Are eSports Taking Over Traditional Sports?

Are eSports Taking Over Traditional Sports?

eSports Taking Over  pro player - esports betting newsThe eSports phenomenon is something we haven’t seen before, especially their meteoric rise in the last couple of years. Maybe five years ago people were skeptical about the future of videos games and e-sports. If you think this is not mainstream now; then, you are on the wrong side of the conversation. But as much as e-sports have risen quickly, the question is: can it be sustained? And more importantly, are their numbers comparable to regular sports? Let’s see the best of both worlds head to head.

How Much Money Will eSports Make In 2019 Compare To Regular Sports?

The estimation is that at the end of 2019 e-sports will surpass the $1.1 billion in revenue for the first time in their history. This is thanks to sponsorship deals, media rights, and advertising. The growth is about 27% compared to last year, which is astonishing. Now, in terms of traditional sports, the comparison is not really close. Bear in mind sports has been around for more than 100 years. KPMG auditors expect conventional sports to earn over $650 billion in 2019 alone. Soccer remains as the world king, but American Football (NFL and college football) are a close second. Then, there is the NBA, MLB, F1, and hockey. That money also comes from ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandising and media rights.

How Much Money Is Bet On eSports Compared To Regular Sports?

One of the keys to measuring how interested are around a sport or an event has to do with how much money is bet on those activities. The World Cup is enormous, and side by side is the betting action during the tournament. The same happens with the Super Bowl. According to KPMG auditors, around $6 Billion were bet in e-sports during 2018. LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO, Call of Duty, FIFA, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Overwatch, PUBG are the main bet e-sports games. While that number is impressive, it can’t be compared to the amount of action during traditional sports. The estimated money bet on sports during 2018 was around $3 Trillion. That number was reached between the World Cup, Super Bowl, domestic soccer leagues, NBA, MLB, cricket and more.

How Many People Are Tuning In To See eSports Against Traditional Sports?

Watching sports is a way of life. Single men and women plan their weekends around different sporting events. Even married couple will do activities on the weekend surrounding the schedule of a game. Have e-sports gotten to that place? Millennials would say yes. 205 Million people tuned in to watch Invictus vanquish Fnatic in League of Legends World Championship Grand Final last year. It was the most viewed eSports event in history. The majority of the viewers come from China, but there is also a bunch from North America, Europe, and Brazil.

In 2018, France beat Croatia in the World Cup final played in Russia. Just the final had 1.1 billion people in viewership. According to several reports, at least 3.6 billion people watched the World Cup at some point during the month. That’s more than half of the population. That last number is kind of unfair for eSports fans because the World Cup is by far the most watched sporting competition on the planet. And while eSports numbers are not comparable just yet, the rise has been so fast, it could be seen as just the beginning. It will be fun to compare both sides again in five years.

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