Los Angeles Lakers Betting

la lakers logoBetting on the Los Angeles Lakers is betting on the marquee franchise in the NBA. The NBA betting odds have the Lakers at +3000 to win the NBA title. It is a long shot but with plenty of value. LeBron has been in the NBA finals eight consecutive years. That alone makes betting on the Lakers a profitable wager for the rest of the season. If you have the best player on the planet, your franchise will always have a chance.

It is the second with the most titles in league’s history and the one with the most famous and recognizable names in basketball. The Showtime Lakers were larger than life in the 80’s dominating the decade. In the 2000s the tandem between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal was unstoppable. When the LA’s front office landed free agent stud LeBron James in the offseason, they were aiming to put together another championship run.

Best NBA Betting Sites To Bet On The Lakers

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How to Bet On Los Angeles Lakers

  1. Choose A Trustable NBA Betting Site: Sports betting fans need a sportsbook they can trust will handle their winning with clear and easy policy. Don’t go and sign up with the first sportsbook you come across. Take a few notes from our experts’ sportsbooks reviews.
  2. Squeeze The Bonuses: The better the bonuses, the better the chance to increase your bankroll. Don’t hesitate into looking for the sportsbooks offering the best sign up bonuses. Some will give you up to $1000 just by signing up.
  3. Make Your Deposit: There are many ways to put the money into your accounts, and all of them are undoubtedly easy. A deposit can be made via credit or debit card. PayPal is also allowed in most sportsbooks. Even cryptocurrencies have become a thing in the last few months.
  4. Line shopping: Be aware that the NBA betting lines might chance from one sportsbook to the next and there is nothing wrong with that. Just look for a trustable sportsbook, with a good signing bonus that offers the best betting line for the wager you are trying to make.
  5. Place The Bet: When you have the money in your account, it’s time to find the bet you want to make. Betting on the Los Angeles Lakers is simple and could be profitable when done right. After placing the winning bet, just enjoy the game and collect the money afterward.

Popular Los Angeles Lakers Team Bets

When the Lakers step on the floor, there is always a considerable amount of pressure to win. Its history says they are one of the best franchises on the planet and should act like it. With that said, betting on the Lakers can be profitable if you select the perfect angles to do so. The team is aiming to be back on top of the league, and they are trying to do it by alluring the big time NBA stars.

Los Angeles Lakers Spread Betting

When LeBron James signed with the Lakers everybody was expecting “The King” to take Los Angeles to the next level. He hasn’t done it because he has no help, but the plan still is in place. Betting the Lakers against the spread can be both frustrating and profitable. It depends on the type of game you take them. LA as a favorite might not be a great bet, but as an underdog usually delivers.

Los Angeles Lakers Team Futures Betting

The Lakers opened at +1300 to win the NBA championship this season. Los Angeles is now at +3000 as clearly the season hasn’t gone their way. The good news for LA fans is whenever you have LeBron James on your team; they will always have a shot at the title. He makes everyone around him better.

Los Angeles Lakers Over/Under Betting

James and the Lakers have had problems scoring this season. LeBron is not a scorer per se although he does put his points. But he doesn’t have any other player that can sustain the offense when is on the bench. That has made the Lakers a low scoring team, perfect to bet on the UNDER whenever they are on the court this year.

Los Angeles Lakers Prop Bets

The great about betting the Lakers is they are one of the most exciting teams in America. Whether their season is going great or sideways, they generate enough interest to follow them closely. This gives the sportsbooks a lot to talk about and the betting public a lot of options to bet on. Will LeBron James have another triple-double tonight? Will coach Luke Walton will be fired before the end of the season? The Los Angeles Lakers prop bets are one of the most fun ways to make money in the NBA.

Best NBA Betting Sites To Bet On Los Angeles Lakers

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Legality Of Betting On Los Angeles Lakers

legality of betting on the LakersBetting on the NBA is easier than ever with the recent movements the league has taken toward the legalization of gambling. Unlike other leagues, the NBA has been a tremendous advocate for sports betting. They want basketball to be a groundbreaking sport in the industry.

The effort is part of an extensive plan by Commissioner Adam Silver, who has many ideas on how to take advantage of the relationship between the NBA and the sports betting community. Silver has encouraged fans to bet on the NBA as long as they feel comfortable with the place they would be making the bets. The league even announced a partnership with Genius Sports and Sportradar giving them nonexclusive rights to create betting data related to the NBA.

The NBA has been encouraged to take these types of deals since the Sports Betting bill passed in 2018. New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi, Rhode Island, West Virginia, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania joined Nevada as the states where sports betting is legal. Several betting shops are now open in all those states.

Betting on the NBA has become both very profitable and accessible over the last few years. It’s almost a waste not to take advantage of the hundreds of betting options out there. With the sports betting culture exponentially changing to be legal in so many states, the user experience is getting better and better.

Others states like New York and Arkansas will be the next ones to make sports betting legal. Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, Massachusetts, and several others already have proposals on the table to pass the sports betting bill. In the end, most of the states will end up approving the legalization of sports gambling. It’s all a matter of time before one domino starts falling after the other.

Los Angeles Lakers 2018-19

The Lakers were savvy enough to allure free agent LeBron James last summer during the offseason. For many, it was a done deal even before both sides talked about getting together. The 2018-19 season is the 71st season of the Lakers in the NBA. The team brought James with the whole purpose of getting the franchise back in the playoffs. The Lakers have now five straight years missing the postseason. It’s an unacceptable streak for the most famous basketball franchise in the world.

This season is the second of coach Luke Walton with Los Angeles. He spent two years with the Golden State Warriors as an assistant where he won one NBA championship. He also played for the Lakers between 2003 and 2012 where he won two NBA rings. The idea was to give Walton an opportunity to develop a young team into a contender. He knows the culture in Los Angeles having played there. But also knew the Warriors winning method, which was LeBron James’ nemesis when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Los Angeles Lakers 2018-19 betting The combination of James and Walton would be the cornerstone for the franchise’s return to the top. Knowing their roster was not deep or experienced enough, the Lakers made five other acquisitions in the offseason. The front office signed veterans Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee, Michael Beasley, and Tyson Chandler. All of them signed to a one-year deal. Rondo and McGee were NBA champions in other teams in the past.

Those five veterans joined LeBron James, who signed a 4-year, $154 million contract a few weeks earlier. Los Angeles idea was to pair up LeBron with a few veterans to make at least the playoffs this season. Then, next season allure another big-time free agent, possibly two, to help James win a championship. Right before the All-Star game break, LeBron James missed 18 games due to injury, and the Lakers did not handle it well.

Los Angeles Lakers Team Rivalries

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics Rivalry

There isn’t a famous rivalry in NBA history than the Lakers and the Celtics. Both are the teams with the most championships earned in the league, but they have a long history of meeting in the NBA finals. Back in the 80’s the Los Angeles vs. Boston rivalry saved the association of a deep slumped. This century they met twice in the finals with each franchise winning the title once.

Los Angeles Lakers Vs. San Antonio Spurs Rivalry

From 2000 to the date, the Lakers had one thing in mind: beat the San Antonio Spurs. Both the Lakers and the Spurs gave us exciting matchups in the Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan eras. Both players are now retired, but LA and San Antonio will probably see each other again very soon in the postseason.

Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Golden State Warriors Rivalry

The Lakers vs. Warriors is not really a rivalry, but it has the ingredients to become one in the next few years. Golden State is now what Los Angeles was in the 80’s. The entire basketball world loves watching the Warriors played. That privilege belonged to the Lakers back in the days. Plus, now Los Angeles has LeBron James, and he alone has a vast history against the Warriors.

Los Angeles Lakers NBA Season 2018-19 Winning Chances

Milwaukee Bucks odds to win the 2018-199 NBA ChampionshipTo say the Lakers are the favorites with the Western Conference is to be fooled by their history. But because they have LeBron James on their roster, it’s an easy leap to make. James has taken his teams to the finals eight straight times, and that’s the reason the expectations were so high when he arrived in Hollywood. Los Angeles needs to aim for the playoffs even if that means being the eighth seed when the postseason starts.

After that, they need the best version of James with a group of veterans playing at its best.  To come out of the Western Conference as champs, it’s perhaps too much to ask. Betting on the Lakers this season is putting faith on James and Walton and the fact that they will figure out at some point. The competition in the West is fierce, but LeBron James needs to be the difference maker. Los Angeles might not win the title this season, and that’s ok. They are aiming to do it next season when they can bring another superstar to join the project. It’s always been part of the plan to win the title in 2020.

Los Angeles Lakers Key Players

In the era of the NBA super teams is “a must” to have at least three playmakers in the roster. Los Angeles has three guys that can take over games at any point. Consistency has been an issue for the Lakers, but the talent and experience are there, at least in these three players.

LeBron James

LA Lakers player propsHaving the best player on the planet on your team is will always give your team a chance. LeBron might be in the last chapters of his career, but he remains the best player in the world. The Lakers need to take advantage of the fact that “The King” chose them to finish his career.

Rajon Rondo

Lakers player proposition betsRajon Rondo won an NBA title with the Boston Celtics back in 2008 and lost one in 2010. Both were playing against the LA Lakers. Rondo is no longer a top-five point guard as he once was, but he still too savvy to dismiss. He remains as one of the smarter players in the league, and he can take over a game by recording 15+ assist in a game without scoring once.

Lance Stephenson

Los Angeles Lakers prop betsWhen talking about the Lakers X-factor, there is no one better to carry that label than Lance Stephenson. He can give the team a 30+ point game any given night. But he can also be one of the most unreliable players when his mojo is not there. In crunch time LeBron James will go to Stephenson to help him out in scoring.

2019 Los Angeles Lakers Schedule

The Los Angeles Lakers are a few games behind from the quest of reaching the NBA playoffs this season. The team needs a winning streak that will put them inside the best eight teams in the west. After it, they might get into the postseason as one of the hottest squads in the league.

Event Date Time Venue
Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers March 06, 2019 Wednesday – 7:30 PM Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Boston Celtics at Los Angeles Lakers March 09, 2019 Saturday – 5:30 PM Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Brooklyn Nets at Los Angeles Lakers March 22, 2019 Friday – 7:30 PM Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Sacramento Kings at Los Angeles Lakers March 24, 2019 Sunday – 6:30 PM Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Washington Wizards at Los Angeles Lakers March 26, 2019 Tuesday – 7:30 PM Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Charlotte Hornets at Los Angeles Lakers March 29, 2019 Friday – 7:30 PM Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Lakers April 04, 2019 Thursday – 7:30 PM Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles Clippers April 05, 2019 Friday – 7:30 PM Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Lakers April 07, 2019 Sunday – 6:30 PM Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Portland Trail Blazers at Los Angeles Lakers April 09, 2019 Tuesday – 7:30 PM Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA

The challenges ahead for the Lakers are not easy. The Lakers will host the Denver Nuggets who is one of the best teams in the NBA this year and will follow it with a meeting against the Boston Celtics. Los Angeles will have to visit the Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks and Oklahoma City Thunder as well.

Then they will close out by hosting the Golden State Warriors and the Portland Trail Blazers. Those are another couple of good teams with postseason dreams. The most critical matchups ahead will be against the LA Clippers, Utah Jazz and Sacramento Kings. Those are direct rivals looking to earn one of the last spots in the playoffs.

Betting on the Lakers this year is putting your money on LeBron James, mostly. He’s the best player on the planet, and at some point, he will show us just that. It’s desperation time for Los Angeles, and that urgency might help us when betting on the NBA odds in the last few games of the season.

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