College Basketball Betting Tips For Beginners

NCAA Basketball Betting Tips - Best 10 NCAA Betting Tips For BeginnersIf professional basketball bettors make mistakes when betting on college hoops from time to time one can only imagine the number of betting mistakes an amateur makes. To prevent costly error, we have gathered our experts and came up with top 10 NCAA basketball betting tips for beginners so you can avoid losing money when betting on college hoops. Betting on basketball is tons of fun and even more during March Madness. But it is, even more, fun if you can bet profitably.

NCAA basketball doesn’t have as many wagering opportunities as other sports. It’s one of the better markets to beat due to its large number of games played and slower moving odds, compared to other sports. Many bettors don’t bother with betting on college basketball. I don’t think that’s the best idea to advance your career as a sports bettor. One needs to develop betting skills across a variety of sports to move to the big leagues. With our NCAA basketball betting tips for beginners, you should be able to advance your betting career in the right profitable direction. If you’re new to betting, in general, we recommend reading the tips below, as they will offer general betting strategy, in addition, to 2019 March Madness betting advice.

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Top 10 NCAA Basketball Betting Tips For Beginners

There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to college hoops betting tips. What the top college basketball bets are, and generic basketball gambling tips aren’t always the best advice, especially coming from mainstream sports media sources. We at Safest Betting Sites pride ourselves on our NCAA basketball betting content and believe it is the best online. Below are our top college basketball betting tips for beginners that will make you a profitable NCAA bettor during the regular season as well as when 2019 NCAA Tournament rolls in.

  1. Manage Your Bankroll Properly – Proper bankroll management is vital to success in sports betting. There are so many games happening during the season and especially early on in the tournament. Be selective and establish and stick to your bankroll requirements when betting on the college hoops. The worst possible situation is putting yourself out of action by being too aggressive if you’re a winning bettor.
  2. Use Multiple Betting Sites – There is not a single sports bettor who is profitable if he is using just using a single gambling site. Utilizing multiple sportsbooks will allow you to price shop for the best line on all your bets, which massively increases your bottom line profits. It is an absolute must when it comes to betting sports in general or wagering on the NCAA basketball. The best way to do this is to find college basketball sportsbook that is geared towards recreational bettors, another that is geared towards professional bettors, and another with reduced juice.
  3. Get A Welcome Bonus – If you’re new to sports betting and haven’t made accounts at online betting sites, there are a whole host of deposit bonuses available for you. Even if you have already created accounts and are an active online sports bettor, many betting sites offer reload bonuses when wagering on the tournament. This is another way to add money to your bankroll before you even place a bet.
  4. Fill Out A 2019 March Madness Bracket – When betting on the 2019 NCAA tournament fill out a 2019 March Madness Bracket. It’s another way to get in on the action. And, as a sports bettor filling out a bracket – you will have an advantage over the average Joe. You can use betting odds to spot upset potential. Remember, when filling out your bracket, pick a few upsets, as picking all top seeds to advance has never happened. That will not get a top prize.
  5. Focus On Mid-Majors – Everyone is aware of the skill of the highly ranked teams. You gain an edge when you dive into the smaller conferences and break the teams that have made the tournament that are lesser known. It will help you to evaluate double-digit point spreads, as well, which is a fixture in the early rounds. Knowledge, basketball betting strategies, is power when it comes to college basketball, and this is an excellent way to spot value.
  6. Bet Basketball Totals – It’s a market that many forget about but is a better option than sides in most cases. Betting limits are lower when betting totals compared to sides, because they’re more susceptible to sharp bettors. It is typically easier to figure out how a game might play out, rather than which team will win the contest. If you can spot a shootout or a defensive struggle, then placing a bet on that, rather than the side, is usually the better option.
  7. Bet Basketball Propositions – Proposition bets are another market to attack where bettors can gain a more substantial Not all sportsbooks will have player props, and many don’t throughout the season but will add them when March Madness rolls around. They’re always strong markets to attack if you have a solid understanding of the players and teams. Propositions will have value across all sports due to bookmaker’s inability to track them all intensely.
  8. Bet Underdog Moneylines – Underdogs are always valuable bets in the tournament with the public’s propensity to bet on favorites disproportionality. If you’re betting on an underdog on the point spread, it’s usually worth firing a little on the money line, as well. Let’s say ½ to 1/3 of your point spread wager. In many cases, teams not in the public spotlight or top 25 are undervalued, and you may see many of these teams not only covering but winning outright.
  9. What Have You Done For Me Lately? – Too many bettors put way too much stock in A.P. rank or overall season record. Consistently, the teams that do the best in 2019 NCAA Tournament are playing well as they enter the Big Dance. Teams coming off conference tournament wins are usually some of the best to target in early round games. How they’re playing coming into the tournament means far more than their overall win-loss record.
  10. Look For Value In FuturesFuture betting markets have higher vig than straight bets on sides and totals, but they’re one of the least efficient betting markets around. And, if you have excellent knowledge of college basketball – they can have a lot of value. There are all sorts of futures available when it comes to wagering during the regular season as well when March Madness rolls in. These bets include the tournament winner, regional winners, which teams will make to the Sweet 16 or later rounds, and more. Select a few that you feel most strongly about, line shop, and bet those.

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