Iowa Could Be The Next State In Line To Legalize Sports Betting

Iowa Sports Betting legalization

According to several reports, there is “a very good shot” of this happening in 2019. Iowa took a shot last year, but the attempt was declined. However, it created momentum for those who are pushing the bill to be a reality. Iowa Rep. Bobby Kaufmann said they are expecting to schedule the first hearing on sports betting legislation this year right after the Super Bowl. Well, the big game was played a few days ago, and now the state awaits.

“I think the consensus has been building for years,” Kaufmann said Thursday during taping for this weekend’s episode of “Iowa Press” on Iowa Public Television. “I think one of the things that were preventing a bill from becoming law in years past was the fact that we knew that the Supreme Court ruling might come down and we didn’t want to preempt them and do something that would then be nullified by a potential ruling…”

Key Aspects Need To be Voted

For example, Iowa needs to decide if sports betting will be offered inside Casinos as an extension of the other games. Or, like in some other states where the lottery places offer sports betting as well. And then, there is the online sports betting argument, which would bring another significant revenue to the state. Solving these issues will be the first thing, but perhaps it is the most essential part of pushing this bill through.

“When the legislation is put together for sports betting, it does need to be comprehensive,” said Keith Miller, a Drake University Law School professor and expert on sports gambling. “It can’t be patchwork. Those agreements, those compromises have to be made at the beginning rather than trying to make them later.”

Since the Supreme Court bill passed, one of the most profitable states it is New Jersey. In NJ, players can bet both inside the casinos but also online. West Virginia and Mississippi have the same approach. Rhode Island, however, does not allow online sports betting. Pennsylvania approved both online and in house betting, but the online element will not be available until the spring of 2019.

“Every state seems to be doing it a little differently,” Mary Neubauer, vice president of external relations for the Iowa Lottery said. “So truly it’s just, what do the lawmakers want a sports wagering system to look and function like in Iowa?” Iowa Rep. Bobby Kaufmann said the state will have multiple subcommittee and committee hearings on the legislation. They want to give it a full airing before taking the last step and discussing it with the public.

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