NFL Live Game Betting: Embrace or Avoid?

NFL In-Play Betting: Embrace or Avoid?

A look at what sportsbook bettors gain from live game betting

Fans of NFL betting now have the opportunity to place live bets during games – but should they?

Though many traditionalists out there are uncertain about this new betting format. It brings many unique benefits to the table.

In this article, we will look at all how live NFL betting is taking the industry by storm and changing the way fans place betas for the better.

Adds Excitement to the Experience

Whereas traditional NFL betting systems only allow bets before the game begins, live betting means that you can wager as the game progresses.

As a result, new variables occur throughout the game on which you can place new bets. i.e., different money lines based on team performance and how the game progresses.

Widens Your Betting Options

It’s always great to have options, and live NFL betting gives you much more to choose from. For many, the thought of placing a bet before a game begins is final and limits your betting options.

However, live betting allows bettors to get a feel for the game and see how each team is performing on the day before they decide what bet to place.

Can Improve Your Edge

By following specific live betting strategies during an NFL, you can significantly improve your edge.

One example of this is by locking-in a winning bet when the money lines change during the live betting process.

For example, you can place a bet at the start of the game on the team with plus odds and lock that bet in.

Then, as the game progresses and the odds change favor, you can then place a separate bet on the opposite team as well. This way, if you have two plus odds bets placed on both teams in the game, it is impossible to lose.

Minimize Losses and Risk

Traditional, pre-game betting is very final and if the bet has turned sour there is nothing you can do once the game has started to rectify that decision.

However, live game betting gives you the unique opportunity to turn things around using your knowledge and skills of observation as the game progresses.

For instance, if your initial bet is losing, you can easily place a new bet with more favorable odds to counteract that loss rather than just accept it.

Increased Risk of Error by Sportsbook

In traditional NFL betting, sportsbooks have weeks to prepare their odds but live betting forces them to act much more impulsively to keep up with the pace of the game.

Though these guys are the best in the business at generating sports odds, the pressure live betting imposes can sometimes lead them to make decisions (or errors) that work in favor of the bettor.

Likewise, though the computer systems used to analyze data and generate odds in real-time are effective, they are not without their flaws.

Though anything with numerical value can be counted at superhuman speed and accuracy using AI, things like team spirit, bad tactical decisions, and potential injuries cannot be analyzed by these computers.

Human bettors, however, are much more aware of how these factors influence the game.

Keeps Things Fresh

Habit and routine may be comfortable, but who wants to be comfortable? People bet for the thrill it gives them, and live game betting has made the process more exciting than ever.

You could even argue that live game betting has revolutionized the sports betting industry, allowing NFL fans to maximize their wins and gain much more control over how they bet on the game as it plays out.

Unlike the formulaic structure of traditional NFL pre-game or half-time betting, those who place live bets are free to bet how they please and make tactical changes to ensure their number of wins increases.

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