10+ PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Pros Banned For Cheating

pubg esports banned 10+ cheaters

PUBG planning background checks for pro playersWe got our first publicly cheating scandal in e-Sports. Over 10 pro players were banned in Europe by the PUBG Corp because they were found cheating or helping their teammates to cheat with the usage of an unauthorized program.“We verified that the evidence for every ban is indeed conclusive and that there are no grounds to assume any of the banned accounts had been hijacked or borrowed at the time the unauthorized program was used,” said @PUBGEsports in a Twitter statement.

“The six players who have been convicted of using an unauthorized program in professional games in addition to public games will be issued a three-year suspension. The four players who have been convicted of using an unauthorized program in public games but not in any professional match will be issued a two-year suspension. Two other members of Sans domicile fixe will also be receiving a three-year suspension on the grounds that they were fully knowledgeable about their teammates’ using an unauthorized program during PEL Qualifiers.”

Will Background Checks Solve The Issue?

From now on, the PUBG Corp has announced professional players will need to “go through a comprehensive background check of all their accounts” before competing. Unofficial reports say the program allowed to hack the radar, letting its user see other players on their map. Those professional used the cheating hack for over 14 months, getting an edge over their competitors. “We were able to verify with concrete evidence that no ban was falsely imposed due to a technical or human error.

We also performed a thorough review of the system logs to search for any evidence that would suggest any of the banned accounts had either been hijacked or borrowed by somebody else when an unauthorized program was apparently used. We found no surprise ch evidence”, PUBGEsports added. For example, Aleksandr “S1D” Sidorov, a member of the Russian Red Diamonds, qualified for the European Pro League a few days before receiving the ban. He later withdrew from the league.

“Red Diamonds will retain their PEL spot only if they replace “S1D” with another player. We have no knowledge that “S1D” or any other team member has used any unauthorized program during PEL Qualifiers,” The PUBGEsports statement says. A few weeks ago, I mentioned the commissioner of the Esports Integrity Coalition was opposed to gambling on e-Sports. For him, it was subject to cheating. We didn’t need gambling involved to see a cheating case as is clear now.

Weather is connected or not, seven significant companies have pulled out of the PUBG Global championship. Many suggest lacking financial support to keep their teams together, but it doesn’t look like a coincidence after the cheating scandal hit the news. “PUBG Corporation is fully committed to supporting our global Esports initiative, and that includes creating a financially sustainable environment for our teams and players. While we can’t comment on each team’s decision, we can say that we’ll have lots of exciting information to share with you in the near future.”

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