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boston celtics logoBetting on the Celtics, it is taking a well-coach team with depth in their roster. But also they have in Kyrie Irving one of the best players in the NBA who already has won an NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Last season Boston missed two of its best players due to injury and managed to get to the Eastern Conference final. This season they are in full strength and should take a step forward.

No team in the history of the NBA has won more titles than the Boston Celtics. With 17 NBA championships, the Celtics are at the top of the mountain in the league, but they haven’t won a title since 2008 and haven’t reached the NBA finals since 2010. With that said, the Celtics opened the 2018-19 season as NBA betting favorites to represent the Eastern Conference in the 2018-19 NBA finals.

Best NBA Betting Sites To Bet On The Boston Celtics

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How to Bet On The Boston Celtics

  1. Pick a good sportsbook: As mentioned above, perhaps the most crucial part of being a successful NBA bettor is finding the right sportsbook. There are a ton of sportsbooks out there. A few great ones, some others very good, and there is a large number who are better to stay away. Picking the right sportsbook needs a combination of things to possess.
  2. Maximize Your Bonuses: Once you read our reviews of the best NBA betting sites to bet on, go and do some research on those offering the best bonuses available. Many sportsbooks will give between 50% deposit bonus and up to $500 to $100 in max bonus. A good sportsbook with a substantial signing bonus is a great way to start maximizing the investment.
  3. Do Some Line shopping: Just like going to buy clothes or shoes, you will find yourself comparing prices. It’s the same with a sportsbook. Once you have four to five sites lineup as the finalists, go and check the most favorable betting odds to bet on the Boston Celtics. A combination of the four criteria will give the best option to start playing.
  4. Make a Deposit: With a trustable sportsbook already selected, a significant signing bonus and the best odds available there is nothing to do but make a deposit. Adding money to your account is easy, and it can be done via credit or debit card. PayPal is also an acceptable way. Even cryptocurrencies are permitted in most betting sites.
  5. Place Your Wager: Before placing your bet, read a few NBA betting strategies from our experts. Once you know everything there is to know, pick the bet you want. After you select your bet and the amount of money invested, just watch the game and relax. Let the experience of betting on the Boston Celtics be a great one by collecting your winning at the end.

Popular Boston Celtics Team Bets

The Celtics were built to have a championship team in the NBA or be a bust. There is no middle ground in between. They reached the Eastern Conference finals last season and gained back their two best players after going down due to injuries. The expectations are high.  That actually gives us a wide range to place good bets on Boston this season, between point spread, futures, game totals and more. We know the Celtics are an outstanding team to bet on the NBA; we just need to find which are the best bets available.

Boston Celtics Spread Betting

During most of the Celtics games, they will come up as favorites in the NBA spread. With a team with such a deep roster, to ask for them to cover the spread most nights is not out of the question. But there will be times where they are underdogs on the road, especially when visiting the West. Those times are a great chance to take the points and ride with Boston as profitable dogs.

Boston Celtics Team Futures Betting

The Celtics opened the spread as favorites in the East to win the NBA title and only second to the Golden State Warriors in the entire league. Boston was +570 to win the NBA Championship when the season started. Things haven’t gone the perfect way they wanted but there still a lot of value on this team. At you currently can find them at +1200 to win it all.

Boston Celtics Over/Under Betting

Boston has three games changing players in Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward and Jayson Tatum, alongside many others. The Celtics are a team that can score in bunches and usually plays high-scoring games. Betting the Celtics on the game total it is fun because you are always rooting for plenty of points, and Boston delivers.

Boston Celtics Prop Bets

It’s been quite a ride with Kyrie Irving dressed as a Celtic for the past two seasons. Irving has talked to press way too much over the last couple of months. That has opened the door for great NBA prop bets to appear this year. Will Kyrie say something against his teammates? Will Kyrie leave the Celtics after the season? The props bets are a lot of fun, and sure Boston gives us a lot of options.

Best NBA Betting Sites To Bet On The Celtics

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Legality Of Betting On The Boston Celtics

legality of betting on the boston celticsWhen the Supreme Court ruled in favor of legalizing sports betting in May 2018, the entire sports landscape changed for the better. Now each state has an open-door policy to discuss whether they will allow sports gambling or not.

Since the sports betting bill was approved, New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi, West Virginia, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania joined Nevada as the states with legal sports betting. As the number of states gets bigger and bigger, the sports leagues were not going to stay away from it.

The NBA became the first major sports league not only to advocate but introduce and partner with several sports betting companies to increase their productivity. NBA’s commissioner Adam Silver believes the league needs to have an open arms policy in terms of betting on basketball. Of course, the NBA wants it to be safe, and they have partnered with the best and most well-respected sportsbooks brands in the United States.

The Boston Celtics 2018-19

boston celtics nba team betting 2018-19For the Boston Celtics, their 2018-19 season is their 73rd in the NBA. The franchise hasn’t won a title since 2008, and perhaps, there hasn’t been a year with a higher expectation than this one, since. Last season the Celtics reached the Eastern Conference finals before losing to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

A couple of huge things changed since that defeat. First, James moved to the Los Angeles Lakers, leaving the Eastern Conference for the first time since entering the NBA. Secondly, and perhaps the most important; Boston regained Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward for this season. Both arrived to the team last season, but different injuries ended their hopes and were not on the floor when they lost to the Cavs.

It’s safe to say the expectations haven’t been met for the Celtics this season. Boston has struggled with consistency, and while they are in the postseason territory, many were expecting much more. At this point, the Celtics should have been in the top of the Eastern Conference, but they are a few games behind that goal.

One of the things the Celtics have struggled with the most this season is chemistry. When Irving and Hayward went down last season, they overachieved as a team. Coach Brad Stevens was in the conversation for the Coach of the Year Award. This season while they remain a very good team, they haven’t delivered as expected.

Boston will enter the second part of the NBA season with a different mojo than last year. The Celtics might have some issues, but the team is healthy, unlike the year before. With a team with such a high quality of players on their side, they will always be a good NBA bet. Stevens and his squads are too talented, and no one will be surprised if they challenge the Golden State Warriors for the NBA title; even with the rocky season they have had.

Boston Celtics Team Rivalries

Boston Celtics Vs. Los Angeles Lakers Rivalry

There isn’t a bigger rivalry in the entire NBA history than the Boston Celtics against the Los Angeles Lakers. This rivalry defined the league in the 80’s and has had their share of NBA battles in 2008 and 2010. Each franchise won one title per side. With LeBron James now in LA and Kyrie Irving in Boston, the rivalry promises to have a few other intense chapters in the future.

Boston Celtics Vs. New York Knicks Rivalry

The Knicks are on the downside this season, but several encounters in the past suggest we haven’t seen the last of the Boston vs. New York rivalry. The Knicks need a couple of superstars, and they’ll be back on track. Luckily for them, they have just the perfect amount of cap space to make something happen in the offseason.

Boston Celtics Vs. Philadelphia 76ers Rivalry

The 76ers against the Celtics might be a great rivalry for years to come. Both franchises are aiming at the NBA title right now, but both have a very young team at their core. Philadelphia and Boston will be clashing for the top of the Eastern Conference for the next five years, and it should be a lot of fun to watch.

Boston Celtics NBA Season 2018-19 Winning Chances

Houston Rockets odds to win the 2018-199 NBA ChampionshipThe Celtics accumulated a lot of draft picks in the last few years just to make massive moves at the perfect time. When they traded for Kyrie Irving and landed free agent Gordon Hayward, it was a clear message that the time has come. Boston has in Brad Stevens arguably the best coach in the NBA. Stevens is young and smart in every way. He knows how to put his team in the best scenario to succeed.

Despite the Celtics are not on top of the Eastern Conference right now, when playoffs time comes, they will have a clear advantage in coaching. Betting on the Celtics at +1200 it is a very valuable bet at this point. The team is healthy, and they have shown glimpses of what they can become if everyone chips in. Boston is too talented to count them out at any point. They have the depth and the stars players to win at any building.

Boston has another thing going their way. The Celtics have built a roster not only to compete but talented enough to beat the Warriors. If they win the East, they will have a legitimate shot of winning the title over Golden State. That statement can’t be made of many teams in the NBA.

Boston Celtics Key Players

In this era in the NBA, to win a championship, you need three things. You need chemistry, depth and mostly at least three guys who can score. Boston has those three players that can take over a game on any moment notice.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving celtics prop betsKyrie Irving is the only Champion in the squad. Irving won his NBA title with the Cleveland Cavaliers when hitting perhaps the most impactful shot of the entire series. He knows the blueprint on how to beat the Warriors because he did it once. Now he just needs to teach his teammates how it is done. Kyrie Irving is also one of the most unstoppable players in one-on-one basketball in the NBA. He is the main reason Boston has a chance to win the NBA Championship this season.

Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum boston celtics player betsWhen Irving and Hayward suffered injuries last season, Jayson Tatum took over despite only being 20-years old. Tatum grew so much last season; he became one of the best players in the NBA on his rookie year. Now he needs to take his game one step forward to achieve the maximum goal. Jayson Tatum is the future of the Boston Celtics. Some may argue he’s the present as well.

Al Horford

Boston celtics NBA player propsThe Dominican Al Horford is the third piece in the puzzle of the Boston Celtics. He’s a savvy veteran will a lot of basketball still in the tank. Horford is particularly useful to shut down teams with big man playmakers on their roster. He’s a great defensive player who can give a lot of experience of both sides of the ball. While Irving and Tatum do a lot of their scoring, Horford is the guy who does the dirty work.

2019 Boston Celtics Schedule

The Celtics still have a challenging schedule ahead to close out the season. They will visit Toronto, Philadelphia, Golden State and Los Angeles Lakers. All those teams are potentially postseason squads. Boston needs to show against those franchises they are ready for an NBA title bound.

Event Date Time Venue
Portland Trail Blazers at Boston Celtics February 27, 2019 Wednesday – 7:30 PM TD Garden
Boston, MA
Washington Wizards at Boston Celtics March 01, 2019 Friday – 8:00 PM TD Garden
Boston, MA
Houston Rockets at Boston Celtics March 03, 2019 Sunday – 3:30 PM TD Garden
Boston, MA
Sacramento Kings at Boston Celtics March 14, 2019 Thursday – 7:30 PM TD Garden
Boston, MA
Atlanta Hawks at Boston Celtics March 16, 2019 Saturday – 12:30 PM TD Garden
Boston, MA
Denver Nuggets at Boston Celtics March 18, 2019 Monday – 7:30 PM TD Garden
Boston, MA
San Antonio Spurs at Boston Celtics March 24, 2019 Sunday – 7:30 PM TD Garden
Boston, MA
Indiana Pacers at Boston Celtics March 29, 2019 Friday – 7:00 PM TD Garden
Boston, MA
Miami Heat at Boston Celtics April 01, 2019 Monday – 7:30 PM TD Garden
Boston, MA
Orlando Magic at Boston Celtics April 07, 2019 Sunday – 7:30 PM TD Garden
Boston, MA

Boston will host Houston, Denver, San Antonio, and Indiana. Playing at the TD Garden sure helps, but the Celtics are built to win everywhere. The number one seed in the East might look far away, but a solid winning streak could put in contention in a matter of weeks.

If they close on a high note against these teams, the Celtics will be hard to deal with in the playoffs. When Boston put together this squad, they were aiming for the postseason to show their best form. I still believe the Celtics are the team to bet in the Eastern Conference. And until someone knocks them out, they should be considered a huge threat to the Golden State Warriors dynasty.

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