. sportsbooks don’t usually have apps available for download but do have excellent mobile platforms for an excellent on-the-go betting experience.

If you wish to access the mobile site of a sportsbook quickly, creating a shortcut to the mobile betting site on one of the tabs on your Android device is an excellent route. You’re going to be running the most up to date version of their software and will be able to start placing bets in a single click.

Android Features For Mobile Sports Betting

The Android market is continuously improving and adapting. It’s one of the biggest reasons that Android phones dominate the mobile phone market worldwide. The open-source design has allowed for a lot of innovation than their competitors, and that is seen through the advanced betting platforms available on Android. With more customization options, apps can constantly be improved with new features and continue to run smoothly. Bettors can expect everything the mobile sports betting world has to offer on Android.

In today’s market, many apps allow players set alerts for profitable betting opportunities or when their favorite teams or events are about to start. Mobile streaming is available in most regulated markets as well. In-play or live betting is available pretty much across the board when it comes to Android apps or mobile sites.

Sportsbooks’ Bonuses For Android Sports Betting Apps

Many bookmakers offer bonuses or rewards for customers for betting on their mobile app or site for the first time. A few select online betting sites provide a small bonus to players who simply download their app or log in from a mobile device.

Sportsbooks’ bonuses are typically given to players in the form of freeplay, but some sites will offer cash bonuses as well. Some sites offer promotional wagers with no deposit required, but most freeplays come in the form of a reimbursement on the first wager placed on an Android device, should the bet lose.

Android’s History

Android, Inc. was founded in 2003. It’s a little-known secret that Android was originally developed to design operating systems for digital cameras. The market was quite as large as the founders expected, so the company switched towards developing a smartphone operating system.

In 2005, Google acquired Android for $50 million. Much of the original team stayed on board after the sale. Android wasn’t a household name at this time like it was today. However, Google’s acquisition of the company signaled to many that Google was looking to enter the mobile phone market.

The Android phone was first released in October 2008. Since that time, Android phones have exploded in popularity, and they represent over 80% of all smartphones globally. Android sells more phones than any other company combined.

Android Betting Summary

It’s hard to go wrong with Android, both as a sports bettor and a mobile phone user. They’re easily the most used mobile devices worldwide, and their platform is ideal for developers. There are other options out there, but we recommend Android when you factor in price, performance, and ease of use when it comes to betting sports on mobile.