Houston Rockets Betting

houston rockets bettingThe Rockets’ futures odds for the 2018-19 season listed them as the second favorite team to win the Western Conference when the season started. The only two teams with better NBA odds were the Boston Celtics and once again, the Warriors. Coach Mike D’Antoni is the reason the Rockets are consistently one of the NBA’s highest-scoring teams. He has been the mastermind of very offensive teams in the past.

The closer the Rockets have come to get back to the finals have been both in the 2014-15 season and the 2017-18 season. Both times they lost the Western Conference finals against the Golden State Warriors. With James Harden having another MVP caliber season the Rockets are the Warriors’ number one threat at the throne. Even if they don’t manage to beat Golden State in the playoffs, on a nightly basis Houston is an enticing wager considering their offensive potency.

Best NBA Betting Sites To Bet On The Houston Rockets

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How to Bet On The Houston Rockets

  1. Pick A Good Betting Site: Find a good NBA betting website with an excellent reputation and bonuses. To find the best we recommend reading out reviews about the best online sportsbook available. Then allows yourself to be allured by the one with the best bonuses.
  2. Watch The Games: The more info you read and take in, the better informed you will be to place winning wagers. But, most importantly watch the games. You won’t get a better feel of a team than by watching them play.
  3. Make A Deposit: The most reliable NBA gambling sites will have several methods to make a deposit. You can do it via credit or debit card, using PayPal or Cryptocurrencies. Most gambling sites nowadays will have deposits with cryptocurrencies. They are our primary choice as a cashier method due to near zero costs for deposits and withdrawals.
  4. Shopping The Best NBA Betting Line: Take a look at a few NBA betting websites with good reputations and look for a variety of markets and odds. It’s important to utilize multiple sportsbooks if possible, as you will be able to choose from a variety of different odds.
  5. Place Your Bet: You shouldn’t need much convincing to place a bet on the Rockets. They are one of the best teams in the NBA. Before placing your bet, read our guidelines for a successful NBA betting strategy.

Popular Houston Rockets Team Bets

The Houston Rockets are aiming for the top of the mountain. Just that mindset makes them a viable NBA bet every night. Betting on the Rockets means riding with a team that will score a lot every night and at a fast pace. That’s a favorable approach both to betting on the spread or the game totals. There are a variety of ways to bet on the franchise.

Houston Rockets Spread Betting

When James Harden joined the Rockets in 2012, he changed the entire dynamic of the franchise to a more scoring driven team. When Houston added Chris Paul last season, the Rockets took a turn to become a smarter team and higher scoring team. The smart thing is to find good scenarios where betting on Houston becomes a regular thing. Their offense is capable of obliterating any point spread set by the oddsmakers.

Houston Rockets Over/Under Bets

The Rockets currently average 113.1 points per game and allow a little over 110.9 PPG. It means whenever they are on the floor, fireworks and a torrid pace is expected. The sportsbooks have adjusted to it and sometimes overinflate the total. But there is always a great chance to bet on this team who happens to have so many qualities to hit baskets.

Houston Rockets Team Futures

When the season started MyBookie.ag had the Rockets at +950 to finally go over the hump, beat the Warriors and win the NBA title. The only thing that changed in the following weeks is the Rockets had a dreadful season start and now are +1200 to win the title. However, they haven’t reached the NBA finals since 1995. Still, the talent is there for the Rockets and now is all about the execution.

You also have a chance to make some money with the MVP future odds betting on the Rockets’ James Harden. He was named the Most Valuable Player last season, and there is no reason for him not to win it again this year. Harden started the season as just another player sitting at +500 odds to win the MVP. After his insane run in December and January, he’s now at -190 to repeat as the best player in the league.

Houston Rockets Prop Bets

The best prop bets available when betting on the Rockets normally follow James Harden. He’s the NBA current MVP and is having another monster year in 2018-19. Harden is a player that can shoot from anywhere and that makes it fun to be on him and the prop bets available.

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Legality Of Betting On The Houston Rockets

legality of betting on the houston rocketsThe NBA has embraced betting in the arms of their current commissioner Adam Silver. The league was the first of the major sports league to advocate in favor of sports betting. The NBA is trying to get ahead of everybody in this department, mostly knowing it will eventually get to the point where it will be legal in most states.

Right now you can bet on the NBA and the Houston Rockets in Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. Rather than going into a betting shop our experts suggest online sports betting as the best way to go nowadays. There are plenty of safe betting sites available to find NBA odds within seconds. Check out our NBA gambling sites reviews to find out which sportsbooks offer the best NBA betting lines, the most significant bonuses, and the fastest payouts.

Betting on the NBA is a very popular wager especially from February to June which is the second part of the season. The NBA All-Star in February gives a ton of prop for the players to have fun betting on their favorite stars. But then things get real both at the end of the regular season and the NBA playoffs. What makes betting on the NBA and the Rockets fun is there is a possibility to win basically on a nightly basis. There are so many games available every night; there is no other league that gives so much action during the week.

The Houston Rockets 2018-19

After losing to the Warriors in seven games last season, the Rockets’ front office realized it was time to make a few changes. They wanted to catch Golden State in the franchise’s 52nd season in the NBA. The Rockets re-signed Chris Paul to a 4-year $160 Million contract. It was the reason Paul decided to leave the Clippers for the Rockets. He was looking to have a chance at an NBA title and to have a good contract at the same time. Houston did it also by signing role player Gerald Green and center Clint Capela.

The biggest mistake during the offseason was letting go of two defensive players that had acutely impacted the defensive side of the ball. The Rockets saw Trevor Ariza leave to the Phoenix Suns and Luc Mbah a Moute to the LA Clippers. Ariza is a player that will follow the opponents’ best player until the end. His defensive efforts are widely missed in Houston this season. Mbah a Moute was a rim protector for the Rockets who can also score. He’s having a great year with the Clippers, and the Rockets never anticipated how much they would miss him.

james harden and chris paul houston rockets NBA team bettingHouston added bench players like Brandon Knight and Marquese Chriss, but the team hasn’t felt as dominant offensively as last season. And it had a well-known decline in the defensive efficiency. Because they don’t have enough playmakers to rotate the ball, James Harden has to create his own shots. He’s excellent, and his game will probably work against most of the teams in the NBA, but it’s hard to see it beating the Warriors with that plan.

When the Rockets started December, they were 11-14, but by the end of the month, Harden had carried his team to a 21-15 record. Most of December, Chris Paul spent his time rehabbing from a hamstring injury. It allowed Harden to take over without any regrets. This season, James Harden broke Moses Malone’s record of 13 games with at least 40 points, and it happened in less than half of the season. The tail of the Rockets season in 2018-19 has been James Harden and his ability to put insane numbers night in and night out. Harden scored 57 points on January 14 against Memphis Grizzlies.

He broke his record two days later by putting a 58-point show against the Brooklyn Nets in overtime. And then, on January 23, he obliterated the New York Knicks with 61 points and 15 rebounds. James Harden now has the third- third-longest streak in NBA history for games with 30-plus points. And that sums up everything you need to know about the Rockets’ current season.

Houston Rockets Team Rivalries

The Rockets are in the Western Conference, certainly the most difficult of the NBA conferences. They have to face some of their greatest rivals, like the Golden State Warriors. The closer the Rockets have come to get back to the finals have been both in the 2014-15 season and the 2017-18 season. Both times they lost the Western Conference finals against the Golden State Warriors.

Houston Rockets Vs. Golden State Warriors Rivalry

The current nemesis of the Rockets is the Warriors; we have named them a few times already. The last two times Houston reached the Western Conference finals, Golden State was the reason they didn’t reach the NBA finals. Every offseason moves the front office did, every single system change, and every effort is to try to catch the Warriors on top on the NBA. Golden State respects the Rockets, but they don’t see them as a threat just yet. Houston needs to eliminate the Warriors for this to be called a genuine rivalry in the league.

Houston Rockets Vs. Utah Jazz Rivalry

The Rockets rivalry against the Jazz goes back to the ’90s when they met several times in the postseason. The rivalry has lost some steam in the last few years because neither team has been great in the playoffs. But the Jazz recently picked up Donovan Mitchell in the draft, and he looks like an instant star. With Mitchell on one side and James Harden in the other, this Rockets vs. Jazz rivalry can give us some new chapters.

Houston Rockets Vs. San Antonio Spurs Rivalry

Before the Rockets locked eyes with the Warriors, they wanted to be like San Antonio. The Spurs were the Gold Standard of the NBA for more than a decade and for the Rockets they were the team to beat. San Antonio lost too many Hall of Fame players in the last couple of seasons, and they are not the same dominating team they were. But they don’t like losing to Houston. There is Texas pride in play everything time they meet.

Houston Rockets NBA Season 2018-19 Winning Chances

Houston Rockets odds to win the 2018-199 NBA ChampionshipThe Rockets are +1200 to win the NBA championship this season after they opened at +900. Their chances have slipped away, but as long as they have James Harden playing at this unreal level, they will have a chance. Harden might be the most unstoppable scorer in the NBA. What Houston needs to do from now on is sharing the basketball to have a better team performance. In the end, Harden can’t do it by himself. The NBA doesn’t work that way anymore.

Other players like Chris Paul needs to step up and carry the offense while Harden gets some rest. Paul is not only a great point guard but a great scorer as well. The one thing stopping the Rockets from getting to the finals is the Warriors. Houston can’t play hero ball with James Harden hugging the ball on every possession. Houston knows they can play fast and as a team and that’s the best option they have to beat Golden State.

Houston Rockets Key Players

Coaching matters in the NBA and Steve Kerr is a testament of it, but nothing beats talent, and the Warriors have it. Adding Durant and Cousins in the free agency have made it difficult for other teams to match the talent level of Golden State. But Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson all got to the franchise via the NBA Draft.

James Harden

james harden player propsWe have mentioned James Harden plenty, but there is a lot more to tell about him. Harden used to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder as part of a dynamic trio with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. He used to come out of the bench to carry the second team, but he got tired of it. Harden wanted to be the main guy for a franchise, and he got it by signing with the Rockets. James Harden is currently at a level not many players in the history of the NBA have reached. He’s unguardable even for the best defenders in the world. For many NBA experts, he’s one of the most unstoppable players this league has ever seen.

Chris Paul

best NBA player props CP3 spent most of his prime playing for the Los Angeles Clippers as part of the Lob City team that had Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Paul never reached the Western Conference finals with the Clippers, and then the front office decided to blow up the operation. He signed with the Rockets looking to give James Harden some help on the offensive side. Many wonders if Chris Paul hadn’t gotten hurt last season in the Western Conference finals if the Rockets would have finally beaten the Warriors in the playoffs.

Clint Capela

Top NBA player props to bet today When the Rockets decide to shipped Luc Mbah a Moute to the Clippers, Clint Capela took a more significant role on the team and became a critical piece to the puzzle. Capela is now the rim guardian, but his teammates look for him to get easy buckets. The Swiss have the Rocket’s best field goal percentage this season. They just want him to score close to the basket and as much as possible.

2019 Houston Rockets Schedule

Houston is inside the Southwest division along the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks, two teams that are trying to get in the playoffs. They still have two more meetings against the Mavs this season and two more against Golden State; one in the Bay Area and one in Houston.

Event Date Time Venue
Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets February 11, 2019 Monday – 7:00 PM Toyota Center
Houston, TX
Atlanta Hawks at Houston Rockets February 25, 2019 Monday – 7:00 PM Toyota Center
Houston, TX
Miami Heat at Houston Rockets February 28, 2019 Thursday – 7:00 PM Toyota Center
Houston, TX
Philadelphia 76ers at Houston Rockets March 08, 2019 Friday – 7:00 PM Toyota Center
Houston, TX
Charlotte Hornets at Houston Rockets March 11, 2019 Monday – 7:00 PM Toyota Center
Houston, TX
Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets March 13, 2019 Wednesday – 8:30 PM Toyota Center
Houston, TX
Phoenix Suns at Houston Rockets March 15, 2019 Friday – 7:00 PM Toyota Center
Houston, TX
Minnesota Timberwolves at Houston Rockets March 17, 2019 Sunday – 8:00 PM Toyota Center
Houston, TX
San Antonio Spurs at Houston Rockets March 22, 2019 Friday – 7:00 PM Toyota Center
Houston, TX
Denver Nuggets at Houston Rockets March 28, 2019 Thursday – 7:00 PM Toyota Center
Houston, TX
Sacramento Kings at Houston Rockets March 30, 2019 Saturday – 5:00 PM Toyota Center
Houston, TX
New York Knicks at Houston Rockets April 05, 2019 Friday – 7:00 PM Toyota Center
Houston, TX
Phoenix Suns at Houston Rockets April 07, 2019 Sunday – 7:00 PM Toyota Center
Houston, TX

The Rockets will visit tough opponents like the Boston Celtics and the Toronto Raptors on consecutive games during early March. That might be a tough stretch for Houston. San Antonio, Denver, and visits to Milwaukee and Oklahoma City are still in the calendar for the Rockets.

The next two months and a half will tell us how real Houston’s chances are to beat the Warriors and finally get to the finals. They might be healthier when it matters the most. The absent of Chris Paul has put James Harden in a difficult situation. He’s doing more than expected. The Rockets need to find a way to help Harden; otherwise, their star player might be burnout by the time we reach the NBA playoffs.

What I do know is the Rockets are a team you what to bet on when looking to do some NBA betting. Whenever you put money on James Harden, your investment is in the right place. Houston is one of the most fun teams to watch in the NBA, and that helps whenever you are following a franchise or just putting money on it.

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