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chicago bulls logoBetting on the Chicago Bulls might not be great this season, but no one in the Windy City expects this trend to continue for a long time. It’s been a while since the 90’s, but NBA betting fans can’t forget the golden years when Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls dominated the basketball world. The Bulls are still trying to bring that success back, and they are aiming to do it via the next NBA draft.

The Bulls got the playoffs for the last time in the 2016-17 season. Rebuilding usually doesn’t take long in Chicago. With a few good picks in the upcoming draft, alongside a few solid free agents, the franchise will be back in business in no time. Chicago has in Zach LaVine their best player this season. LaVine is a good player who needs help. Whenever the Bulls can add a couple of more caliber players to the roster, things will start to change.

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How to Bet On The Chicago Bulls

  1. Pick A Good Sportsbook: When betting the Chicago Bulls, you need to find the sportsbook who gives you the best value and security. This is easy because we have done extensive reviews on each, and all you need to do is read the reviews and follow the advice of our experts.
  2. Maximize Signup Bonuses: The amount of money you deposit to place a bet on the Chicago Bulls will dictate the amount of bonuses going your way. Many times sportsbooks will require for you to make a certain amount of bets. Take advantage of these signup bonuses.
  3. There is nothing wrong with shopping odds: Just like on any other store, you can compare prices for the betting odds the sportsbooks release for the Bulls games. Be sure to find the best odds available to maximize your winnings.
  4. Make A Deposit: Once you pick the best sportsbook with the combination of trust, best bonuses and better betting odds, then it’s time to put the money in. It can be via credit or debit card, PayPal, or you can bet using cryptocurrencies.
  5. Placing Your Bet: If you are an avid sports fan, then you probably know by now which way you are leaning when betting on the Chicago Bulls. If you need strategies to win, we have you covered with these ones. After placing the bet or bets, just sit down and enjoy the game.

Popular Chicago Bulls Team Bets

The NBA is a league that presents a wide variety of gambling opportunities every night. Whenever a game is on, there are too many options out there. Whenever the Chicago Bulls are playing, the odds would probably favor the opposing team, giving us the bettors a chance to grab points and build from it.

Chicago Bulls Spread Betting

In the 2018-19 season, it is unlikely to find the Bulls as favorites. They are in a rebuilding year, and that’s ok. Our best chances are to grab the points the oddsmakers will give on a nightly basis by making the Bulls the underdogs. Whenever the sportsbooks give you points to spare, you are already winning.

Chicago Bulls Team Futures Betting

The Bulls have no chance of making the playoffs or winning their division, let alone their Conference. But next season by drafting young players who can make an impact, the future betting odds to win the NBA title could be a lot better. Betting on the Bulls’ futures is aiming to see the franchise to be back on top of the league.

Chicago Bulls Over/Under Betting

Even if the Bulls are not having the best of their seasons, betting of the game total or over/under is always a great way to make money. At this point in the season, the Bulls are known to be mainly a team who plays low scoring games. It’s their style, and that gives us the edge to mostly bet the UNDER whenever they hit the floor. It’s an easy way to collect money by beating the Chicago Bulls.

Chicago Bulls Prop Bets

Zach Lavine is the Bulls’ best player this season, and you can always find NBA prop bets on how many dunks he will have in a game. Lavine is a two-time NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner. As a team, you can bet on the Bulls getting the first overall pick in the NBA draft in 2019. Chicago wouldn’t mind picking Zion Williamson and having a transcendent player on their roster like Michael Jordan was back in the days.

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Legality Of Betting On The Chicago Bulls

legality of betting on the chicago bullsCommissioner Adam Silver has changed the game to improve the NBA has made other leagues reach for a similar approach. Silver has always thought outside the box, and that’s why the NFL tried to allure him to become their Commissioner.

Part of the outside of the box thinking from Silver is the way the league has embraced NBA betting. The NBA was the first of the four major US sports league to advocate for betting to be legal in sports. Of course, Silver and the NBA can’t call all the shots and need to respect the criteria from each of the states’ legislation. But by pushing the envelope, the NBA is well aware basketball betting is legal in several states, and they embrace it.

One of the states that have broken the mold is New Jersey, who followed Nevada as the second state with legal sports gambling. The state has found massive revenue going their way, after the decision. Things have gone so well, other states like Rhode Island, West Virginia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Delaware have approved sports betting as well. Betting on the NBA is also an every night thing for those gambling at the online market.

The Chicago Bulls 2018-19

The 2018-19 season hasn’t been as expected. The team has been shaky at best, and on December 3rd, the Bulls fired coach Fred Hoiberg. He only spent one a half seasons with the team. His assistant Jim Boylen is now the interim coach, but there are no promises he will continue next season.

Betting on the chicago bullsChicago doesn’t really have a star player other than Zach LaVine. On July 6, 2018, the restricted free agent LaVine received a four-year, $80 million offer sheet from the Sacramento Kings. But then, the Bulls exercised the right to match the offer sheet and retain the 23-year-old LaVine. Zach LaVine has averaged 23.0 points per game alongside 4.5 rebounds per game.

The Bulls added forward Jabari Parker as a free agent and Antonius Cleveland as part of a squad that clearly lacks talent. Chicago is not tanking per se, but they are aiming to have the best picks for the upcoming NBA Draft.
Chicago also waived Michael Carter-Williams, Quincy Pondexter and Cameron Payne. The Houston Rockets traded once superstar Carmelo Anthony, the draft rights to Jon Diebler, and undisclosed cash considerations to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for the draft rights to Tadija Dragićević.

The Bulls had no intentions of keeping Anthony and ended up waiving him as well. The Finn Lauri Markkanen is the most exciting player on the Bulls’ roster. He’s only 21 years old and is listed at 7 ft 0. He made it to the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2018. We don’t know what his ceiling is, but he has enough time to improve while the front office puts together a competitive squad around him. The Bulls’ hopes for the rest of the season are to lose as many games as possible. The idea is to improve their lottery odds to aim for Duke’s Zion Williamson.

Chicago Bulls Team Rivalries

Chicago Bulls Vs. New York Knicks Rivalry

During the 90’s there wasn’t a better Eastern Conference rivalry than the Chicago Bulls against the New York Knicks. Their battles were epics. In this day and age, it is no longer what it was, but they still hate each other. If any of the two get the rights to draft Zion Williamson, the other team won’t be able to forgive itself. The battle for a better future has both the Bulls and the Knicks trying to get the same player, in kind of a savior type of role.

Chicago Bulls Vs. Milwaukee Bucks Rivalry

The Bulls and the Bucks are in the same division, and they face each other four times a year. But this rivalry is weird because when one team is playing really well, the other one is on a down low. Right now Chicago is not having the best season, and Milwaukee is on top of the Eastern Conference. The Bulls need a star player to compete against Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks.

Chicago Bulls Vs. Indiana Pacers Rivalry

The Pacers vs. Bulls rivalry is a combination of the rivalries with the Knicks and the Bucks. Indiana is in the same division with Chicago; therefore, they meet four times a year as well, just like Milwaukee. But the Bulls and the Pacers have a long history from the 90’s era, just like the rivalry against the Knicks.

Chicago Bulls NBA Season 2018-19 Winning Chances

Houston Rockets odds to win the 2018-199 NBA ChampionshipThe Bulls won six NBA Championships during the Michael Jordan era. Many believe Chicago could have won eight in a row if not for Jordan’s early retirement. To get back to that point, the franchise needs a lot of work, but they in a good position to have a shot in a few years down the road. Rebuilding is never fun, but it could lead to a potentially long and successful run.

Chicago is not getting to the playoffs this season, but they are conceivably a good bet at the end of the season, even if that means betting against their interest. The future might be bright for the Bulls if they select good talent in the draft and put it together with Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen.

Chicago Bulls Key Players

Fred Hoiberg didn’t do anything with the Bulls in the two seasons he was the boss, and that’s why he lost his job. Jim Boylen’s task is not to win but to develop the younger players into becoming superstars in the future. Whenever you have three good players on your team like the Bulls, they will always have a shot for upsets. That makes their team a fun squad to bet on in the right situation.

Zach Lavine

zack lavine nba player propsThe two-time Dunk Contest winner was selected by the Minnesota Timberwolves with the 13th overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft. He spent three years with the Wolves before he was traded to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Jimmy Butler and the rights to Justin Patton. Zach Lavine averages 23.0 points per game this season. His best showing was against the New York Knicks on November where he dropped 41 points the Madison Square Garden.

Lauri Markkanen

Lauri Markkanen chicago bulls player propsWhen the Bulls traded Jimmy Butler to Minnesota, not only Zach Lavine was in the exchange but the rights to have Lauri Markkanen as well. It was a great move for Chicago as Markkanen looks like a potential star for the franchise. He has played only 35 games this season but averages 18.5 points per game and 8.8 rebounds. He might be the player the franchise will build around in the next few years.

Kris Dunn

Kris Dunn nba players betting The point guard Kris Dunn might not have the upside of the other two players, but he has been solid enough to get some recognition. Dunn is averaging almost 12.0 points per game a little over 6.0 assist. Those numbers don’t impress anybody but are good enough to help his team from time to time. Dunn was the 5th pick in the 2016 NBA draft but hasn’t delivered like one.

2019 Chicago Bulls Schedule

With two months to finish the regular season, it’s fair to question how interested the Bulls are to end on a top note. At this point winning would only put them a little further away from their chances to get the number one overall pick in the NBA draft. The Bulls have one more game against the Milwaukee Bucks a rival they want to beat, but it’s unlikely to happen. Then twice they will face the Toronto Raptors, one of the league’s best teams.

Milwaukee Bucks at Chicago BullsFebruary 25, 2019Monday – 7:00 PMUnited Center
Chicago, IL
Atlanta Hawks at Chicago BullsMarch 03, 2019Sunday – 2:30 PMUnited Center
Chicago, IL
Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago BullsMarch 06, 2019Wednesday – 7:00 PMUnited Center
Chicago, IL
Detroit Pistons at Chicago BullsMarch 08, 2019Friday – 7:00 PMUnited Center
Chicago, IL
Los Angeles Lakers at Chicago BullsMarch 12, 2019Tuesday – 7:00 PMUnited Center
Chicago, IL
Washington Wizards at Chicago BullsMarch 20, 2019Wednesday – 7:00 PMUnited Center
Chicago, IL
Utah Jazz at Chicago BullsMarch 23, 2019Saturday – 7:00 PMUnited Center
Chicago, IL
Portland Trail Blazers at Chicago BullsMarch 27, 2019Wednesday – 7:00 PMUnited Center
Chicago, IL
Toronto Raptors at Chicago BullsMarch 30, 2019Saturday – 7:00 PMUnited Center
Chicago, IL
Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago BullsApril 06, 2019Saturday – 7:00 PMUnited Center
Chicago, IL
New York Knicks at Chicago BullsApril 09, 2019Tuesday – 7:00 PMUnited Center
Chicago, IL

By the time they clash against Toronto, the Raptors will be fighting to finish at the top of the Eastern Conference. Good luck trying to guard Kawhi Leonard. Chicago doesn’t have a player that can stop him. The critical games for the Bulls thinking about the Zion Williamson’s odds are against the Atlanta Hawks, which they face on back-to-back nights early in March. But perhaps there aren’t more important games that the ones against the New York Knicks. Their meeting against the Knick will decide a lot but not for the winner. That’s a matchup that will be very interesting to see who wants to lose it more.

The only team that will meet the Bulls three times in the remaining schedule is the Philadelphia 76ers. Philadelphia will visit Chicago twice in the remaining of the season and in the last game of the regular will host the Bulls to close out the season. Chicago will win one game here and there but it won’t be enough to make a splash in the last two months of the season.

The Bulls are on the verge to turn things around. They might not be the greatest bet right now, but they will be back, and I don’t think the dark hours will last long. A good investment on the Bulls is to bet the game totals, especially the UNDER. Whenever picking a side, taking the points with Chicago gives you a little edge. Remember, they don’t have to win games for us to collect winnings, they just need to cover the spread.

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