NBA Betting Tips

Our NBA betting tips might get you to profitability. However, the basics are still going to get you farther than anything else. That means, maximizing your deposit bonuses, establishing a bankroll strategy and line shopping. The key is mastering the basics as you learn the sport and betting markets. Once you have those down, then you can move onto the sport-specific NBA betting tips.

Betting pro basketball is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a grind. Your goal early on is not to gain profits for withdrawal, instead, focus on growing your bankroll. As you bet more, your knowledge will increase, along with your bet size. These tips will be a great start to your NBA betting career and if you’re currently betting, perhaps some stuff you need to consider.  Even once you’re a successful pro basketball bettor – there is always more you can learn. Regarding the number of markets each year, the NBA might have the most significant number of any sport offered to Americans. There is an 82-game regular season, plus more than a month and a half of playoffs.

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Betting Tip #1Establish A Bankroll Strategy

The NBA is a long season, if you’re a profitable bettor, then you need to keep yourself in action. There are lots of betting opportunities from the start of the year to the NBA Finals. One of our articles that I recommend just about everyone before they begin their betting career is our piece on bankroll management.

Betting Tip #2Maximize Your Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are essential when betting on the NBA . One of the best betting tips is taking advantage of reload bonuses. Many sportsbooks will offer reload bonuses for the start of the season, the beginning of the Playoffs, and Finals. This is handy when building a bankroll or to obtain extra cash for NBA betting.

Betting Tip #3Value Advanced Statistics Correctly

There are plenty of stats to utilize when deciding to place a bet. We break down some of the best NBA advanced statistics, one of the most important is NBA pace factor, which is valuable when wagering on pro basketball totals.

Betting Tip #4Focus On Totals

Building off our last NBA betting tip, we recommend looking at betting totals. Generally, bettors are far more interested in betting sides rather than totals. That’s a mistake. It’s not that there is less value in betting sides but predicting the pace of a game and the way the game might play out from a scoring perspective is far easier in many cases than picking a side to cover or win outright.

Betting Tip #5Propositions Are Your Friend

Player propositions are one of the best markets to attack when betting on the NBA. If you’re a stats nerd, or simply someone that can break down matchups, these are one of the best markets to attack when betting the NBA. Limits aren’t too high compared to sides and totals, but there is still a lot of ability to get money down on these bets if you use multiple sportsbooks.

Betting Tip #6Keep Track of Injuries

This is another spot to gain value, both in the proposition’s markets and against the spread, total, and moneyline markets. Tracking injuries can be done best by following NBA injury updates accounts on Twitter and beat writers. Using the social media network is a great way to get information faster than the sportsbooks in many cases.

Top NBA Betting Sites For US Bettors

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sportsbetting best overall sportsbook
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Why Is SportsBetting The Best?

When it comes to bonuses, payout options and speeds, and betting limits – is one of the best sportsbooks online. They have a Welcome Bonus of 50% Up To $1,000 for first-time depositors and also have a cryptocurrency bonus and life-time reload bonuses. SportsBetting’s wagering limits are among the highest. Their payouts are fast, and they accept accounts from all 50 U.S. states.

Betting Tip #7Look For Overvalued and Undervalued Teams

This is a blanket statement, but it’s important to look at how a betting market values a team, at the start of the season, after a significant trade, and so on. This can even be true after a big win or a devastating loss. Sometimes the market doesn’t catch up to how a team is playing differently.

Betting Tip #8Don’t Bet Too Many Games

You might have nights where you’re betting half the games on the slate, but that should be rare. It is highly unlikely the oddsmakers are so inefficient that you have an edge on the majority of sides or totals. Being selective is about focusing in on your most robust edges and passing on the areas where you’re not feeling as confident.

Betting Tip #9Don’t Get Advice From The Media

Since sports betting has been legalized in some states, the media is giving more attention to wagering news. However, that does not mean these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to betting sports. In fact, they’re rarely considering betting odds when making predictions. And, even if they do, there is little reason to think they’re analyzing the markets correctly. I believe you might be better learning NBA betting with us to make your own picks than paying attention to what the media is suggesting you.

Betting Tip #10Ignore Betting Trends

Betting trends, simply, don’t have a lot of value. Just because a team has gone 8-1 against the last nine underdogs they have faced at home – it doesn’t mean they’re worth a bet tonight. Each game is an independent event. Past trends simply don’t matter unless they’re pointing out a pattern where the betting market is undervaluing a specific team or something historical in the market. One of the worst mistakes bettors can make is using free betting trends as a reason to make a bet.

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