New Wall Street-Style Prediction Market App To Change The Game

ballstreet in game trading app

ballstreet in-play trading appThe evolution of sports betting might be around the corner, or that’s what the company BallStreet Trading believes about its new app that will allow players to day trade the win probability of live sporting events in real time as they watch. The company’s number one goal is to cut the middleman. They want to put aside the house or sportsbooks in favor of a trader vs. trader approach.

The app uses a peer-to-peer marketplace platform, mostly to set up as an elimination tournament where players go against each other in any live event. BallStreet Trading is adding to its app an interactive feature, where fans can identify injuries, trends, weather, injuries and time remaining. They will be able to landscape the market at any point looking for an edge to win as part of their betting strategy. The market will always be open to users, and it will change based on new information. BallStreet Trading believes this new app will change the way fans watch sports and enjoy sports betting in general. “BallStreet will dramatically change the way fans consume and experience conventional fantasy sports and sports betting,” says CEO Scott San Emeterio.

San Emeterio was an investment banker with 15 years of experience. He created the simplified market structure a lot like Wall Street but with a simple interface for any sports fan to use it. The users will have options to play with real money or free money on both Android and IOS. “Even as SCOTUS legalizes sports betting, the industry has gone about 40 years without any real innovation. We believe the future of the engaging fans will be in real time. Our key difference to other newer and even older concepts is our ability to create and simplify liquid markets for the best user experience,”, San Emeterio added.

How Does The BallStreet Trading App Works?

“Members will be given 100 shares of all outcomes and a “bank” of virtual currency. Shares of each outcome will trade from “0 to 100” in real time based on how the market (other members) believe in the likelihood of the outcome. Winning outcomes will have their shares valued at $100. Losing outcomes will value at $0. Your goal is to buy shares low and sell them high as you are watching the event play out in real time”, the BallStreet Trading’ statement on how to play reads.

The concept of P&L; meaning Profit and Loss will create an overall leaderboard after the app tracks the trading scores of each member. Those users who bought low and sold high will ended on top of the board and whoever scores the higher will be named the winner. The BallStreet Trading app doesn’t have odds, and it doesn’t take bets of any kind. The trading is done only against other market users.

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